[Sugoroko – Sixth sister]


A few days after the festival, I was still in a good mood. I was able to protect my sisters from the dung man, Makihara Taiga, who was trying to create a harem. 

My sisters became very depressed when they discovered the true nature of the man they loved. My house felt like a funeral for several days… Well, I guess time will fix everything. 

I usually stay at home and play some video games, but lately I’ve been coming to school to see how miserable Makihara Taiga is. 

Kukuku, this feels like an epilogue after defeating the last boss of a video game. 

Now I find myself in the president’s office after finishing classes. My five older sisters were present, and to everyone’s surprise, they were not hiding in the attic. 

Chika nee-san and Ai nee-san were doing some Noblesse paperwork, Kaeko nee-san was training, Mitsuri nee-san was editing videos, and Maihime nee-san was practicing her acting. 

And as for Makihara Taiga… He was sitting at a desk. The festival had already passed, and he had an unprecedented workload. Noblesse had a lot of paperwork to do, and he had nothing to do, so he was allowed to be here. 

My sisters no longer speak to him, except to say hello. It’s an amusing situation to see, kukuku. I find myself in a good mood as I’m playing while Ai nee-san cuddles me on her lap. 

As it was nearing time to leave school, Makihara Taiga got up and picked up the trash can.

—I’m going to take out the garbage. 

No one answered, she left the room silently. This feels good… Is what I thought, but Ai nee-san sighed. 

—I feel so sorry for him, I don’t want to be like this with him anymore. 


Chika nee-san replied while nodding her head. 

—I don’t accept his wishes to have a harem, but enough is enough.

—N-No, nee-san–

I exclaimed quickly, but Chika-neesan refuted my denial on the spot.

—If Taiga-kun had wanted to harm us, or extort us in any way, he would have done so using the knowledge of our secret. But instead, he did nothing. And I think it’s on his conscience that he cheated us all in spite of it.

Uugh, that’s true.

—He’s a guy who went through a serious accident, and also fell into a manure dump, in which he almost lost his life. And not to mention that he has been increasingly damaged by his own

reputation. Perhaps, the reason he didn’t want to expose our secret, is because he was protecting us. And he didn’t want us to go through what he went through. 

Hmm. I’m beginning to wonder if he really is a bad guy.

I turned my head, and saw Kaeko nee-san standing on her head. 

—But… Taiga tried from the beginning to conquer all five of us. Despite having such a pretty face, inside him dwells a greedy beast. 

Her cheeks blushed after those words. 

—Although to be honest, I don’t mind.

Huh? Don’t tell me you’re still interested in him. What’s going on in your head, Kaeko-neesa?

Mitsuri nee-san was biting her nails and spoke next.

—I can’t believe that a boy younger than me would try to conquer me like that… But I feel like I want to try this all over again.

No, that’s a dangerous thought! You could fall in love with him all over again!

Maihime nee-san is also in danger. It is impossible for me to predict what she will think. Dear sisters, you lot are more lenient with Makihara Taiga than I thought. 

I have to stop this quickly. But when I made up my mind to do so… 

Hmm? The urge to go to the bathroom came over me. 

Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms in the attic. That mean-old supervisor should have put a restroom in this place if she wanted the five of them to play one role…

So, I quickly left the office and went down the hallway while feeling sick to my stomach.


I’m a hermit, I don’t like to go out without my sisters. And the bathrooms are too far away. When I lived in Seattle I was labeled a “Brute” and banned from school.

However, it would be too dangerous for anyone to see me, no one can know that there is more than one Konoe R. Chika. 

So, I proceeded to approach the bathroom as if I were some sort of jewel thief.

—Excuse me, I’d like to ask you a question.


I turned around in fear, and what I saw was… Yes, yes, yes, yes… I mean, No, no, no, no! Why?! Why is this girl standing in front of me? And just now…! She’s the most beautiful girl in a thousand years. She’s… Mika Tono, the idol more commonly known as ‘Mika-Tan’…

Why is she here? I am a great fan of hers… But the gloomy aura my presence emanates is no match for her divine light she radiates. 

All I could mutter was a feeble; “Y-Yes.” But Mika-Tan’s question surprised me even more. 

—Um… Do you know where I can find a ‘Makihara Taiga’?

Why did the dung man’s name come from Mika-Tan’s sweet mouth? 

—Tono-san, why are you here?

That voice came from someone else… Makihara Taiga.

—Makihara-kun! I missed you! 

The national idol’s cheeks flushed and she addressed the dung boy as if he were a faithful dog. 

—Did you really come all the way from Tokyo?

—Yes, I’ve been trying to get out of the heavy burdens of my commitments to come… I’m so sorry you had to save me, and now you can’t play baseball. 

What? The classmate that Makihara saved was Mika-Tan? 

At such astonishment, I didn’t realize I had my mouth open, and I hurried to close it while paying attention to everything that’s going on. The angelic Mika-Tan starts talking excitedly. 

She said things like; “I can never thank you enough, Makihara-kun. All the work you went through during rehab gave me courage and made me work harder as an idol…”

But the next thing she said made me freeze.

—You… I like you a lot, Makihara-kun. Would you like to go out with me?  

Mika-Tan’s expression is so adorable that I feel like fainting… There’s no man who can resist that shit, and that perfection of a woman. 

It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about Mika-Tan being with the dung man. But, this does nothing but ensure the safety of my older sisters. 

That thought made me feel relieved, but the dung boy responded with something unexpected.

—I’m sorry. 

Huh?! He rejected her without even thinking about it! Mika-Tan’s eyes filled with tears. 

—Makihara-kun, that means that you….

—Yes, there are some people I like. 


Really? You’re still pursuing your dream of having a harem with my sisters after the rejection? You’re even willing to reject a national idol for it? 

Mika-Tan closed her eyes and ran away. Ah, poor girl…

I looked at Makihara and asked him a question as a violent pain invaded my stomach. 

—So, you still haven’t given up on having a harem with my five sisters? 

—Not exactly. 

Huh? What does that mean? What do you mean, ‘not exactly’? Doesn’t one of my sisters want to be there?

But then, a scary thought crossed my mind.

N-No way…

—My goal is to create a harem of six sisters!

After hearing those words, I became a little dizzy and Makihara Taiga hurried to hold me up. 

—Sugoroku-san, I’m in love with you too. 

—Are you crazy?

—Yes. And I don’t plan to give up until I have a harem of six sisters, including you.

I fell to the ground after hearing those words. 

This guy is… Really crazy. Even if he loses in a catastrophic situation like that day in the attic, he manages to get back on his feet and sets out on a new dream that is even more unrealistic than the last one. His will is so indomitable that it’s almost admirable.

—Why do you like me? Why would you love a lonely, shady girl like me?

—You’re as asocial and shady a character as they come. But you had the courage to stand up to me, didn’t you? You even made the world’s safest school website in order to protect your sisters. You’re a wonderful person, Sugoroku-san!  

—Wonderful? No, I’m not. I was told I’m disgusting at my school back in Seattle!

—I don’t care what others say about you. 

Makihara Taiga’s face didn’t betray the sincerity of his words. 

—You’re a very attractive woman. 


W—Why do I feel so excited?

Why am I happy that a handsome boy confessed to me? 

No! I won’t be fooled! I’m the only one who can protect my sisters from this dung boy! 

I patted my cheeks and tried to respond to his words– 

—As expected, Taiga. Your greed and stubbornness are beyond this world… But you know, I don’t hate you at all. 

But before I could respond, Kaeko nee-san replied as she appeared out of nowhere. I have to hide my face quickly. If someone sees us and thinks there are two Konoe R. Chilka. It won’t end well… And then, to my horror, I heard the words that had taken me by surprise.

—I like you. I want to be with you.


Uugh, Kaeko nee-san. How messed up do you have to be to want to date someone like him? This is a lie, right? While this was going through my head, the situation that happened next left me in shock.

Kaeko nee-san hugged Makihara Taiga and… Gave him a kiss…

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