[Makihara Taiga] 

Classes are over, and I head to the president’s office. It’s my time to do everything in my power to create a harem with the five sisters. But first… I have to make all five of them love me, otherwise none of this will make any sense.  

Besides that, I have to change their way of thinking, so that they see it as normal for me to be with each of them. This would be the real challenge to meet.  

-Excuse me.  

When I entered the president’s office. Konoe-san, who was sitting at her desk, responded with a “Hello, Taiga-kun.” Her uniform looked well groomed, and her manner of speaking was very polite. It’s probably Chika-san.

The other four sisters are probably hiding in the attic. I wonder if they’re watching what’s going on in the room right now.  

Konoe-san and I will be doing some paperwork for the festival to be held in half a month. As soon as I sat down in my seat, Konoe-san opened her mouth.  

-Taiga-kun, can you come here for a moment? I have something important to tell you.  

I could immediately feel the pressure in those words. Being very nervous, I placed myself in front of Konoe-san. 

-As you may have noticed, I use different characters based on a change of hairstyle, clothes and way of speaking. I’ve come to hear students refer to these phases as; “The five changes of the president.”  


Many doubts began to invade my thoughts. But what Konoe-san said went far beyond my expectations. 

-The truth is… I have five personalities.  


-No wonder you’re surprised. At first, it may sound a little ridiculous.  

You’re wrong, I’m surprised you’re coming out with this! Still, I’d like to know why you choose to hide something like that.  

-Let me introduce you to the five personalities. The first one is me, Chika, the excellent student. And…

Konoe-san stood up.  

-Please turn around. 

After those words, I nodded my head, and turned my body facing the door. What I heard next was the sound of the roses on her clothes. 

The lustful sounds aroused my imagination. In a state of excitement and complete arousal, Konoe-san says to me; “You can look now.” And I proceeded to turn around. 

I saw Konoe-san dressed in a very daring way. Her shirt had two buttons undone and her skirt was pinned up with a safety pin, while showing long white legs. 

With a wave of her hands, she said to me; 

-Yaho ~ Taiga-kun. My name is Konoe L. Mitsuri. I am the one who plays the influencer personality. 

Her personality really changed… But the surprises didn’t stop. Kaeko-san, Maihime-san and Ai-san were the next to introduce themselves to me.  

Do you really want me to believe that you have five personalities…? So, the image I saw yesterday of the five of you together could have been an illusion or some camera trick? No, there is no such thing. There must be an explanation for this. 

Maybe it’s Maihime-san who is in front of me. After all, she is the young genius actress. She could easily play a character with five personalities.  

But why is she doing this? And surprisingly, that question was answered on the spot by Maihime-san, who has returned to her character of Chika-san. 

-Every one of my personalities wants to get along with you. Including me.  


-So, from now on, I would like you to treat the other personalities as independent individuals. And each of them is; Kaeko, Mitsuri, Maihime and Ai. They are not just a version of Chika with different hairstyles and clothes.  

I see, so that’s what it’s all about. No matter how much the sisters fight over me, if at the end of the day I will only see them as Chika-san with a different hairstyle.  

And if I look at them as an “independent individual”, things are different. This way it would be much clearer who I would choose as a bride. 

I bowed deeply as I replied; 

-All right, thank you for trusting me with such a delicate secret. I’m glad that all five personalities want to get along with me. 

Maihime-san looks surprised and puts her hand to her mouth. She really looks like Chika-san. 

-Did you really believe all that? If I may say so, it sounds like a ridiculous story.  

-The five changes of the president in itself are hard to believe. Personally, it makes much more sense that you have five personalities. Besides…  


-I trust Konoe-san from the bottom of my heart. 

Maihime-san seems to feel guilty, and I hope Chika-san and the others hiding in the attic feel the same way. This is my small revenge for those five women deceiving me.  

This only gives me an opportunity to ask the five sisters to have a harem. Normally they would refuse such a proposal without hesitation. But… Even though they have lied from the beginning about who

Konoe R. Chika really is, creating another lie related to having five personalities only makes things worse. 

That feeling of guilt may work as a slight incentive to accept my proposal for a Harem. I still realistically aim to fulfill that dream. And I will do everything in my power to make it come true. 

-I see. Thank you for believing in us.  

Maihime-san nodded her head after those words. 

-We apologize for this sudden information. Let’s work together for the festival! 

-Of course.  

Perfect, I have a free pass so I can get closer to each of them. I want to make each of them very happy. That includes doing lots of kinky things with them every night.  

-We’ll do it until the end of time! 

Oh, no. I was so excited that I screamed out my darkest desire.

[Chika – Big sister] 

I was watching the monitor with Kaeko, Mitsuri and Ai. Thanks to the hidden camera in Maihime’s hair, we were able to observe what was going on. Taiga-kun’s eyes seem to glow. 

– We’ll do it until the end of time! 


His enthusiasm for the summer is palpable. He seems to fully believe Maihime’s words about her “five personalities”. He is quite a tender boy. Lying to a boy like him like this…. It makes my heart ache.  

-Ugh… We’re nasty people.  

Kaeko’s words perfectly interpreted the feeling in my heart.  

-We have no choice. We have decided to go for a five-personality configuration. So, we have no choice but to go ahead.  

Mitsuri shrugged.  

-But Chika… This lie can’t go on forever.  

That’s true. When we tell him the truth about us actually being quintuplets and playing the role of a person… I’m afraid Taiga-kun will be disappointed and we’ll break his heart. Just thinking about it scares me.

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