After leaving Einark, we heard a rumor.

“A dungeon has appeared near the royal capital.”

It seems that the dungeon has not been explored yet, and due to the high level of difficulty, it has not even been mapped properly.

In addition, it appears that many of the items that have appeared are rare.

We decided to challenge it immediately.

“It’s in the middle of a very deep forest.”

“I don’t like the entrance area, it’s very ugly.”

“Who cares, let’s go in!”

“Nei, stay calm. This is a high difficulty-level dungeon, which means the enemies are also high level.”

In the middle of a deep forest, there is a huge hole.

In the center of it was the entrance to the dungeon.

A few meters away there were some adventurers camping.

I used my appraisal skills, but didn’t find anything irregular. They are all low level.

I almost blew it.

It pains me to say that I’m desperate for a challenge, but we’re going to have to make our way here.

I couldn’t even challenge the Luntatta dungeon. I’m going to vent all my frustration here. Besides, I’m sure the world will be amazed when I beat a high difficulty dungeon.

I will get the sacred sword and make my name known to all people.

Now I just need to get some rare items for the battle against the Demon King.

The time is not yet right, but sooner or later I will embark on a journey to defeat the Demon King. It’s a good idea to prepare now so that I won’t have any failures when I do.

“Let’s go!”


“Hiiiiiiiiiii! What was that?!”

“Sain, wait for me!”

“Lisa, you have to run! If they catch you, you’re dead!”

“But I have Soara on my back!”

A blue-bodied orc was chasing us wildly.

No, there are ten.

Ordinary orcs are no match for us.

Whether it’s 20 or 30, we’re sure we can finish them in a flash.

But these orcs are even more dangerous.

They are all level 50.

Normal orcs are between level 5 and 20, so it’s a whole nother story fighting these orcs.

I’m sure because I used my appraisal skill to check their stats.

Besides, we are still only on the second floor. If this is the difficulty of the second floor, what kind of hell will we encounter further down?

This is dangerous. The difficulty of this dungeon is beyond me.

“Hey, Sain! Don’t leave Lisa and Soara!”

“Shut up! It’s their fault for being so slow!”

I’m in the lead, Nei is behind me and Lisa is running behind her with Soara unconscious on her back.

Damn, I didn’t even calculate this.

I wanted to finish this easily and get some rare items.

I’d like to at least kill that damn orc and get some experience, but it has an intelligence I’ve never seen before in other monsters.
If I try to attack them all at once, they show signs of being alert and keep their distance.

They are also very agile and can use magic.

Soara, who was hit on the head by a magical earthen rock, fainted and is now a useless burden.

“Sleep Arrow!”

Lisa used a dream magic targeting the orc.

However, upon hitting its target, the magic arrow disappeared completely.

“No way, it’s too tough!”

“We don’t need that – we need a wall! Build a wall to hold them back!”


Lisa made a wall of earth appear in the hallway.


The orc broke through the wall with its body and, although it got tripped up a little, it continued to give chase fiercely.

“You’re useless!”


Well, we’re almost to the stairs.

If we get to the first level, they will give up.

I can see it now!

I went upstairs first, followed by Nei, Lisa and Soara.


The orcs stopped in front of the staircase and shouted in rage.

Don’t think some beasts can beat me.

This time, I will surrender, but as soon as I get the sacred sword, I will kill you.

“You’ve got to improve your magic! You’re slowing me down!”

“I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

Lisa collapsed, holding her cheek.

I was so angry that I reached for my sword.

“If only Soare hadn’t fainted, none of this would have happened.”

“I’m sorry. It was my fault.”

“Hey, enough is enough – what’s the point of having a divided team?”

“……You’re right.”

Nei’s words helped me cool down.

There are a lot of people around here. Killing them would be bad for my reputation.

I need to calm down a bit too. A hero must be a smart man.

However, this party has become disorganized.

When Toru was here, no matter how irrational the situation, he always laughed it off.

I sneered at the thought.

Why am I thinking about that?!

No way did I trust that guy. He was just a simple burden. Someone like that can’t be associated with a hero like me.

Damn, I can’t stop this frustration.

“Oh, I got something good this time too!”

“This place is excellent! The amount of experience is good, the items are valuable and it’s great to have a dungeon so close.”

“If you know all the tricks, you can get to the second floor.”

I saw three people coming out of the dungeon with their bulging backpacks.

Their levels were hovering in the thirties. I wondered how they managed to get rid of those orcs.

“Sain, what if we ask those people for advice?”

“Huh? Do you want me to bow my head?”

“But we won’t get anywhere at this rate.”

“ ………….”

It’s extremely unpleasant. Me, a hero begging to be taught things?

“I’m going to pick some flowers.”

“What for?”

“Don’t you know, that’s how a woman does her business.”

“No, I was planning to talk to those three anyway, so stay here while I go.”

The trio of girls lingered as I headed for the bushes.

What was the need for us to ask them for advice?

We can steal the things they have.

I am trying to save the world. A small sacrifice is like a necessary expense.

“Hold on a second.”

“Well, let’s rest for a bit in the meantime.”


“Hey! Don’t run!”

I jumped out of the bushes and ran as fast as I could.

Men threw brown stuff at me with their bare bottoms exposed.

One of those things hits my back.

It sucks, it sucks, it sucks!

When I went to attack them, all three were relieving themselves with their rear fully exposed.


“Yuck, you’re covered in crap!”


The three girls made a face of disgust.

What kind of attitude is that even though they’re such useless pigs?

“We must flee!”

I’m not stopping to pick up my backpack.

The three girls started running away with me too.

“You’re not going to get away with this!”

“I’m going to crap on your body!”

“Come here, we’re not finished with you!”

They still continued to chase us.

They are very persistent.

How humiliating. I’m the hero and I’m covered in crap.

I want to kill them right now, but if I stop, I’ll be in the crossfire.

It is unbearable.

It’s frustrating, but the right thing to do here is to run away.

Little by little, the distance between us and them widened and we lost sight of them.

I crouched down in a safe place and caught my breath.

“Hey Sain, you smell awful.”

“I’m sorry, but I won’t go near you for now.”

“There’s a river over there… Why don’t you take a dip?”

The girls were far away from me.

Damn, this is the price I pay for screwing up.

Flies were beginning to swarm!

Get away from me! Get away from me!

Shaking my fist angrily, I headed toward the river.

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