[Makihara Taiga]  

It is Sunday afternoon. I was talking to Konoe-san through Zoom in my living room. It was a meeting about Noblesse, though it seemed more  like we were having an informal chat rather than discussing matters related to our duties as a school board.   

-Oh… This is the first time I’ve seen Taiga in normal clothes. I see you have good taste when it comes to fashion.   

-Thank you very much.  

I’m glad I thought of coordinating my look before going online. Konoe-san had her tied in a ponytail. She was also wearing a tank top and shorts. It’s the same kind of style she had when she played basketball.   

She seems to be in the living room. It’s quite big and has a large glass table and other expensive looking furniture.  

-Taiga, you live alone, right?

-Yes, my parents and my sister live far away from here. In the countryside, to be more precise.  

-Don’t you miss them?  

-Sometimes, I guess I do.  

On a day like this, I wish Konoe-san was by my side. I’m not satisfied with just seeing her through a screen.   

After joining Noblesse, I realized what a kind, dynamic and stoic girl she turned out to be for all the activities in which she engages… I have seen each of her facets and personalities. And I must confess, I like every one of them.  

-What’s the matter? You’re pretty pensive.  

Konoe looks at me worriedly. The collar of her tank top hangs down, revealing her large chest that was being held up by her sports bra.  

I quickly avert my gaze and ask a question.  

-Ko-Konoe-san… What about your family? Do you live alone too?   

-Hmm, my father is an American bastard who left us and ran off with another woman. And my mother, whom I was with when I went to high school in Seattle, is missing, and we’re looking for her.   

I never imagined she would answer me with that kind of story. It’s way too complicated.   

While I was deep in thought after hearing her response, Konoe-san smiled and opened her mouth.  

-Come on, don’t make that kind of face. My mother will be back soon.   

-I see. And do you have any other relatives?  

-Yes, I have a grandmother.   

Chika-san’s tone of voice suddenly becomes serious.   

-I see. So, you live with your grandmother now?  

-No… I live alone.   

There seemed to be a strange pause for a moment. It’s very suspicious.  

-Since Konoe-san also lives alone. I wonder if… Don’t you ever feel lonely?

-No way! I feel happy every day!  

It’s the kind of attitude you’d expect from someone like her. She’s completely different from me… I’m so in love with her.   

-By the way, Taiga, are you eating well? I’d be happy to share my dishes with you if you like.    

-Oh, are you serious?  

-Of course. I’ll cook anything you want… I want you to enjoy my meals.  

I couldn’t hear the last thing he said as he was whispering.   

-You are amazing, Konoe-san. I never imagined you were a good cook too.   


For some reason, her laughter rubbed off on me too, so I averted my gaze towards the door, but at that instant, something funny happened.  


My doorbell rang. Someone is knocking at the door.  

-Did someone just come to your house? Well, we’d better talk later.  

-Really? But we didn’t talk about anything that has to do with Noblesse.  

-That was just an excuse. I just wanted to see you… Well, I have to go, bye.  

That was very nice. When I confessed my feelings to her the first day I entered Noblesse, I thought she would reject me, but it turns out we got along very well. When the time comes, I’ll confess to her again.   

I hummed my way to the door, picked up my package, and went back to the living room… Hm? The living room of Konoe-san’s house is still visible, it looks like she forgot to turn off the screen.  

She was on her back and did some stretching, unaware that I can still see her. Her shorts are very tight, and you can clearly see the shape of her large butt.  

I would love to keep watching this… But that would make me both a pervert and a voyeur. I’d better turn this off. The moment I reached for the power off button on my laptop, something unexpected happened in front of the screen.   

Konoe-san grabbed her blonde ponytail, and pulled it. Her long mane fell out, and what was underneath was the same color hair, but much shorter.   

Umm… Konoe-san, is she wearing a wig?   

But the surprise was, in retrospect, quite sweet. The door to the room opened, and then…. Four girls crept into the place.  

They were all identical, but their hair and clothes were different. One of them had straight hair, wore a jacket and tight pants.   

Another wore a camisole that highlighted her large breasts. Another had her hair done in two pigtails, and was wearing pajamas. And the last one was wearing a very feminine dress.   

Two of the girls sit around a table. What is going on here? It’s as if “the five personalities of the president” have materialized and gathered in one place…

The straight haired Konoe-san hands out the roles to the other girls. She then takes the floor as if she were the hostess.   

-Well, it’s time to go over next week’s shifts.   

Shifts? Is it a part-time job or something?   

-First of all… Maihime will address the school assembly on Monday morning. I’ve already written the script, so please take a look at it.   

-Leave it to me.   

The Konoe-san in pajamas raises her hand.   

-I will be in charge of taking the classes from the first period to the third period. So Kaeko will take fourth period, which is physical education.   

-We’ll have softball, right? I’ll have to get my arm ready.   

The Konoe-san who had been zooming with me earlier smiled as she said those words.  

-The broadcasting club has invited us during the lunch break. Mitsuri, please take care of it.   

-I will do my best ~  

The Konoe-san in the feminine dress winks while saying those words.   

-On Monday, there will be no activities for Ai to take. Tuesday is a holiday, the Academy’s anniversary will be celebrated… But on the weekend after school, the gardening club is asking us to help harvest sweet potatoes.  

-I’ll take care of it, Chika-neesan!  

Gentle Konoe-san is very excited. After seeing everything I was seeing through my computer, I couldn’t help but feel astonished… So, I came to a conclusion.   

The president is in fact five sisters playing a single role. One after another they change places in school and do the tasks that suit their abilities.   

I have learned a lot after this meeting. It is unheard of. The students of the Academy will be amazed after this. No doubt it will become a good story for the internet and the press.

In my experience, when the Internet and the press get hold of you, they suck you dry. The student body’s respect for Konoe-san will disappear.  

I have to keep this a secret at all costs. But what is the need for all five to play one person? At the moment, it’s a mystery to me…

Although I can deduce where these role reversals occur.  

The president’s office. The day I entered Noblesse, a classmate of mine went to ask for advice about love relationships. And at that time, Konoe-san said that love was a waste of time. But then she left, and when she came back to the room, she was a totally different person.   

But… Is there somewhere in the president’s office to hide?  

Come to think of it, when I was talking to Konoe-san, I heard a noise coming from the ceiling. It was at the time that I asked her if there was a mouse in the ceiling, and if I could get rid of it, but she had refused.   

Does it mean that she was afraid that I would meet her sisters in the attic? And now I know their names from the conversation they just had.   

So, the girl with the straight hair is Chika-san. Because of her tone of voice, and the aura she gives off, she’s probably the one who rescued me that day.   

The one wearing a wig with a ponytail was Kaeko-san. The one looking like a delicate, feminine girl is Mitsuri-san. Maihime-san is the actress among them. And judging from the tone of voice and the way she speaks, Ai-san is the cheerleader.   

With all five of them playing the role of a single person, the result is a perfect president who is skilled in many activities; Konoe R. Chika.  

While I was busy with all these thoughts in my head, the meeting that the sisters had on how to manage their time for the week had concluded, but it started another talk, provoked by Mitsuri-san who was playing with her phone.  

-By the way, what does Chika-neesan think of Taiga-kun?  

Huh, that question does interest me. But my excitement was crushed by a cold answer.  

-He’s a colleague who works with me at Noblesse. Nothing more, nothing less.   

Those words made me feel sad, my shoulders slumped with great force, and I felt a massive hole form in my heart… But then, Ai-san took the floor while holding a Tablet in her hands.  

-Look at this, it’s the video of when Taiga-kun accompanied me to cheer for the basketball team…  

How is it possible that there is a video of that occasion! Astonishment came over me at what was happening. It was me resting my head on Ai-san’s legs. The point of view was from Ai-san’s perspective…. How come she was able to record that?  

What was happening in the video was Ai-san asking what I liked about her. I said things where I highlighted the qualities of all of them, all the sisters, except one… Chika-san.   

A cold sweat breaks out on my body. This is bad, I haven’t said one good thing about Chika-san! There are many things I like about her, like the fact that she saved my life.   

Also, I clearly remember saying that ‘Out of the billions of women on the planet, I’m so glad I found you.’ Oh no…  

I started rolling on the floor in despair. Did I really say that to her sister instead of Chika-san! How stupid of me!   

-You got angry when you saw this video, didn’t you? You like Taiga-kun, don’t you?  

Oh, is she jealous? Hearing that makes me so happy. But… Chika-san kept a serene expression on her face.

-That’s not the case. Taiga-kun has certainly done some good things… Like standing up for me when I was asked to help by joining the basketball team.   

Huh? Did she just say that I was defending her when the basketball team wanted her to participate? I thought it was Ai-san who went to cheer for the team?  

Ah, right. At halftime Ai-san got a call and had to leave. So that means Chika-san took her place. That must have been the reason why she gave such an atrocious performance. This is too complicated to take in.   

-Was it because he said your legs looked swollen?  

I even said that… I want to die.   

-There’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t matter that your legs are bigger than ours.  

This is the end for me… My eyes turn black as despair consumes me. But before I lose all traces of hope, Chika-san’s voice invades my eardrums.   

-Taiga-kun is dedicated, hardworking and reliable. There are many good things about him, but it’s impossible for him to fall in love with me.  

What!? Chika-san… Do you really have me on a pedestal?  


The four sisters expressed in unison while placing a smile on their face. Mitsuri-san folded her arms and took the floor.   

-If you won’t admit it, that’s fine. Then we’ll take Taiga-kun for ourselves.   

Huh? Another shocking statement.  

-If we can make him fall in love with us, we can prove that we’re as good as Chika-neesan. Also, if you go out with the “Lucky Ace”, people might start talking.

Mitsuri-san is very determined. However, my favorite is Chika-san, who saved my life. But I must admit that I also like Mitsuri-san’s personality. And Kaeko-san was also very good to me.   

She even defended me in front of everyone on the basketball court. I even like Maihime-san, who is a truly amazing actress. And Ai-san is quite kind… Damn, which one of the sisters do I want now? I’m confused.  

The conversation between the sisters continues.  

-I’m also interested in Taiga.   

Kaeko-san said while wiping the drool from her mouth.   

-Oh, I want to tear him up real nice and devour him completely. I want to see his beautiful little face with tears in his eyes as he tells me he needs me.  

That’s pretty creepy. It seems that my appearance is Kaeko-san’s weakness. On the other hand, Maihime-san speaks while eating her snack.   

-I love Taiga too. Jose’s performance at Carmen’s rehearsal the other day proved that he’s no ordinary man!   

What does she mean by that?   

Kaeko-san stood up, hugged Ai-san from behind.   

-Juju, what about you, Ai?   


Ai clasps her hands together and restlessly moves her body.   

-Taiga likes Chika-neesan. So, it’s not right for us to interfere.   

-You’re always so reserved, Ai. But that’s a virtue of yours. You can’t stop other people from falling in love just because someone else already likes you.  

Kaeko-san stroked Ai-san’s hair.  

-If you’re too shy, you won’t get what’s really important. That’s what worries me about you.  

Ai-san was depressed, as if she couldn’t deny her sister’s words. Kaeko-san smiled and then looked at Chika.  

-Then, Mitsuri, Maihime, and I are going to fight for Taiga, okay?  

Will you fight for me? This is taking a rather unexpected turn. At that moment, Chika-san stood up and covered her mouth with her hand as she paced around the room. It looks like she’s making up her mind.   

Chika-san stopped, and looked at her sisters with bated breath.  

-…I also want to be with Taiga-kun.   

Chika-san swallowed saliva and started rubbing her inner thighs in an embarrassed manner.   

-But I’m sure that feeling has nothing to do with liking him. You all talk about Taiga-kun around me, so there’s a psychological bandwagon effect.  

-Aaah. What a headache.  

Kaeko-san frowned and said:  

-Admit it, Chika. After Taiga told you that your legs were swollen, you started exercising more and toning them up.   

That’s very nice.   

-Besides, you’ve seen Taiga’s Videos at the Junior National Championships, and your cheeks were getting very red at the time.

Hey, she’s really obsessed with me! After hearing those words, I started dancing for joy. But then Kaeko-san, for some reason, in a very mocking tone replied.  

-…But I think Chika-neesan is the one for him. Taiga hasn’t stopped looking at you with serious devotion since he entered Noblesse.   

-Hmm, I see.   

Chika-san plays with her hair, looking disinterested. Then Kaeko-san replied.  

-I see you still have the habit of playing with your hair when you’re happy.  


Chika-san instantly turned bright red. So, you have a habit of playing with your hair when you’re happy. I’ll keep that in mind.  

Mitsuri-san then crosses her slender legs to show off to Chika.  

-The game is about to begin, who will get Taiga?  

The sisters exchange glances with each other, and Ai-san…  

-We must stick together.   

I’m about to go crazy. This is a ridiculous situation! I keep wondering what will happen from now on. 

Then Kaeko-san nods her head as she says;  

-There’s a problem with all this. Taiga thinks we are the same person. It’s impossible for him to choose one of us if he doesn’t know who’s who.  

-That’s right. And I think it’s too hasty to abandon our roles and responsibilities.   

The sisters exchange glances again. The discussion seems to be boiling over. As if to turn the tables, Kaeko-san puffed out her ample chest and shouted;  

-I’m the one who will keep Taiga! A moment ago, we were chatting and he kept averting his gaze at the sight of my shorts, and my underwear was peeking out a little. That boy is crazy about me.   

-A moment ago?   

-Yes, we were chatting about Zoom…

Oh no, they might notice that I’m still connected. I quickly rushed to cut the connection. The living room in my apartment goes silent… I just saw something scandalous.  

The woman I love, Konoe R. Chika, turned out to be a quintuplet. Five identical girls play the same role, and in this way, they created the perfect student council president.   

And that’s not the only surprising thing…. All the sisters are interested in me! What kind of miracle is this? And what Mitsuri-san said just now; “The game is about to begin, who will get Taiga?”  

The sisters are going to fight for me. This makes me very happy… Who should I choose? Chika-san, Kaeko-san, Mitsuri-san, Maihime-san, Ai-san. I like them all.  

-What should I do…?   

I held my head and threw myself on the floor.

I was so distraught that I couldn’t sleep all night. I staggered off to school. It was a particularly hot day, and the lack of sleep made everything more complicated.   

But to my surprise, at the corner I ran into one of the Konoe sisters. I tried hard to contain my excitement.   

-Good morning, Konoe-san.   

-Good morning.   

She was direct and without any change of expression. So, it must be Chika-san. She kept looking at my face with concern.   

-You look terrible.   

-Yes, I couldn’t sleep last night.   

-That’s not good. If you’re going to be a member of Noblesse, you must take good care of your physical condition.   

And whose fault do you think that is? I stifled those thoughts and asked her a question.  

-At today’s school assembly, Konoe-san will address the whole school. Right?  


It seems that Chika-san is the one writing the script and Maihime-san is the one on stage. That’s why everyone is so excited. Let’s shake things up a bit.  

-How can I have the courage to speak in front of the whole school, Konoe-san?  


Chika-san looks away.  

-I’ve been on stage many times, so I’m used to it.  

I see. That’s right, Maihime-san is used to it. So, she’s basically not lying.  

-That’s amazing coming from you, Konoe-san. I admire you more and more.   

Chika-san looks down and remains silent. If I hadn’t seen what I saw yesterday, I probably would have thought that she’s being too secretive, or that something about me makes her uncomfortable. But she just feels guilty.   

Oh, Chika-san rarely wears long stockings, but it’s probably too hot today to put them on. According to the information I got yesterday, Chika-san has been doing exercises related to her legs lately.  

-Konoe-san, the swelling on your legs is completely gone, you look slim and beautiful! 

-Why do you know so much about the state of my legs, Taiga-kun?  

That’s a pretty good question. I haven’t slept at all, and I’m saying strange things. Chika-san looked at me as if she was looking at some kind of human trash. I think she didn’t like that comment…  

But then I realized that Chika-san was playing with her blonde hair between her fingers. According to yesterday’s information, this is a habit of hers when she is happy.   

She was glad that I told her that she has nice legs, I knew she was someone tender! Chika-san is still my first choice, and my favorite of the five sisters.

I was determined to be with Chika-san, but I also fell in love with Maihime-san, who gave a great speech at the school assembly today.   

And when I was in class, I looked out the window, and saw Kaeko doing a great job in physical education. And as if everything was in complete sync, she looked at me, and proceeded to wave at me while giving me a beautiful smile.   

After that, I watched Mitsuri-san’s morning video on YouTube. And I shuddered at her beauty. After that I remembered when Ai-san lent me her legs to rest my head… Aaah, my heart won’t stop beating, I’m so confused.   

At break time, I went to the rooftop to think alone, and ate my own lunch while listening to Mitsuri-san’s talk through the radio broadcast that was in the school today. After listening to her talk, I fell more and more in love with her.   

This is a mess, I can’t make up my mind. I don’t know who to choose anymore, or who I want to be with.   

I will try to imagine a future in which Chika-san and I are together. If I imagine it clearly, maybe I can make a wise decision.  

We are set at a time when I graduated from college. We are living together. Chika-san is amazing, and she wakes me up with a cute smile that she only shows to me.  

-Wake up, sleepyhead.   

Yes, yes… I feel so happy imagining that. I still like you, Chika-san… Let’s continue with the simulation. Now I’m going to marry Chika-san. At the ceremony, I meet all her sisters in one place. They’re all so attractive that they might already be married…  

Kaeko-san was rubbing shoulders with a large, athletic-looking foreigner.  

-Hey, Taiga. This is my husband, Michael. I can’t get him to let go of me. He always holds me back every night, if you know what I mean.   

Mitsuri-san was holding hands with a scruffy guy.  

-My husband is a YouTuber. We recently started a couple’s channel. We recommend you to watch “We kissed a lot for hours”. Visit it ☆.  

Maihime-san is also married. And Ai-san, since she is too nice, stays with a guy who takes advantage of her.  

-Let me breathe woman, I don’t want to be here. Gimme some money for pachinko.  


The simulation showed me something I didn’t want to see. I can’t stand four of my five favorite women ending up like that!  

While I’m in the throes of disgust, I overhear a conversation between two guys who are eating lunch near me. The topic of conversation seems to be from this season’s anime.  

-You recommended this anime to me, and I didn’t want to watch it because it was so geeky, but it turned out to be fun.  

-Yes, it’s one of my favorite anime.  

-But don’t you think there are too many girls? Who will the main character end up with?  

-That doesn’t matter, it’s a harem story. So, the main character will end up with all of them.  

Harem… Fiction is good. Reality is not like anime or romance. It’s impossible to be in love with everyone… Hm? Wait, I don’t think it’s impossible. It’s difficult… But not impossible.   

There would be no need for a competition between them if I marry all five of them… And that’s how a Copernican thought originated in my head. Bigamy is forbidden in Japan. But that doesn’t mean that there are no countries where polygamy is allowed.   

So, I proceeded to look up “countries that allow polygamy” on my phone. There are more countries than I imagined. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman… It seems to be quite acceptable among Arab countries.

I can move to a polygamous country with all five sisters, change nationalities and marry them all. Of course, there are a myriad of problems that stand in the way.  

Will all five sisters want to be with me all at once? Will there be any conflict? How am I going to explain this to my parents? How am I going to have enough money to support five wives? And so on and so forth…   

But, if we face each challenge, we may be able to solve it. With the right effort, you can increase your chances of achieving something that is considered impossible.  

I have learned this from the athletes I admire. Ichiro broke the record for most hits in a season in the majors, which was said to be “unbreakable.” 

There is no reason why I can’t have a harem. I will make all five sisters my girlfriends, and eventually, my wives. I just made a big decision. I owe a lot to the two guys near me who keep talking about anime.  

-Ooh, so he’s going to get all the girls!  

-Yeah, and the best part is that none of the girls are ugly.  

I jumped between them, reached out my hands and hugged them.  

-Thank you so much for talking about the harem!  

-Hey, are you a fan of that anime too?  

Not exactly, however, I’m going to play along.  

-Yeah, harem is the best thing in the world.  

-Exactly! I’m glad you understand, it’s great to be able to make all the main characters happy.  

-I totally agree with you! The harem is the mentor of my life!  

-That much?  

It’s all decided. I’m going to aim to have a harem with all five sisters. In the meantime… I’ll look for a place where I can learn Arabic in case I have to move to one of those countries.  

I am a man who never stops being prepared. No matter how ridiculous my dreams are, I’m going to make them come true.

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