[Makihara Taiga] 

The day Maihime-san lied saying she had five personalities. It made me breathless. After that I went home because I was tired from all the preparations for the festival.

When I got home, I stayed in the living room thinking about how to plan my life. What things would be necessary to build and maintain a harem? Getting along with the five sisters is an important requirement, right?  

What do I want to be in the future?  It’s not like I can build a harem and leave the rest to the girls. I have to prepare myself as much as I can. So, my priorities right now are; 

First; get a good job that pays a lot. And second; finf work in a polygamous country.  

The first, of course, is to provide for my five women, and since I am heading down an unorthodox path, I have to prepare my financial situation. 

But there are two problems that are related to each other in terms of my priorities. What kind of job can I have that pays a lot? Also, that job needs to be applicable in one of the countries where polygamy is allowed. It’s also not like I can choose the job I want. 

After doing some research on the internet, I found out that it is not difficult to get an international license if you study medicine in Japan. Um… Why can only doctors get one? And of course, it’s a well-paying job. If I’m living in a polygamous country, I should be able to support my five wives with this. 

Well, it’s time to do more research on how to become a doctor. I’ll go to the library tomorrow and…

Oh, right, the school is closed tomorrow because of the anniversary of its founding. Then I should go to the city library. After I decided what I would do in the future, I started studying for classes as usual. If I want to become a doctor, I have to improve my academic grades more than ever.  

During the afternoon, I put on simple clothes, tight pants and a loose shirt, then walked about ten minutes from my apartment to the city center. 

It’s full of libraries, parks, hospitals and stores. Wow, that library is really big! 

It’s about the size of a supermarket. My hometown is a fishing village in the countryside, so I used to go to a small library that wasn’t too far from my home. 

Once inside, I saw that the bookshelves were lined up for about thirty meters, and the people inside were either choosing books or sitting there reading. It’s a very quiet place, I think I could come to study here.  

Ah, what a fool I was! I forgot the most important thing. 

When I have consolidated my harem, I’ll constantly be spending every night satisfying my five women. I need the physical strength and stamina to handle it.

I’ve heard that “sex life dissatisfaction” is one of the main reasons for divorce, and it’s something I can’t, for the life of me, neglect. 

Even in field work, fitness was essential. And so, it’s the same with a Harem.  

As I took a peek at “The Ultimate Book for Training”, I discovered what kind of muscles I need for my nightlife and how to train them. Hmmm, looks like squats and running a lot are beneficial.

When I was on the baseball team, I did 200 squats a day and ran 10 kilometers a day. It’s time to get back into that habit.

Next, I read “Nutrition Basics.” Zinc is essential for complete sleep. Foods rich in zinc are oysters, clams, sesame seeds and pork liver. 

I’ll buy these foods immediately and start ingesting a lot of zinc from now on. I’m glad I came to the library. I got some valuable information for my harem.  

“Taiga-kun, what a coincidence!”   

I was startled when someone suddenly called out to me from behind. From the way she said “Taiga-kun”, she must be one of the five sisters. Also, from the polite tone in her voice, it’s probably Chika-san.  

I slowly turned around, and there I saw her… She was wearing a Yukata. The pattern on her clothes was a blue morning glory (A flower) that looked good with her blue eyes. Her blonde hair was perfectly combed which gave off a lot of elegance.

She was so beautiful that it made me wobble on my feet, but somehow, I managed to brace myself against the wall.  

—T-Those clothes…

Chika-san swept her blonde hair over her ears and replied. 

—I love Japanese culture because of my mother’s influence so most of my clothes are kimonos. 

—I see… 

—I think Japanese people should wear kimonos more often. Even today, people were looking at me a lot because I was wearing a yukata. 

Wrong, the reason you attracted so many stares isn’t because of the yukata. It’s because you are someone very beautiful and pretty.  

—Y-You look great!  

—Thank you, I’m flattered.

I get a cold look from her. But at the same time, she plays with her hair… It’s her habit when she’s happy. It makes me want to hug her.  

Chika-san looked at the “For Aspiring Doctors” book under my arm.  

—So, Taiga-kun, do you want to be a doctor?  


—What’s the reason?  

I can’t tell you; “It’s so I won’t get tired with you and your sisters in bed”. So, I will make my answer as sensitive as possible to gain sympathy from her. I looked at my right shoulder and replied; 

—As you know, I had an accident, and I broke my shoulder.  

—Yes, you were trying to save your classmate. 

I was hit by a truck and crashed to the ground, and when I looked at my right shoulder in terrible pain, I saw that the broken humerus went through my skin and stuck out.  

The pain was hard to bear, but so was the fact that my right arm, which I had trained hard for so many years, was destroyed in an instant. 

Ah, I cry every time I remember it. I think I will use that to my advantage.

—I was touched by the dedication of the medical staff and the way they treated me…

Chika-san bit her lip in pain. She then wipes my tears with a handkerchief she took out of her pocket. The handkerchief had an elegant fragrance. 

—Well, that’s a great reason. What kind of doctor do you want to be in the future? 

—I haven’t decided yet, but I want to be one who not only works in Japan, but also overseas. 

Mainly in Arab countries where a harem is possible. Chika-san put her hands to her chest, which still looked very voluptuous under the yukata.  

—Do you want to study together next time?  

—Yes, it would be like a study group!  

—You’re too enthusiastic. But remember, it’s to improve your academic performance. 

Chika plays with her hair again. I feel very happy knowing about that habit.

—By the way, Chika-san, did you come to borrow a book? 

When I tried to look at the book Chika-san was holding… She hid it behind her back with unusual agility, at the same time wobbling.  

—It’s a secret. 


I nodded my head as I said; 

—I promise, Konoe-san, “Learn about the psychology of love” will be our little secret. 

—I was going to keep it a secret from you, Taiga-kun! 

Chika-san hides her face with the sleeve of her yukata. She must be very red. Konoe-san shyly borrows a copy of “Learn about the psychology of love” and hugs it to her chest as she leaves the library. 

Would she have borrowed it so she could be with me? That would make me happy. I then left the library with several books in hand; For Aspiring Doctors, The Road to National Medical School, The Ultimate Book for Training, and Nutrition Basics. Everything was going my way.  

—You’re Konoe, right? It’s me! 

A man in a patterned shirt and baggy pants was blocking Chika-san’s way. 

—The other day we played basketball together in the street and got along well. 

—Street basketball…? Oh, I see. 

That kid probably thinks she’s Kaeko-san. And Chika-san is in a pretty complicated situation since she can’t tell the truth. I have to do something to help her.  

Although it’s a difficult situation, I think I can be of some help. Since Chika-san is also present. I have to get rid of him in the best way.  

I walked silently behind the guy and blindfolded him while placing my tone of voice as if I were a girl. 

—Guess who it is. 

—Eeh. I don’t know.  

I pull my hand away and the man looks back at me. I wink at him. 

—The correct answer was me ~☆. 

—Who are you? 

Of course, I was trying to fool this guy.

—You’ve already forgotten about me? 

I placed both my hands on my mouth and looked up sadly as my cheeks flushed.  

—Have you really forgotten about a pretty girl like me?

Because I have a face like a girl’s, it’s not hard for me to pretend I’m a woman. Plus, the clothes I wear now are very unisex. When I was on the baseball team, I used to dress up as a woman and hand out towels to team members, so I could make some money.  

Maybe I should dress up as a woman and try to make money online? After a moment, my plan came out perfectly; the guy hasn’t even noticed my real sex, as he just looked at me over his shoulder.  

—I’m sure I’d never forget about a girl as pretty as you.  

—Hey ~! I’m happy ~! 

I quickly signaled Chika-san to leave quickly, but the poor thing was so bewildered by the situation that she was slow to react. 

Well, she’s already escaped, it’s time to get rid of him.  

—Would you like something light to eat? I’ll buy you anything you want.


I was really hungry, and this was my chance to get free food.  

After the guy bought me a cake at a fancy bakery, I confessed to him that I was actually a man, but when I told him that, he ran away in a panic.  

Ha, what a wimp. If you like someone, you shouldn’t care if they’re the same sex, or if they’re quintuplets. Have the spirit to go all out.  

By the time I finished today’s activities, it was already dark. It’s time to go home. But first, I’ll buy oysters, sesame seeds and clams to get my zinc.  

On my way back to the city center, I went to the supermarket… But I noticed an old gray-haired woman sitting in front of a nearby park. She was probably homeless. She was wearing tattered clothes and talking to passersby in a hoarse voice.  

—Money…? Does anyone have any money…? 

Everyone looked annoyed and avoided her. Seeing this, I went into a nearby store and bought five rice balls and a cup of tea and gave them to her. 

—Take this.

The reason I do this can be measured in percentages: 40% wanting to help people, and 60% complete selfishness. If this story spreads and reaches Ai-san’s ears, that I’m someone who loves to help people, It could boost my favorability with her. I do it as a future investment. 

The old woman took the food from my hand and began to gobble it down. 


—I’m glad to hear that.

I was about to head to the supermarket when I was grabbed from behind by the shoulder. I look back to find long white bangs and blue eyes. Hmm, blue eyes? The old woman puts her hand to her head and pulls her white hair, revealing a beautiful blonde head of hair! Was it a wig? 

As she wipes her dirty face with her sleeve, her youthful skin is revealed. She was not an old woman, but a beautiful girl… One of the Konoe sisters! 

—I’m Maihime. I’m supposed to play the role of a homeless person in the theater troupe I belong to. So, I tried to disguise myself and act like one to know that feeling. 

—I-I had no idea. 

Maihime-san smiled proudly.  

—But the way Taiga pretended to be a woman when I left the library was brilliant. You have a talent for acting, did you know that?  

Maihime must have been watching the library from here. Then she looked up at the sky, which was getting darker. 

—Well, I’d better get going.  


—I made a cardboard house in a park near here. 

—Please go back to your real house.  

It was too dangerous for her to stay there. So, I helped her remove many cardboard boxes she had in the park. In the middle of this, it occurred to me that maybe I can learn from Maihime what I need to build my harem.  

—If you don’t mind, could you give me some tips on acting?

—So, you’re curious.  

Right now, I’m acting as if I don’t realize that Konoe R. Chika actually has four other sisters. Still, I need to improve my acting skills.  

Maihime-san thought for a moment and then pointed to a corner of the park. 

—Act as if you were a tiger that’s in the park. 

That’s a rather extreme request, but I’m going to try anyway. I hid in one part of the park, and then came out at the same time yelling; “Roaaar…” I think I did pretty good. 

—That wasn’t good at all 

Maihime-san said while shaking her head.

—It’s too easy to try to roar like a tiger. But where was the ability to express your emotions with your body movements? There was no change in your expression easily, you just appeared and roared.  

—You’re right, it didn’t go well, I’ll try better next time. 

I will follow the rabbits and try again. After a second try and fixed every single imperfection that Maihime-san pointed out, and she smiled at me after she was done. 

—You did very well. Now, do you have something in mind that you wish to interpret? 

—I think so. 

Of course, right now I’m doing the performance of my life.

After saying goodbye to Maihime-san, I went back to the supermarket. I bought oysters, clams, sesame seeds and pork liver. From now on, I will consume a lot of zinc every day. 

When I was on the baseball team, I was very picky about the food I ate to stay in shape, so I know how to cook pretty well. 

After I left the supermarket, I walked home along the main road. As the occasional truck passes by, my heart starts to beat faster and faster and I start to feel short of breath. All this because of the trauma I suffer from the car accident? I guess I’ll have to get over it at some point. 

—Good evening, Taiga-kun. 

I heard the voice of one of the Konoe sisters again. A girl with a side-tail hairstyle poked her head out of the window of a cab parked at the side of the main street looking around. It was Mitsuri-san.

—Come on, get in.

The cab door opened and I could see Mitsuri-san’s whole body. The camisole dress she was wearing was just like that of an idol. The exposed shoulders are beautiful and the necklace she’s wearing is shiny… She looks like a grown woman. When I got into the cab, a hint of her perfume hit my nose.

—What a coincidence! Do you have anything planned to do? 

—Not really. 

—I see. 

Mitsuri-san took me by the arm and with her bright eyes said to me: 

—Would you like to go to a hotel with me? 

If a man and a woman go to a hotel, what will be done in that place is… Sure, just that. Now that I remember, Mitsuri-san had argued with her sisters saying that she wanted to prove that, if she was able to conquer me, she can prove that she was better than Chika-san. Not to mention that if I went out with Chika-san, everyone might talk bad about her because of my bad reputation. 

Apparently, Mitsuri-san has a big rivalry with Chika-san… And a lot of desire for fame. Therefore, she is willing to take bold steps. 

Mitsuri-san presses her breasts against me.  

—I can’t take it anymore… 

I’m a healthy boy, and this girl is starting to excite me. Does that mean we’re going to have sex now? If I’m going to have my goal of creating a harem, I have to avoid at all costs having sex with one of them before I’ve conquered them all. I have to resist this temptation.  

—The seafood restaurant at the hotel we’re going to is really good. Being from Seattle, a port city, it’s sometimes necessary for me to eat seafood to feel at home. 

What a relief, so that’s what she meant! I quickly nodded, and Mitsuri-san gave me a kiss on the cheek…

—Huh? Did you imagine something perverted?  

Oh no, she made a fool of me. But I’ll have my little revenge.  

—But, Mitsuri-san, How come you still feel like going to a restaurant? Maihime-san’s personality just ate five onigiri.  

Mitsuri-san’s facial expression stiffens, and she quickly looks away as she says; 

—What can I say, we… have separate stomachs? 

That’s anatomically impossible. But I don’t want to have to refute that answer, so let’s change the subject.  

—Then we’ll have seafood. I’m looking forward to the oysters, too.  

—Really? We’re connected, don’t you think? 

After a while of driving, the cab pulls into the parking lot of the place… We arrived at a luxurious hotel. The staff welcomes us, the entrance is well furnished and the guests are dressed in suits.

Mitsuri-san took me to a seafood restaurant on the thirtieth floor. I was by the window, so I could see the whole night view. I felt like I was sitting in an important person’s seat. 

—By the way, Mitsuri-san, A cab and a fancy restaurant… Are you sure you can afford to spend that much money? 

—I make a lot of money from YouTube and Instagram. So, it’s on me.  

As a man, I’m very proud of myself, but as a poor student, I can’t afford it. I’ll be grateful for the food. 

Mitsuri-san gave the waiter our order; crab pumpernickel, steamed lobster and clam chowder.

After a while, the food that arrived at our table looked very photogenic. It was served on huge plates covered with avant-garde sauces.  

Mitsuri-san took a photo of her meal, perhaps to post on social media later.  

—Okay, let’s eat. Cheers!  

We toast with sparkling water. With the night view as a backdrop, Mitsuri-san looks sexy, beautiful and overwhelming. However, the moment she popped the steamed Omar Shrimp into her mouth, her head fell on the table.  

Huh? Her face turned bright red and she rolled her eyes. When the waiter rushed in, Mitsuri awkwardly asked; 

—Is there alcohol in this? 

—Yes, there is. It’s steamed with champagne 

Apparently, Mitsuri-san is extremely vulnerable to alcohol. It seems that some people in the world get drunk with Narazuke. 

It’s impossible for her to keep eating. It would be a waste for all of this to be thrown away, so I ate as fast as I could and then carried Mitsuri-san on my back. 

She managed to settle the bill with her card and then with a pained look on her face she said to me; 

—…I wanted to eat clam chowder. 

—Is that your favorite food? 

—Seattle soul food. My mother used to make it for me. Mom, um… Where are you… mom?

She has a runny nose and is crying like a lost child. She doesn’t look as mature as she used to, and she’s completely asleep. No matter how much I move her, she won’t wake up.  

What should I do? I don’t know where she lives, and I can’t contact Chika-san because of the “five personalities” lie. I also can’t leave her alone in a hotel in this state… It’s no use. Let’s take her home. 

I walked home with Mitsuri-san on my back. After walking a long distance, I arrived at my apartment and laid her down on my futon.  


Mitsuri-san turns around with a sexy voice. I can observe her long legs all the way to her bottom. I quickly rushed to cover her with a blanket. 

Hold on, be strong, don’t give in to temptation. So, to try to distract my mind, I started to study.

About five hours have passed, it was around eleven o’clock at night. While doing squats for my future harem, Mitsuri-san opened her eyes. She sat up and looked around with blurry eyes. Her messy hair made her look very sexy.

She gets up and hurriedly fixes the straps of her camisole dress that have shifted. I then began to explain everything that had happened to her. She proceeds to cover her face in embarrassment. She seems to have sobered up. 

—I-I’m sorry, Taiga-kun. My breasts are big and a little heavy so it must have been hard for you to carry me.  

—It’s okay. When I was on the baseball team, I used to run up the stairs with my teammates on my back. 

—So, you don’t deny that I’m heavy. 

Mitsuri-san puffs out his cheeks. It’s true that when I carried her on my back she felt very heavy, but I could also experience the softness of her breasts. 

—Are you hungry? You hardly ate anything at the restaurant.  

In the kitchen, I put the pot on the fire and brought the dish with its contents poured out to the table. Mitsuri-san leaned forward with an astonished face.

—This is… Clam chowder? 

—You had said you wanted to eat it. So, I looked up the recipe on the internet.  

The oysters and clams I used as ingredients were the ones I bought for my zinc intake. Besides, I’m from Minatomachi so I’m good at cooking fish and seafood. 

Mitsuri-san took a mouthful of clam chowder and let out a chuckle. It was an innocent smile, not the bewitching one she usually wore. 

—It’s different from mom’s, but it’s delicious. 

—I’m glad to hear that.

—I like this taste. Would you make it for me again?  

As long as I have a harem with the five of you, I’ll make it every day.  

After that, I accompanied Mitsuri-san home. It was a very high apartment, and her floor was at the top. 

So, she lives here with her five sisters. No matter how much money Mitsuri-san earns, I don’t think she can afford to live in a place like this by herself. 

Who pays for all of it? There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the five of them, including their missing mother. 

—I’ll see you later. Thanks for everything, Taiga-kun. 

—Yes. See you tomorrow. 

But for some reason, Mitsuri-san doesn’t go to the entrance. She stares at me and says shyly; 

—Um, you know, I had an ulterior motive. I thought that, if I went out with the Ace of Fortune, I might attract a lot of attention. But… 

Mitsuri-san came up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek… She had kissed me before, but this time it was much longer and passionate. Her blue eyes were moist.  

—Regardless of that, I don’t care now…

He quickly turns around and enters the building. Perhaps to hide her reddened face.  

I skipped along the way home. It had started to rain, but I didn’t mind at all. The rain wasn’t a problem, but I was very cold.  

The next morning, I had a fever. Apparently, I had caught a cold. What a stupid thing to do last night. Getting sick while striving to create my harem… It makes me take many steps backward in my plans. I have no choice but to stay home and rest. 

Last night I had set a goal of doing 200 squats a day and running ten kilometers. But I don’t think I’ll make it today.  

Maybe I’ll read a book while listening to the sound of rain, or maybe I’ll oil and polish my gloves. I’m very careful with my items, and I always try to keep them in good condition. One of these can go for as much as 60,000 yen at the flea market. So, it’s a reasonable price. 


I said as I looked at my baseball glove. I had worked part-time at a fishing port, and in this way, I was able to buy it. I went on to win second place in the national tournament with it.  

But… Now I’m broke. I have to pay for my studies, oysters and other food I need for my future harem.  

I need more money. I can’t tell my parents to increase the monthly remittance they send me.  

I am no longer a scholarship student, and my tuition waiver was revoked… I can no longer be a burden. I have to take care of myself.  


The doorbell rings. I stagger a little and open the front door. And the person who appeared in front of me was Kaeko-san. She was wearing a ponytail, had a Major League Baseball T-shirt and shorts… Hmm. She’s all soaked, so I can see the lines of her body clearly.  

She looked at me with concern and said;  

—Are you feeling any better now?  

—Yes, I’m fine. But you, you’re wet.  

—I’m used to not carrying an umbrella. By the way… 

She lifted up a plastic bag. Inside was a container. 

—I had too much porridge leftover. Do you want some?   

—What? How did you cook so much? 

—In the manga, that’s what they say when you bring food to someone.  

Certainly, there are a lot of those types of scenes; “I made too much meat and potatoes.”  

Kaeko-san came into the house and helped me sit on the futon. Then she said to me; “I’ll borrow your stove.” And started heating up the porridge.  

Hmmm, a beautiful girl in shorts being in the kitchen is a wonderful scene to see. And her legs are long and beautiful.  

—Wait a moment.  

Kaeko-san poured porridge into a bowl and fed me directly from the spoon. She also cleans the area around my mouth. It may look crude, but I like it. 

—Thank you for the food.  

—Don’t worry… This is my way of saying thank you for taking care of Mitsuri last night. You were such a gentleman, and you even made her clam chowder.  

Great, what happened last night has only increased the odds of all the sisters accepting the harem. I’m still making great progress, and without realizing it, I noticed something curious about the shirt Kaeko-san was wearing.

—Is that a Seattle Mariners jersey? 

—Yes! I’m proud of my hometown. I’m also a member of the Seattle baseball team, and I played every position…. Ah. 

Kaeko-san’s voice gradually lowered. She seemed to have remembered that I can’t play baseball anymore. Then she awkwardly paced around the room until she saw a poster on the wall. 

—What’s this? Two hundred squats a day, ten kilometers of jogging. 

It’s all right, Taiga, don’t worry. There’s no one who looks at that paper and thinks, “He’s trying to build up his stamina for his harem.” And indeed, Kaeko-san doesn’t figure it out. 

—Taiga, I thought you gave up baseball.  

—What are you talking about?  

—Don’t play dumb. I’ve seen you play through YouTube videos and you’re amazing. If you didn’t have so much passion for the game, you wouldn’t be able to pitch like that. 

I was very excited to be praised for my efforts. Then Kaeko-san expressed an; “Oh” when she found my glove on the ground. She picked it up with both hands trembling 

—You polished it so well yourself? I can feel your passion to get back to baseball! 

I can’t tell her I’m thinking of selling it. I was looking out the window, trying to make sense of it all. 

—I’ll leave it to your imagination whether I’ll go back to playing baseball.  


—I’d be happy if I could have Kaeko-san as my wife one day.  

—Wife… Of course, I would! I’d be happy to be your wife.

You’re not kidding me, are you?  

After that, Kaeko-san sang an English lullaby for me. 

—Hush, little baby, don’t say a word…. 

Her voice is soothing and comforting. The gentle tapping of Kaeko-san’s body to the rhythm of the song is also comforting. 

And before I knew it, I had fallen completely asleep. But… 

I had the worst dream of my life. It was a real experience when I was in high school. There was a guy, Hiroshi, that my older sister had a crush on, but he told me that he liked me. My sister got really mad at me.  

In the face of her anger, I told her; “It can’t be helped. I guess Hiroshi-san thinks I’m much cuter than you.” After that, my sister chased after me wielding a metal bat…. 


I jumped up, completely out of my wits. My whole body is drenched in sweat. I struggle to catch my breath. 

—Taiga-kun, are you okay?

A soft look and a rather imperceptible tone of voice were directed at me. That person was sitting by my bed…

—Are you, Ai-san…? 

—Yes. As you can tell, my clothes and personality have changed.  

I see, Kaeko-san must have left as soon as I fell asleep.  

—Taiga-kun, do you have an older sister?  

—Yes, she’s far away from here, in my hometown.  

I don’t want to see her, she terrifies me.  

—You had a nightmare and unconsciously called out to your Onee-san. You must feel very lonely.  

Not at all. Ai-san misunderstood my cry of horror. But…  

—I’m here for you, Taiga-kun.  

Now that she thinks that way, there’s no way I can correct that misunderstanding. Ai-san clenched both fists.  

—I’ve already decided! I’m going to be your Onee-san while you’re in town!  

Onee-san? So, you’re not going to join in the competition between the sisters? There’s no chance for you to join my harem…? No, I’m wrong. Ai-san is reluctant to the idea, but not once has she refused. 

What she doesn’t want is for her sisters to fight over me. Even though she’s accepting her position as my “Onee-san”, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like the idea of being with me too. This is just an improvisation. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns into a love affair. Sooner or later, she’ll change her mind. 

—I’ll do the housework for you. You’ve gotten into a lot of trouble because of your cold, haven’t you? 

Ai-san starts cleaning, doing the laundry and even prepares breakfast for me for tomorrow. I’m sure she will be a wonderful wife in the future. More specifically, my wife.  

—By the way, Ai-san, why are you the only personality who has that tone of voice?  

Ai-san stopped chopping vegetables. 

—I don’t want my mother to feel lonely. 


—My mother used to live here in Sendai, and then she ran away with my American father to live in Seattle. 

Running away from the place where you were born and raised. It sounds extremely strong once you hear it from someone close to you who experienced it.  

—My mom, sometimes she was lonely. It’s natural if you’ve left home and are living in a strange land.

Ai-san replies with an embarrassed smile.  

—So, I learned what the tone of voice is like in my mother’s hometown. I thought, if I could talk like that, she would feel less lonely. 

Is this girl some kind of angel? How can there be someone as kind and as pure as her? 

Before leaving, Ai-san goes through the trouble of changing her clothes and putting on her cheerleading outfit. 

—Courage, Taiga-kun! Cheer up, don’t let your cold overcome you.  

She then danced just for me. She’s an angel. I won’t let her go; she’ll definitely be my wife.  

I want to be close to them, I want to know every single thing about them. What they like, what they are passionate about, even their secrets. I want them to feel close to me. Even though I was sick, I had the best day of my life.  

After this, I believe that everything is possible. In a fortnight’s time, the school festival will be held. Through the preparations, we will get to know each other better.

Translator’s Notes: In Japanese, Ai refers to a dialect, or a specific way of speaking, rather than a “tone of voice.” But how is it something that the West does not make sense, or I cannot replicate in the English language, since it is not my mother tongue. I have decided to make that change.

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