[Makihara Taiga] 

Well, I think that will be enough for today. It’s half past twelve at night, I’ve been studying after I finished dinner… If I don’t go to sleep soon, I’ll have a hard time getting out of bed.   

I’d really like to be able to play some video games, but I need to keep my school grades in the top three if I want to remain part of Noblesse.   

There’s still plenty of time before exams start, but it never hurts to be cautious. From my days playing baseball, I had a policy of always being prepared and practicing every day.   

As soon as I lost my concentration, I noticed how quiet the room was, I realized how lonely I felt. The laughter of the couple living next door only added to that feeling.  

The residence for students where I live is an old apartment building that is a ten-minute walk from the school. In one place there was a tatami mat, a furniture for six people, a TV and my laptop.  

On a shelf is a pitcher’s glove that I’ve used for many years. I left all my trophies at home, but I brought this one, as it is the most precious item I have.  

I have been living on this floor since April, and I am not allowed to live in the baseball team’s dorm. I didn’t go back to my hometown because it was too far away and I had to study. Also, it’s hard to get back in touch with the local citizens, I still feel sorry for my arm accident.  

A classmate I had saved from that accident contacted me some time later, but given the fact that we were busy, and not counting that he lives in Tokyo, it was complicated to see each other. In spite of that, I’m happy to live alone, I have an older sister, but I get along very badly with her. 

But sometimes I feel lonely, like today. In these moments, I try to remember the person I love, Konoe-san.  

Konoe-san is also very popular on the academy’s website. There was a storm of compliments ranging from admiring her for being someone beautiful, to people feeling very happy to be studying at the same place as her.   

Besides that, there was something that made me quite curious for such a website. Since I didn’t find any hate messages towards Konoe-san. I don’t know who is in charge of running this website, but I am deeply grateful to that person. Since I have enough experience with the horrors of insults and hatreds on the internet.   

Anyway… I’m looking forward to seeing Konoe-san’s last remaining personality change. She is said to be very good at acting. Thinking about her makes me feel happy, plus I can sleep peacefully.   

The next day I went to the Academy and entered all my classes. My first day in this place I had an unpleasant experience falling in the manure, I was about to die, and I received insults of all kinds, as well as many nicknames, but… 

-Good morning, Makihara-kun.  

-Hello, Makihara.  

Gradually I began to receive better treatment from people. I came third in school grades, and thanks to that I was able to enter Noblesse…. I think everyone was surprised by my potential, as I had been labeled as a “failed special student”. 

And of course, the words Konoe-san said in the gym were forceful enough for everyone to stop bothering me. I don’t trust my teammates in the slightest. If I fall again, all those people will turn their backs on me, just as they did in the past.   

Still, I would look at them all and return the greeting with a; “Good morning” and a smile on my face. The nicer I am, the easier it will be for me to carry on my activities in Noblesse. Besides, this can be a beneficial thing, it will make Konoe-san have a good impression of me.   

The only person I want to be friends with is Konoe-san, who reached out to me when I was going through a hard time. After class was over, I went to the president’s office. Konoe-san was in that place sitting on a gym chair, I could almost see her underwear under her skirt.   

She has an absurdly disheveled look… Her jacket was slipping off her shoulders, her hair was pulled back in a two-tailed bun, but completely different lengths.   

She took a bite of her French fry, then took a sip of her cola drink, turned her lazy eyes towards me and said… 

-Oh, Taiga, it’s you.  

The tone of her voice was completely childish. He got up from the spot and walked around me while letting out a mischievous laugh. Why is he acting like this? It’s not like it’s the first time we’ve met. In her hand she carried what appeared to be a script. That means… She’s in her actress personality!?  

After Konoe-san came to Japan from Seattle, she joined a prestigious acting company here in Sendai, and quickly became a top actress. She is said to have been nicknamed “the young genius actress” for her incredible performances.   

Rumor has it that Tokyo entertainment agencies have sought her out many times to work with her, but she has always refused, saying she doesn’t want to leave Miyagi… She really is a great person.  

Konoe-san stared at her script.   

-The drama club has asked me to help in the upcoming school festival, and I’m playing the main character.  

-Sounds difficult.   

-Hmm, well, as Noblesse I can’t refuse this request. 

She took a sip of her drink and continued talking.  

-But there’s a problem. I’m playing Carmen. She’s a bad girl who has a lot of men at her disposal.  

“Carmen.” I’ve heard about that play… But I’m not sure what it’s about. 

-It’s hard to understand the feelings of this character, since I’ve never dated anyone.   

-I see.  

I must confess that hearing that made me feel too relieved.   

-Carmen was a strong woman, and she wasn’t afraid of anything, besides having been with many men. I don’t think I could play a character like that as a virgin.   

Huh? What on earth are you talking about? And to my surprise, Konoe-san lies on her back on the floor. She licks her fingers full of potato chips while making a terribly sexy gesture….  

-So, Taiga, why don’t you help me with that? 

[Chika – Big sister]  

-Maihime… What are you doing!  

I, Konoe R. Chika, along with my sisters, Kaeko, Mitsuri and Ai, were in the attic looking at the monitor in dismay while Ai clings to me from behind.  

-Chika, calm down, or they will be able to hear us!   

-How can I be calm in this situation? If Maihime does that… With what face should I look at Taiga from now on? 

-With what face?  

-They can’t do that!  

Mitsuri sits on the couch and laughs while waving her legs. I can almost see inside her short skirt.  

-Hahaha, after all, Maihime wants to go after him no matter what, what do you think, Kaeko? 

-I don’t know what will happen now.  

Kaeko was nervous.  

-When Maihime gets pregnant and her belly grows, will we also have to get pregnant to continue playing the five roles?  

-Maybe so.  

What kind of conversation are my sisters having! Since I’m the older sister, I have to take mom’s place, this is unacceptable. 

[Makihara Taiga] 

I was taken aback by the sudden offer. Konoe-san laughs like an evil woman.  

-Don’t worry, I’m joking. It’s all an act, by that rule of three, if I play an assassin… That means I’ll have to kill you!  

-Uh… That doesn’t sound good.  

So, it was a joke. The truth is, I’m holding my regret between my teeth. Don’t ever make fun of the man who confessed to you like that again, damn it!  

Konoe-san doesn’t notice my distress, so she looks at me and moves her lips.   

-Hey, Taiga, help me read this script.   

-If you don’t mind, I’d be happy to do it.  

-I’ll play the role of Carmen. While you will be the main character José, who’s a rookie soldier.  

Konoe-san gives me the script. Since she’s an experienced actress, I guess she’s already memorized all the dialogues, so I don’t think she won’t need it.   

-Sit down on page 10. The scene where Carmen is thrown in jail and tries to escape by seducing the guard… Action! 

A moment later, the droopy mood and her expression with a vague look changed drastically. Her gaze became sharp and the tone of her voice was completely different.  

-You’ve got to be kidding! I can’t stand another day in this dirty, dark cell!   

Her eyes from a moment ago, which looked childlike and pure girlish, emitted a sex appeal the moment I saw them.   

-Hey, soldier, do you want to make a deal?  

Konoe-san signaled me with her expression implying that it was now my turn to answer. I hurried to look at the script. 

-A deal?  

-If you let me go… 

She caressed her ample breasts and nubile hips as if to say; “It is inevitable that a man will surrender to me.”  

-I will let you be free to possess this body.  

I swallowed saliva at those words.  

-What… What do you think you’re saying…? 

I became so nervous at those words, that I can’t help but respond in a voice somewhere between clipped and watery, just as if I were a naive soldier on his first day on the job.   

Konoe-san leaned closer to me. I felt her sweet breath on my neck, having her so close to me made me shiver.   

-You want me, don’t you?  

Of course, I want you. Ah… Carmen. You’re so cruel. Everything about you melts my brain. I’d give up everything for her.  

Then I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down.  

-I want you! I want to devour everything!  


Konoe-san claps her hands after those words. It was like waking up from a lustful dream. I was completely trapped in her world. His eyes lit up as he opened his mouth. 

-Taiga, you’re a wonderful actor! You have completely captured the role of José. You are very talented.   

-Hahaha, do you really think so?  

I laughed at those words. It’s a good thing she didn’t realize it was me who actually said what I felt. It’s time to hide my desires a bit.  

-What happens to José after this?  

-After being confused by Carmen’s sexual attractiveness, he lets her escape and was fired from the army. That made him become a thief and in the end he dies.   


For some reason, Konoe-san looked at me mischievously. 

-You like me, don’t you? You’re just like José… Are you willing to die for the love of a woman like me?   

-That’s right.   

That answer was a mere reflex, I didn’t even have time to stop and think about it, but now that I’ve confessed, what does it matter if I say what I really feel?  

-It’s because I like everything about you.   


After Chika-san’s cheeks blushed a little, she asked a rather unusual question. 

-By “everything,” does that mean you like me too?  

-It’s obvious. I’ve fallen in love with you all over again because of your stoicism when it comes to acting.  

-I’m so embarrassed. 

Konoe-san looks down and licks her fingers, which are still stained from the french fries. What does she mean by “me too”? 

[Chika – Big sister]  

-It’s because I like everything about you.  

Hearing those words, Kaeko, Mitsuri, Ai and I looked at each other. Mitsuri smiled shyly, and Ai became a little uneasy… They all seemed to be happy.  

Kaeko scratched her cheek and said; 

-It’s because I like everything about you, that means, Taiga? He’s in love with all of us? Not just Chika?  

-Impossible, he thinks we’re all the same person.  

Ai nods at Mitsuri’s words while saying; “It’s getting weird.”   

When I kept silent, Kaeko said:   

-What’s the matter, Chika, are you jealous? 

-No… I’m not.   

It’s natural for me to feel uncomfortable if the man who confessed to you also told other women that he likes them… But Taiga-kun thinks we’re the same person. So, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that.   

It’s much cuter than I expected. The day Taiga-kun confessed to me, I asked one of my sisters to turn him down for me…. But now I don’t know how I feel.

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