Level… 3000?

Has this thing gone crazy?

Or is it a mistake?

Yes, it’s 3000, no matter how many times I check.

“Master, what is it?”

“Well, I’ve reached level 3000.”

“As expected, my master has once again had a massive increase in his level.”

“Hey, Kaede! You should be a little surprised! It’s 3000! That’s 4 digits!”

“But it’s just that Master is Master.”

Kaede seemed genuinely happy, not seeming to mind Frau’s reaction.

On the other hand, the other girls are utterly stunned.

The sandwich fell out of Nei’s hands, who froze with her mouth open.

“Toru-Kun, being level 3000 is no joke! This is serious!”

“You’ve done it, Toru-Dono! The gods of the forest love you!

“I’ve never heard of a level 3000! They don’t just love you, you’re their favorite!”

Lynn, Alusha and Luna started to make a fuss.

Meanwhile, the other girls showed no astonishment.

“That’s our Toru-sama.”

“That ‘s Toru.”

“It’s Toru after all.”

“That’s right. With Toru, it can’t be helped.”

What kind of reactions are those?

It seems as if they have given up on me.

Stop, don’t look at me like that.

Let’s open my stats for the moment.

  • Lv: 3000
  • Name: Toru Eiban
  • Age :25 years old
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Dragon Man
  • Job: Warrior, dragon knight, master tamer, imitator, Great thief, Copy, Hero (copied).


  • Damage reduction: [Lv50]
  • Physical strengthening: [Lv50].
  • Experience Saving: [in the process of being restored].
  • Magic savings: [Lv48]
  • Skill experience value savings: [Lv41].
  • Labor saving: [Lv41]
  • Skill savings: [Lv1]
  • Ability effect UP: [Lv50].
  • Experience value doubler: [Lv50].
  • Skill experience value doubled: [Lv38]
  • Dragon’s eye: [Lv38].
  • Mega boost: [Lv31]
  • Job Copying: [Lv31]
  • Super Universal Key: [Lv-].
  • Property: Dungeon Lv5 x 1(in Use).

Hmm, it’s getting more and more monstrous.

I can no longer exercise my power casually.

I at least have to master it until I can handle it perfectly.

I would have preferred had all this force been unleashed when I was fighting with Lisa.

If that had happened, the battle would have taken far less time than it did.

Well, I can’t complain about my skills.


Kaede offered me a mouthful of meat.

For some reason she felt embarrassed and her face turned red.

“Um…. Well… I… Say ‘ah’.”


“I am your slave, I want to feed you.”

I gulped involuntarily.

To be honest, I’ve never done this before.

I have some experience, but this is my first time.

I am nervous and my heart is pounding.


“The master’s mouth is near my hand!”

The juicy chicken was delicious.

The taste of the chicken was more than worth the effort it took to go through with this.

What is this joy permeating throughout my body?

Then, I was surprised.

All the girls reached out and offered me a piece of chicken.

“It’s not right to give Kaede special treatment, is it, Toru-Dono?”

“Um… Yes.”

After that, I ended up eating a lot of meat.

“Thank you all. I really enjoyed it.”

“Not only that, but these vegetables are delicious.”

We were on our way back from the farm.

We carried a lot of vegetables.

With all this, we won’t have to worry about food for a while.

“Glup! Glup!”

I love cucumbers with salt sprinkled on them.

The tomatoes are also fresh and would be delicious in a salad.

“Glup! Glup!”

I hear a familiar voice from somewhere.

“I think that’s Sharkboy’s voice.”

“He sounds frightened.”

When I stopped by the creek, the kids had caught Sharkboy in a net.

To curious children, the pink shark looked like nothing more than a toy.

Luna runs towards them and asks them to release him.

However, the children shook their heads, as if they had not played with him enough.

Luna gives the children a copper coin and Sharkboy is returned to us.

“Glup, glup”

“I was really worried…”

I thought the water was deep enough that no one would catch him or try to do anything to him. Seems I underestimated the children’s curiosity.

I’ll put him in a tub today to keep him close by.

The next day, Alusha said something strange.

“I want to go to the forest to look for a spirit. Please come with me.”

“Fwuaaah~! A spirit?”

“Stop yawning! I’m serious!”

The sun had just risen.

I stayed up late last night talking to the girls, and then did some muscle and sword training. In the end, I left at around dawn.

If they hadn’t woken me up, I would have slept until around noon.

I took a sip of the coffee that Kaede prepared.

“Calm down, Alusha-San. Master hasn’t said no yet, so you should explain yourself better.”

“Guu, Guuu”

“That’s also true. I’m sorry, I spoke without thinking.”

Alusha sits back in her chair.

At the table, there was also Frau, who slept with Panda as a futon.

Panda seems annoyed by all of Frau’s drool.

Kaede, who brought cookies, sat at the table.

”So why are you looking for a spirit?”

“I would like to take this opportunity to make a contract with a new spirit. I’m sure you don’t know this, so I’ll explain: to borrow a spirit’s power, compatibility is important. It is this chemistry that determines to what extent you can harness their power.”

By making a contract with the spirits, they provide Alusha with magical power, as well as life force. The better the compatibility, the greater the power comeback.

In addition, the rate of increase in the contractor’s skill will also be high.

“I can use other spirits as well, but there wasn’t a spirit in the village that was compatible enough to make a contract, so I want to find that spirit here.”

“I understand. All right, I’ll accompany you.”

“Toru-Dono! I knew you’d say that!”

Alusha’s long ears flap in a way that matches with her joyful expression.

Actually, Nei’s father asked me to get rid of the monsters that are running amok in the area.

While I’m at it, it won’t be a problem to accompany Alusha.

“By the way, why me? Couldn’t you have gone alone?”

“It is dangerous for an elf to enter an unfamiliar forest. And Toru has the dragon’s eye that allows him to see spirits. I can only sense them, so I don’t know what attributes they have until I use them.”

“Wow, even elves get lost in the woods.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, of course even elves can get lost too.”

Frau awoke to Alusha’s loud voice.

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