[Makihara Taiga]

Thanks to Kaeko-san and Ai-san, my cold got better. A few days later, I returned to school and participated in the Cultural Festival Preparatory Committee meeting.

At school, each class elects one member to be on the committee, there are eight people in total, and they prepare the event themselves with Noblesse’s guidance. 

Morale is high since this is their chance for ordinary students to work with the charismatic Konoe R. Chika. And among the five sisters, the one who will serve as moderator will be Mitsuri-san.

—Let’s get this festival going!

—Let’s do it!

Everyone present shouted in unison. Mitsuri-san’s ability to influence people is amazing. After all, she is the influencer. She then sits down next to me, crosses her long legs, then crosses her arms, making her breasts sway. 

She’s quite an attractive girl.

—So, Taiga-kun, let’s get on with our work.

With that one word, the atmosphere around us became tense.


—Did she just call him by his first name…?

The students began to murmur among themselves. I must admit, right now I find myself immersed in a feeling of total superiority. If this is the reaction I get from people over the fact that Konoe-san called me by my name, how would they react if they found out that she slept at my house too?

Kukukuku, I am not in the same position as you poor mortals, I am at a higher level. But to avoid unnecessary conflict, I continued to place a smile on my face.

—Let’s start the meeting. First of all, is there anything you would like to improve from last year?

One boy raised his hand and took the floor.

—How about making more of an effort to advertise outside the school? Last year’s festival had a fairly small number of visitors. This year we are going to ask the shopping districts to let us put up posters again.

—Is it really necessary? We have social media for that.

Mitsuri-san has 30,000 followers. I think she’s more than capable of attracting a lot of visitors. But one of the students gives his opinion on the matter.

—But as the number of visitors increases, so will the security issues.

—Don’t worry, after all, you have me. Last year I took on a group of rampaging criminals by myself, have you forgotten already?

I had no idea something like that could happen. However, it was probably Kaeko-san who stood up to them.

The boys’ eyes lit up after Mitsuri-san’s words.

—How can I be as strong as you, Konoe-san?

—I am not that strong. The way of the samurai never ends.

—That was so deep! You should be our sensei.  

Mitsuri-san, you shouldn’t lie to the students… 

—Now it’s time to choose a slogan.

A slogan is a motto that expresses the purpose of an activity. After much discussion, this was the best candidate.

“an opportunity in life” = 一期一会

It’s a simple four-letter phrase, but… Mitsuri-san had a confused expression on her face. Oh no, doesn’t she know what it means?

The Konoe sisters lived in Seattle until high school. As far as I can understand, it’s impossible for her to know the meaning…

The fact that Konoe R. Chika is one of the five students with the highest academic grades in the entire country, it would give her a bad reputation if she doesn’t know a phrase like that. One of the students proceeds to raise his hand.

—What do you think, President?

—It’s not enough. I feel that something is missing.

—Maybe what’s missing is academic ability.

One of the students jokingly says. 

—President, you may not understand what that means.

What are you saying? The president is one of Japan’s five geniuses. Even an idiot can understand that sentence. I quickly turned my gaze to Mitsuri-san. She was trembling and teary-eyed. 

Although she looked too cute, I pretended to take note, and then proceeded to call Mitsuri-san in a discreet manner, at which time I showed her the meaning of that phrase on a sheet of paper. 

Like a fish out of water, Mitsuri-san looked at everyone with great confidence and said;

—Of course I know. That motto means; Ikki….

This is no good, she misunderstood the kanji completely. Using my baseball reflexes, I shouted at Mitsuri-san before she could finish the word.

—Ikki Ikkai, right?  

After those words, the room erupted in jeers.

—What are you saying? It’s “Ichigo Ichie!”

—You’re an idiot!

—That’s right, please excuse my ignorance, after all, I was just a failed jock. 

Mitsuri-san looked at me with dyed cheeks as they laughed at me like I was a clown.

After the meeting, I leave the classroom and walk down the hallway with Mitsuri-san. In my hand I have a bag full of posters advertising the festival. We’re going to put them up in the shopping district.

—Taiga-kun, thank you for your help earlier. 

Mitsuri-san clung to me. My arm is sandwiched between her big chest.

—Don’t you think they are walking very close?

—I knew it, the president is going out with that boy….

The gazes of the committee members are on us. The rumor that “Konoe R. Chika has started dating Makihara Taiga” will probably spread throughout the school… Honestly, that’s a very good thing.

Let the rumor spread to every corner! This way, fewer people will try to approach the president. Honestly, I’m not one to support and believe rumors, but in this specific case, it doesn’t bother me at all. 

Mitsuri-san nodded her head and said;

—By the way, Taiga-kun, you look great in glasses. I didn’t know you wore contact lenses.

—Oh, yeah. My vision gets very blurry without these things on my face.

Another little lie on my part. My eyesight is perfect in both eyes. But the reason I started wearing glasses is to prevent any kind of accident. I have to be prepared for any situation.

—When I was drunk, Taiga-kun helped me a lot. Even though I’m older than you, you’re always there for me. 

Mitsuri-san looked at me mischievously. 

—Didn’t you feel like a Hentai when you saw me sleeping in your room?

Of course I did. Even after Mitsuri-san left, I could still smell her sweet scent on my bed. My head was spinning for many hours.

—Yes, I am a man after all.

Mitsuri-san nods her head in a satisfied manner. Then she grabs me by the chin and forces me to look her in the eyes.

—In that case, I’ll go to your place again.

My house…? Are you serious?

—I want clam chowder.

I knew there was a catch, so I decided to keep my excitement on the sidelines so he wouldn’t take advantage of the situation again.

—And you too. 

She said, whispering to me. Those words were strong enough to make me nervous.

I’m too exposed, I’d better change the subject. 

—By the way, are you going to the shopping district with Mitsuri-san’s personality?


Mitsuri-san was puzzled at that question…

—Oh, personality, personality! No, Ai is going in my stead!

This girl still hasn’t fully digested the five personality environment. Arriving in front of the president’s office, Mitsuri-san opens the door and blows me a kiss.

—See you. I’m going to change my personality ~

Is it possible to change your personality as if it were a makeover?

Well, I know it’s a lie and all that. But it should at least be a little more believable. Without giving the matter any more thought, I took out my Arabic vocabulary book from my pocket and started to study… Hmm, Ai-san…

Ai-san has decided to treat me as if I were her younger brother. She has taken a step back in the battle for me among her sisters. I have to do something to make her change her way of thinking.

[Ai – The Fifth Sister]

I’m not very good at fighting with other people. At school lunches, if there was orange Jell-O left over, which is my favorite food, I would decide who I would give it to. And if I’m on a crowded train, and there’s a person who needs the seat, I’ll gladly give it to them. 

I can’t fight with my sisters over a love affair. So, I decided to become Taiga-kun’s “Onee-san”. 

He misses his sister too, so it’s a win-win situation. I walked out of the president’s office and saw Taiga-kun was looking at his dictionary. It’s not even exam time and yet he’s still studying. 

When he notices my presence, he smiles brightly and turns to me. 

—Ai Onee-chan.

He looks like a little puppy excited for his master. He is so cute. He’s my little brother.

—Let’s go to the shopping street. 


Taiga-kun replied while holding my hand. Oh no, this is bad, no matter how I think about it, we surely look like a couple.

All the students are going to see us together, and Taiga-kun’s hands, despite being small, are very strong. I worry about getting nervous and start sweating.

We walk out of the school building and head to the main street leading to the shopping arcade. But suddenly, Taiga-kun’s words gradually diminished. His face is pale, and he behaves strangely. 

—What’s the matter, did the cold come back? 

Taiga-kun shakes his head. And as soon as a truck passed by, he hugged me tightly. 


I see… Taiga-kun got hit by a truck and now he can’t play baseball. He’s still going through that trauma. 

When he hugged me, I found that he was thin, but surprisingly muscular. So, this is what it feels like to hug a man. 

And Taiga-kun is even more beautiful when you see him up close. And he smells so good! I keep calm and stroke his soft hair.

—Don’t worry, Taiga-kun. Your Onee-san will be with you. 



—Why are you blushing?

He got me, that’s the end. My feelings for him are not worthy of an older sister.

—After all, I don’t think of you as my sister, and you don’t think of me as your brother, do you?

That’s right, I’m lying to myself. My personality doesn’t want to fight. Maybe that’s why I didn’t want to get involved in the fight for Taiga-kun, so I made excuses. 

—I’m sorry if it bothers you, but… Ai-san just chose the easy way out, didn’t she?

He’s hit the nail on the head again. Not wanting to fight is definitely the easy way. You don’t have to win or lose to hurt someone… 

—I… I’m not going to take the easy way, I’m going to take the hard way, and I’m determined to achieve my dreams. 

—Your dream… Maybe that’s why you were looking at the word book earlier?

Taiga-kun nodded at my words.

—I am willing to risk my life for this dream.

This boy has a lot of determination! 

From what I heard from Chika-neesan, Taiga-kun’s dream is to become a doctor. Even after an accident for no reason, he doesn’t wallow in regrets, but instead strives to achieve a new dream.

I-It’s so wonderful…! My heart is beating so fast. This boy deserves to be in the moral guidelines.

That’s right, I won’t take the easy way out. I must face my feelings. At least, I won’t have a reason to treat Taiga-kun like my little brother anymore. 

—Thank you for talking to me, Taiga-kun… Well, let’s do our best to distribute these posters. 


I heard that commercial districts have problems all over the country, but here there are a lot of people walking on the pedestrian street. I went over to say hello to a familiar face, a CD store clerk.

When I told him what was going on, he agreed to put up the posters in his store. And it was in the best place. It’s next to a CD poster of a popular idol. Tono Mika. 

She is as beautiful as her nickname, “The one in a thousand”, and she has a big fan in my family. After that, I visited many other stores, and they accepted my request. Many passers-by also approached me and I handed out brochures. 

On the way we stopped at a butcher shop and bought six croquettes.

—You bought a lot.

—Yeah, it’s for dinner.

Huh, I’m supposed to live alone. I have to tell a lie now. 

—If you freeze it, it’ll keep for a while.

Taiga-kun nodded as he said; “I see.”

—By the way, Ai-san, do you know all those people?

—Yes, the owners of these stores are very kind people. They frequent children’s hospitals and tell them stories, they also go to soup kitchens and help the needy. 

Oh, and speaking of soup kitchens.

—Taiga-kun, the last time you saw Maihime she was playing the role of a homeless person, and you helped her even though you didn’t know who she was. Thank you so much for that. 

What a sweet boy. I’m becoming more and more interested in him as a member of the opposite sex.

As I was immersed in that sweet feeling, I received an incoming call on my phone. It’s Maihime-neesan. So, I stepped back a little and answered the call. 

—What’s wrong?

—There’s going to be a whole theater rehearsal in the gym. I have to be there, so I want you to come back.

Haah, how hard it is to have to play this role. I approached Taiga-kun and told him that I had to go back because of an urgent situation. 

—Well, I still have some flyers left, so I’ll finish handing them out and come back.

—Thanks, sorry!

I started running towards the Academy. I haven’t been separated from Taiga-kun for even a minute and I already miss him.

[Makihara Taiga]

Mission complete; make Ai-san stop seeing me as her younger brother. Taking her by the hand and using my trauma from the truck to hug her worked. 

Ai-san is a grown woman. If she is in contact with a slim, macho, handsome guy like me, it is natural for the image of the “opposite sex” to overpower that of the “younger brother.”

My performance the other day with Maihime-san seems to have been successful. My plans to have a harem are getting better and better.

But Ai-san, you’ve made a huge mistake. Six croquettes for dinner when you live alone!? That’s a lot for one person, but Kaeko-san will probably eat two.

Back at the academy… I heard Maihime-san’s voice coming from the gym. She was practicing for the play. I see, the reason Ai-san came back was to change roles.

After buying some refreshments from the vending machine, I entered the gym. Maihime-san was alone. She was dancing a beautiful flamingo in a crimson dress.

—Ah, Taiga-kun.

Maihime-san came running over. She was sweating profusely, reflecting the intensity of the practice.

—I see that you are very excited.

—It’s natural. As long as I’m performing, I have to show my best.

As professional as always. I offered her a Cola drink as I fell in love with her all over again.

—How cute you are, Taiga-kun.

It’s so cute how she grabs the bottle with both hands and drinks from it. 

—By the way, Taiga-kun, did the acting lesson I gave you last time come in handy?

—Oh, yes.

I’ve always been able to make use of it in dealing with my five sisters.

—I’m glad you’re interested in theater!

Maihime-san is overjoyed. Her innocence makes me feel guilty for deceiving them. Well, as long as everyone is happy, it’s all good.

A good caster has to be able to control their mental attitude in a positive way. All in all, my hard work in baseball is helping me build a harem.

—That’s enough practice for now. I’m going to change in the office, so come by in a little while.

After a long while of studying Arabic vocabulary, I went to the president’s office and knocked on the door.

—You can come in.

That tone of voice, is it Kaeko-san? When I opened the door, Kaeko-san was sitting on the floor sewing. Her legs were crossed and I could easily see her huge thighs.

Is that an opaque curtain you’re sewing?

—The fortune-telling club is going to use this for the festival, but it’s torn, and I’m fixing it… Hm? Does it surprise you that I’m a good seamstress?

—Well, to be honest… yes.

—Ha ha ha. Did you know I made Carmen’s costume? I’m pretty handy.

The girl squints wistfully as she deftly moves the needle. 

—My personality used to play outdoors and tear clothes a lot. Every time I did, my busy mother would fix it for me, but I felt bad about it.

She bit the thread with her teeth and continued speaking.

—That’s why I learned to sew myself.

While I was picturing that situation in my head, Kaeko-san spoke again.

—I have a request for you, Taiga-kun. Are you willing to wear clothes I made for you?

—Sure thing.

It’s a small price to pay in order to make Kaeko-san happy. At least that’s what I thought, until she showed me a gothic lolita outfit, a maid outfit, and a bunny outfit…

Kaeko-san seems to be the type of person who gets turned on by guys who dress up as women. Well, I don’t mind wearing it at all. I used to dress up as a woman and stuff when I was in high school.

I’ve already mentioned that my teammates were my clients, and when the coach asked me to dress up as a woman, I wore a maid’s uniform. It’s a dark part of my past.

So, I can do it without objection. But what I was witnessing now exceeded all my expectations. Kaeko-san put her hand to her mouth and her breathing was agitated.

—You will look… Cute.


Kaeko-san puts on an ecstatic expression as she approaches me like a potential pervert.

—You have no escape.

I took a step back and leaned my back against the wall. After a series of retorts against Konoe-san, something unexpected happened.


I heard a shout from above. Looking at it reflexively, a part of the ceiling opens. Hey, will one of the sisters come out?

Immediately, Kaeko-san came over and took off my glasses. But I can see clearly, because I don’t really need glasses.

—Hey, give me my glasses.

I pretended to look for them around the place, while watching everything carefully. A ladder came out of a hole in the ceiling. Chika-san climbed down on them and approached Konoe-san without making any noises and talked to her in a low voice.

—What…? A cockroach?

That’s probably why Chika-san came down without a care in the world. A black shadow flew from a hole in the ceiling. It was a cockroach.

—Gyaa, you were right!

Kaeko-san shouts. Chika-san tried to run away, but she collided with me and we got entangled… I stayed on top of Chika-san and grabbed her big chest with both hands. 

This is a classic anime accident! 


But Chika-san, who shouldn’t be here, can’t scream. She could only blush.

—Taiga-kun, stop. Not there…

Kaeko spoke to me as if it was her who was under me. Damn, what a bad performance from these girls. I quickly stood up and stepped aside.

That feeling… They were huge… They’re like two water balloons – so soft, so pliable! I always knew they were big, but as soon as I touched them, they felt even bigger than I imagined… I’m so excited I think my blood vessels are going to burst. 

—Huh, Kaeko-san, please leave the room. I’ll get rid of the cockroach… But first, give me back my glasses. 


Kaeko-san helped her sister, who was still covering her chest, get up off the floor. Then she hands me my glasses and leaves the room.

That was unbelievable… And for this reason, I started wearing the glasses. If one of the sisters shows up at the same time, I can throw them off and then say; “oh, I can’t see, I dropped my glasses.” 

This was a life saver. It’s always good to be prepared for anything… I knew there was a hidden room in the ceiling. hm? The ladder and the hole are gone. It’s probably remote controlled. 

I guess they kept it for fear of me seeing it. However, such a mechanism like that… Are the five of them really capable of doing something like this? I think this is beyond what I thought.

It seems that it’s also related to the fact that they returned to Japan. And for that reason, they decided to play one sister in different roles.

Well, this is no time for absurd ideas, I’d better get rid of the cockroach. 

I grabbed a piece of paper and stepped on the animal.

—You’re safe now.

I called Kaeko-san and she entered the room while scratching her head pathetically. 

—Thank you, Taiga. I don’t like cockroaches. 

—No, I’m sorry for touching your chest.

Actually, it was Chika-san’s breasts that I touched. But to be honest, I thought Kaeko-san would say; “don’t worry…” And for some reason, Kaeko-san keeps her head down while drooling. 

—Ah, it still hurts…. So.

With dull eyes, she lifted her head, and prepared her camera.

—You’ll have to dress as a woman as punishment.

I can’t say no to this. I formally accepted and then put on the gothic lolita dress.

Well, I’ll think of it as a trial run to get money online by dressing up as a woman. It’s the only way to fund this harem. 

I proceeded to pose in various ways and was photographed many times by Kaeko-san. She looked like she was about to get a nosebleed. The photo session had already come to an end after an hour. 

I went to the reception room next door, and changed clothes to put on my uniform. Once done, I returned to the office.

—Taiga-kun, I’m sorry that Kaeko’s personality has caused you so much trouble. Let’s keep working.

Oh, now she switched to Chika-san. Her face is a little flushed, it’s probably because I touch her chest. I sit down in front of Chika-san and start sorting out all the paperwork.

After an hour, I was starting to feel tired, so I stretched, and Chika-san did the same. Her ample chest was taut and her uniform had big wrinkles.

Then I turn my left shoulder and Chika-san does the same movement… Hm? Is she imitating my movements…? Maybe she’s trying to create a mirror effect? 

It’s a phenomenon I learned recently. In psychology, the mirror effect is performed by an individual to imitate the same movements as his or her romantic interest in order to feel in constant synchrony with him or her.  

And oddly enough, Chika-san was doing it with me. I placed my hand on my cheek, and so did she. 

Now I try to hold my hand out like a cat’s… Oh, she just did it too! How cute she looks in that pose. 

The next thing I did was wink, but she didn’t copy it, instead, Chika-san spoke in a serious and cold voice.

—…What are you doing, Taiga-kun?

—Chika-san, you borrowed a book from the library the other day called “Learn about the psychology of love”. I was wondering if you were doing the “mirror effect” described there…?

—Have you read it too, Taiga-kun?

I borrowed the book because I was curious to know what it was about. Chika-san went red up to her ears and rubbed her inner thighs. It would be a shame if she found out that I’ve been reading books about love, wouldn’t it?

Let’s tease each other a little.

—Did you borrow that book to get along with me?

—No, it’s just an academic interest.

—I see. I borrowed it because I wanted to get along with you, though.

Chika-san is playing with her hair. It’s too cute… Let’s ask another naughty question.

—What kind of family does Chika-san want to have in the future?

—What…? Umm… My father was careless in my house and my mother often had a sad face…

Such sad words.

—I would like a family that is always cheerful and smiling.

I see. That’s exactly what my harem will be like when it’s complete. Although I’m sure it won’t be exactly what Chika-san imagines.

—And… What would Taiga-kun’s ideal family be?

—I want to have enough children to form a baseball team.

—People often say that, but isn’t it impossible?

With a harem of five women, it would be quite possible. I might even be able to play with all my sons at the same time.

After that, almost every day, the five sisters and I were preparing for the festival to go perfectly.

Kaeko-san made a big arch at the entrance, set up the bonfires and installed security cameras. Mitsuri-san advertised on social media and handed out flyers.

Maihime-san is practicing for her play. And Ai-san has been decorating the school and taking care of the gardens.

I helped each of them, but I also studied and continued my training. It’s intense work, but very rewarding.

I was also glad that Chika-san helped me to study as she had promised me in the library. Soon, the day of the festival came…

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