—Hmm, I’m tired.

It’s Sunday, it’s only a few days before the festival starts.

I started studying in the morning, as I usually do on my days off…. But it was too much for me after five hours straight. For a change of pace, I decided to go for a ten-kilometer run, which is also part of my daily routine. 

I put on my jersey and hit the streets. Today I will go to Hirose City. 

I decide which way to go depending on my mood. Sendai City is one of the largest cities in the Tohoku region, and there is always something to see and do. 

After a short walk… After crossing the bridge over the Hirose River, I saw a sign that said “Aoba Castle Ruins Park”. At the back of the park there is a slope that many tourists walk on.

I think this is the site of Sendai Castle, isn’t it?

I had not yet visited that place, so I was intrigued. As I chose to walk up the slope, I saw a woman dressed in Yukata with her back to me. 

That outstanding style, and her bright blonde hair…. It’s Chika-san! Meeting someone I wish to be with, makes my heartbeat soar. 

I ran up to her and greeted her.

—You’re very persistent. I’ve already told you that I’m not going out with you!


I was so surprised that I put my hands and knees as I kneeled on the floor. 

So she thinks I’m persistent. Well, I joined Noblesse to be with Chika-san…. I felt devastated and sore, but then I heard Chika-san’s voice panicking. 

—Huh, Taiga-kun?

—I’m a persistent man, I’m sorry…

—You’re wrong. A strange man approached me insistently asking if I wanted to go out with him. I thought he came back to ask me the same question…

—So that’s what happened. Heh.

—I’m sorry, Taiga-kun. I can’t believe I mistook you for that annoying man.

As someone who aspires to a harem of five sisters, it’s hard for me to comment on those words. Chika-san took my hand and helped me up.

—As an apology, I’ll treat you to something at the Japanese-style coffee shop nearby.

Oh, how wonderful. Spending my day off with Chika-san. 

We walked up the hill together. Chika-san is wearing a yukata and sandals, so she walks very slowly. As such, I tried to match her walking. 

As we went along… Chika-san suddenly bent down, looked at her sandals and said;

—Ah, the strap is broken.

This is a typical romantic comedy situation. It’s time for the MC to do an act of chivalry and grace that will make him raise his sympathy level with the heroine.

Okay, I’ll show Chika-san that she can trust me…

—Hey, why are you standing there? Come on…

Chika-san started walking before I noticed.

—Eh? What about your sandal strap?

—I fixed it with a five-yen coin and a handkerchief. Since kimonos are everyday garments, it’s only natural that they can be easily repaired. 

—I see ~…

I felt a mixture of admiration and disappointment. But Chika-san kept looking at me carefully. 

—Did you want to prove that I can depend on you? 


—Relax, I already know that. 

Hmm? Did she just say… 

—Are you admitting that I’m a man you can trust? That I’m a man you can count on? 

—…Don’t make me say it.

Chika-san blushed after those words. I was glad to see that, and we continued walking. 

After a short walk, I saw a bright red shrine, and turned my gaze to the sign. 

—Miyagiken Gokoku Shrine?

—It was built on the site of the Honmaru of Sendai Castle. It is dedicated to those who died in the war after the Meiji Restoration.

—I see.

It’s a bit pathetic that Chika-san, who grew up in America, has to teach me the history of my own country. I should learn more about these things.

After we both paid our respects to the shrine, a corner of the place caught my eye.

—What is that?

Many gourds hang from the wood that is assembled like an umbrella. It was a rather strange sight.

—The moment you buy a gourd from the store, you have to blow into it, then cover it with a lid and hang it here. This way, the bad luck will be sealed.


Since we’re here, let’s give it a try. We both head to the store and look at the price of the gourds.


They’re not expensive, but since I have little money, this is something I can’t afford.

—I’m a little short of money right now. So, just buy your own, Konoe-san.

It’s embarrassing to tell this to the woman I love. Konoe-san bought a gourd and then… offered it to me. What? Why?

—You need it more than me, Taiga-kun. Come on, blow into it, so you avoid having another accident.

—But this was bought by Konoe-san.

—It’s for me, too. If Taiga-kun ends up getting into a car accident again… I wouldn’t like that

Those words made my eyes water. Chika-san is the kind of person who looks cold on the outside, but on the inside, she’s a very kind and warm person. It’s like when she saved me from the dung pit.

After we hung the gourd at the temple, we took a walk through the park of the Aoba castle ruins. While observing the stone wall, I listened to Chika-san’s interesting comments and information, then we stopped by a Japanese style cafe.

It was nice to see Chika fiddling with her hair when the “Zunda Mochi” we had ordered arrived.

I am definitely very pleased to have learned about this habit…

Then when we arrived at the square where we could see the whole city of Sendai, Chika-san raised her voice.

—Look, this is the equestrian statue of Date Masamune.

It’s a famous tourist attraction. The statue sits on a magnificent pedestal.

—Taiga-kun, would you like to take a picture with the statue? 


I walked over to Chika’s side and took a selfie with my phone so that we were both of us and the statue. Then I showed the photo to Chika-san.

—It’s a pretty good picture, isn’t it?


I wonder what’s going on. Chika-san looks uncomfortable.

—I meant that we took turns in front of the statue…

—Oh. I’m sorry about that. I was so excited that I didn’t think

I’m sweating strangely, I made a mistake in the worst way.

—…No, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter… Um, could you send me that picture?

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