Seconds later, the ghost disperses.

With my [Dragon Eyes], even untouchable beings such as spirits can be clearly seen and touched with the naked eye.

“Kaede-chan?! How did Toru-kun defeat a ghost with his bare hands?!”

“That’s because Master is Master.”

“That’s not an explanation!”

“It is useless to ask Kaede about the “why” in these situations, since she has absolute faith in my Lord. Besides, Frau doesn’t know the details either, so she can’t explain it.

“You too, Frau-Chan!?”

I felt a little bad for Luna, who didn’t understand what was going on at all, so I decided to explain to her about the dragon’s eye.

“In short, if you use the Dragon Eye, you both see and hit spirits and ghosts.”

“Toru-Kun, your explanation is ridiculously messed up.”

Luna looked at me with an astonished face.

But she seemed convinced and asked no further questions.

Not that I’m a Dragon’s Eye connoisseur either.

I just explained my experiences after using it.

“Apparently, this place is a ghost cave.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

Ghosts approach from down the hall.

With the wisp of wind Kaede released, they disappeared like a mist.

This is only the second floor, I wonder what we’ll find down there.

Maybe some of the undead we’ve only heard rumors about will show up.

No matter how hard we try, we are likely to get into trouble.

“Blizzard Blossom”

“Hammer Break!”


Frau and Luna get rid of a large number of frozen ghosts.

I think my concerns were unnecessary.

These girls are fast learners.

There were a lot of ghost bits scattered around the hallway.

Normally, physical attacks would not work at all, but freezing them had solved that problem.

If that could work, isn’t it possible to improve the level more than you expected?

Me: 305

Kaede: 297

Frau: 273

Luna: 216

An unexpected thought crossed my mind, it seems that the experience required to be level 300 increases drastically when you are approaching it.

The difference in growth rate can be seen in Luna’s ascent.

Even so, Kaede and Frau will soon cross level 300 very soon.

And I will be the weakest member.

I’m not sure that I will be a burden with my sacred weapon in hand, but my feelings are complicated.

I’m getting impatient at the thought of being left behind with my peers again.


When Kaede called out to me, I snorted.

That’s right, everything is different unlike that time.

I have a lot of power to cover the level difference.

There is still much to be done.

We reached the tenth floor.

Not only ghosts, but also skeletons appear.

A sphere with multiple eyes: Eye Beast.

A three-meter tall skeleton: White Giant.

A skeleton in a black robe: Litch.

They are all powerful monsters.

But I keep going over the powers that I have, combining them over and over again, it’s trial and error.


The White Giant swings down his rusty greatsword.

I stop him with my greatsword and activate the work of [Imitator].

I imitated the movements of Darm, one of the six generals of the demon king with whom I once fought.

He had better physical movement than I did.

[Imitator activated] [Imitator activated] [Imitator activated] [Imitator activated]

His attacks are sharper and his movements are more effective than mine ever were, and they seep into my body.

I activated the dragon’s eye and was able to pick up the enemy’s movements in detail, allowing me to predict their movements quicker.

In an instant, I cut the white giant in half.

But the next enemy was approaching.

I activated [Dragon Knight] and [Great Thief] simultaneously.

In addition, I activated the [Master Tamer].

Tame Master: a job that temporarily improves all skills only when fighting monsters. But actually, there is another feature. It is a job that allows you to tame yourself while it’s active, thus boosting your own level.

I activated the mega boost.

My level temporarily doubled.

Level 305 → 610

I was also able to activate the power of both my sacred weapons.

My level increased by 80%.

Level 640 → 850

With explosive acceleration, I tore countless enemies apart.

The enemy’s movements seemed to stop.

Is this how Lisa saw me when I attacked her?

If so, then she has no chance of winning now.

” …..Phew.”

I put my sword back in its sheath.

By the time I was done, only several monster corpse remained.


“You went too fast!”

“Hey, wait for me! whoaa!”

Kaede and Frau ran after me.

Luna was coming further back, but tripped over the corpse of a monster and fell.

I think I got a little carried away.

But because of that, we have the means to counter Lisa and her army.

“How are you doing, Master?”

“I think I’ve done it.”

If I use my skills and don’t rely so much on my strength and level, there may be a chance.

There is still room for improvement, but we should be able to fight on equal terms against Lisa.

Suddenly, my legs lost strength.

Kaede quickly put her hands around my waist and helped me lie down.

“There seems to be a consequence to all that fighting.”

“I will use my healing magic, then you’ll recover in no time.”

“Sorry for the trouble.”

I lay down on the floor and lay on Kaede’s thighs.

The healing vibrations gently enveloped my mind and body.

Frau, who was observing the situation, started making noise for some reason, saying “Muki!”.

“Frau also wants the Lord to lie on his thighs! Why did I have to be born at this size! I want to be a human, a beastkin or an elf, not a fairy!”

“Don’t say that. I like my little Frau.”

“Those words don’t convince me – I want to be big and look like Kaede!”

Suddenly, Frau’s frustration explodes.

As far as I’m concerned, smaller is better in many ways.

For example, you can eat a full human-sized meal, you can take a nap anywhere, you can fly freely because you are a fairy, and there are many more benefits.

Well, people always ask for what they don’t have.

Frau will soon discover that fairies are better.

“I’m tired. Can’t we go home?”

Luna is lying on her back on the floor.

I can see her cleavage from here.

Don’t be such a prude, princess.

There’s still time to tire you out some more.


“I haven’t seen anything.”

I turned my face toward Kaede’s stomach.

Kaede stroked my head in silence.

It’s nice to be petted from time to time.

It reminds me of my dead mother.


Hey, whose other hand is that?

“Frau also wants to pet the Lord.”

“Toru-Kun is so cute when you look at him closely.”

“Move away, Master is Kaede’s master.”

“So what? He’s Frau’s master, too.”

“Does your master also pamper you when you behave well?”


I feel like I heard something I shouldn’t have heard.

Well, that’s within the scope of the parent-child relationship.

I’m sure King Grayfield wants to spoil his daughter sometimes.

Anyway, let’s pretend I didn’t ask.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“I’d like to go down to the top floor… But it looks like Luna has reached her limit, so I’d better go back.”

“Yes, I want to go back. My body is already craving a bath.”

“Don’t you dare show off your breasts like that!”


Frau slapped Luna’s breasts.

I was looking at Kaede’s stomach, so unfortunately all I could hear was the sound.

I stood up and prepared to return to the surface.

Materials and items collected in this dungeon have already been stored in Magic Storage.

There were no impressive rare items, but I did get some good quality ones.

Rings for recovering physical strength, earrings that increase attractiveness, bracelets that increase strength…

All of them are likely to be quite expensive if sold.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be used in actual battles, but that is common in exploration.

As I start walking with Kaede, I notice that Frau is not there.


When I turned around, I saw Frau lying on the ground, dazed.

What’s wrong with her?

What are you looking at?

“Physical… reconstruction?”

The next moment, Frau was enveloped in a bright light.

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