[Ai – Fifth sister]  

I am Ai, the fifth daughter of the Konoe family, and I play one of the five roles of Konoe R. Chika. I’m in charge of volunteer activities, garden maintenance, and sometimes, like today, I have to support club activities. 

I was on the cheerleading squad in Seattle, where I went to high school, so I’m pretty good at it. I even won the team competition at the state competition.   

After class, I went to the attic of the president’s office, and put on my cheerleading outfit. The second sister, Kaeko, was standing on a balance ball. I’ve always been confident in my athletic abilities, but this girl is on another level.  

My sister Chika, who was coming from a class, came up the stairs.   

-Ai, thank you for your hard work.   

-Leave it to me.  

I took the camera and put it in my hair, then went down to the office. As I approached the gym, I saw a short boy in the distance. Taiga-kun, he was reading what looked like a book of some class subject. Will he be studying to keep his position at Noblesse? 

At that moment, some members of the baseball team passed in front of Taiga, giving him looks of contempt while whispering to each other.   

Taiga pursed her lips in frustration after such a situation, but then turned her attention back to the book. It’s quite heartbreaking… He made it to the national team, but broke his shoulder. Surely the baseball team must be especially curious about him.  

It must not have been a pleasant thing for him to experience… I’ll try to cheer him up a bit.   

-Hello, Taiga-kun!  

-Hi, Konoe-sa… Eeeh!?  

When Taiga-kun saw me, his cheeks flushed, and he quickly looked away.   

-A-A cheerleader… Uniform?   

I started to move into his line of sight so that he would focus his gaze on me.   

-What do you say, does it fit me?  

Taiga-kun panicked and began to stutter.  

-Y-You look amazing no matter what you wear.  

My cheeks got a little hot, I must be slightly blushing. Although it’s a compliment not directly towards me, but towards Chika-neesan. 

Hmm, Taiga-kun is a very cute boy, and at the same time quite destructive. He can be dangerous if I’m not careful.   

-That was very direct…! Ah…  

I quickly covered my mouth. I just used a tone of voice that I use with my sisters when I’m upset.   

As my cheeks reddened due to embarrassment, Taiga-kun, with a much fiercer tone of voice spoke to me.  

-You don’t need to be ashamed, I used to talk in that same way, but the kids at school laughed at me because of it. So, I had to learn to moderate how I communicate.  

He cared about making me feel good, plus, he was very kind. I walked up to Taiga-kun and patted him on the head while saying, “Good boy, good boy.” With the same tone of voice as a moment ago… If I’m together with Taiga, I wouldn’t feel awkward at all expressing myself like that.  

Taiga looked pleased and a little disappointed at being treated like a child.  

-By the way, Konoe-san, you look different. You’re not your usual quiet self, and you’re not the girly girl from the other day. 

-When you cheer or volunteer, you have to flip the switch. So today we’re going to cheer for the girls’ basketball team. Have you ever cheered before?  

-Yes. Many times, on the baseball team.   

-Cool, I’m counting on you. 

Taiga was very happy to hear my words. He seems to be very much in love with Chika-neesan. We both proceeded to enter the gym with a smile on our faces.   

But the moment we entered the place, Taiga-kun seemed to be very confused, as he didn’t know how to get to the upper bleachers, well it’s a place we don’t use much, except for cheering.  

-Come, follow your Onee-san. 

The moment I said those words, I tugged on her hand. I usually hold children’s hands when I volunteer. Taiga looks surprised for a moment, but then his mouth turns into a smile. He was full of joy at being able to hold the hand of the person he likes.  

He is a very cute boy… 

-Who is the one holding hands with Konoe-san?  

-Isn’t he the lucky ace?  

-Now I can understand why he entered Noblesse; his target is the president.   

Several of the students who also came to support the team were jealous of Taiga-kun. Konoe R. Chika is very popular.   

When we arrived at our place, we posed our gazes toward the court, our school’s players noticed us, then lined up and bowed their heads as they said in unison, “Thank you for your support!” Well, I must respond firmly.   

I stiffened my back, waved my pom-poms in front of my chest and shouted: “You can do it, team! GO fight win!” 

I stretched out my arms while lifting my legs as high as a valet dancer. Taiga-kun, who has also had his experience in a sports club, often said things to raise my spirits.   

He seems to love to cheer people up. Not to mention what a wonderful heart he has for forgiving Misaki Horai. I would love to be able to support Taiga-kun’s love life. But of course, my sister Chika-neesan’s feelings come first.   

On the other hand, our basketball team is losing. The club has only four players, and to fill the missing quotas, we had to ask for help from other clubs. At the end of the first half, we were down by 20 points, so it was a good result. 

At break time, we came out of the gym and sat by the wall. The heat in Japan is out of control. It’s past summer, and it’s almost 30 degrees in September.  

I bought two cans of energy drinks, and gave one to Taiga-kun. He thanked me the moment he received it, and opens the can with his left hand. 

-Hm? Taiga-kun isn’t right-handed?  

-Yes… But when I was a pitcher, I used to open the can with my left hand, as a precaution against hurting my fingers.  

After those words, Taiga had a notch of aching pain as he sipped his drink…   

-I can’t get rid of that habit. It’s stupid that I still have it since I can’t play baseball.   

My heart began to ache after hearing those words. Baseball was his reason for living. And he lost everything when he wanted to protect one of his teammates.   

And despite that, he didn’t let the opinion of the people around him affect him. He worked hard to get his grades up and get into Noblesse. He’s a good kid.  

I gently grab Taiga’s head with both hands and put him on my lap. Taiga’s eyes go blank after that. 

-W-what’s going on…?  

-You did very well.   

As I gently stroked his hair, the urge to support him, and Chika-neesan grew more and more inside me.   

Okay, here we go… 

-Taiga-kun, there is something I want to ask you.  


-What is it that you like me?   

Chika-neechan will be watching everything. This is your chance to tell her what you like about her. Taiga-kun’s cheeks blushed as he looked straight at me. 

-You are someone who is very hardworking and dedicated to people. Just like you are doing now. 

Hey, don’t just focus on today. You have to say strong and good points about Chika-neesan.  

-Is there anything else you like about me?  

-I like the way you were acting as a cheerleader, you looked like a kind of fairy. 

That’s not what I’m talking about! Stop talking about me and talk about Chika-neesan’s personality. Taiga-kun kept praising me for what I was doing today. So, I averted my gaze while pressing my lips together.  

-Other than today, what do you like about me?  

-You give good advice about love and relationships?  

Now you’re talking about Mitsuri! This is not good, there’s nothing to like about Chika-neesan. I started to panic after seeing that everything was going wrong, but Taiga-kun said one last thing that left me shocked. 

-Of the billions of women on the planet. I am very happy to have found you.  

That’s what you have to tell Chika! Well, even though she said it referring to me… Why am I starting to feel strange? My heart hurts. This isn’t right… Hm?  

My phone started ringing. The call came from the… Hospital? Sometimes I volunteer to read stories to sick children. 

Now that I remember, one of the kids I usually get along with is having surgery today.  

I proceeded to answer the call. The nurse explained that the boy began to feel nervous to me, at the same time shouting things like, “I won’t have surgery if Konoe-neechan is not there.” Luckily, it’s not a life-threatening operation. If possible, I would like to go there and cheer him up.  

Fortunately, there are five of us playing Chika-neesan. I will ask Kaeko-neesan to take care of this. 

-Taiga-kun, there’s something I have to do, I’ll be back in a moment.   

I ran to the school building and headed for the office. I climbed the ladder to the roof and found Chika-neesan working alone in the attic. On the monitor there, she could see everything I was doing through the camera.   

-Where is Kaeko-neesan?  

-She has gone home.  

Since there are five of us playing as one. We are forced to leave the school through a secret place, but I will explain it later.  

-…By the way, Ai, what can I do for you? 

Hm? Why does Chika-neesan have that tone of voice? Is she in a bad mood…? Oh, I know why…  

-Are you mad because Taiga-kun didn’t say any compliments about you?   

Chika-neesan flinches after my words, jojo, so that’s what it was… 

-I don’t have anything to say, he says he likes me, but he only speaks well of Ai and Mitsuri… It’s our fault due to the five of us playing the role of one person. It’s inevitable that he feels confused. 


I can’t stop smiling. I’m witnessing a new side of Chika-neesan.  

-By the way, Chika-neesan, I have a request for you.   


-I have an urgent matter to attend to. Could you be in charge of cheering for the team in the second half?  

Chika-neesan shakes her head at my request. 

-Impossible! I can’t do it!  

When I first started cheerleading, I was very embarrassed and nervous, but then with time I was able to get used to it…. I guess this task must be even harder for the shy Chika-neesan. After telling her what was going on, she reluctantly agreed to do it.   

-All right, I’ll do it, but first… 

[Chika – Big sister] 

This time I’ll be the one wearing the cheerleading uniform. What’s wrong with this skirt? It’s too short. And this shirt has no sleeves, not to mention the sweat on the sides. I don’t like this…! Worst of all… 

As long as I’m cheering for the team, I have to take off my socks. Compared to my sisters. My legs… They’re a bit chubby. That’s why I always wear them, to hide the tightening effect… Well, I have no choice but to risk it.   

I went out into the hallway and walked stealthily like a ninja. I’m not good at appearing in public. For that reason, when I have to give a speech in front of the whole academy, Maihime takes over that role, while I write down everything she will say. After all, she is the actress.   

When I arrived at the gym, there was Makiha… Taiga-kun by the wall. I remembered the words I had said to Ai and felt angry again… No, it’s my sisters’ fault, I have no right to be angry at him. They’re just confusing him.   

I regained my composure and proceeded to approach Taiga-kun.  

The moment I tried to call out to him, I remembered that I have to behave just like Ai. It’s a bit complicated for me, even though we are sisters. The characters vary in clothes and hairstyles. Therefore, in this situation where I’m dressed as a cheerleader, I have to be someone cheerful and capable. Even if I don’t have the same tone of voice as Ai. 

I approached Taiga-kun and jumped up and down.   

-Let’s do our best for the second half!  

When he rolled his eyes at the sight of me. Cold sweat runs down his forehead? Have I gone too far? Well, that doesn’t matter now. So, I proceeded to take Taiga-kun’s hand, and led him to the gym bleachers.   

It is the beginning of the second half. I know to some extent from the camera footage how Ai was animating them. All I have to do is imitate her, so I proceeded to imitate all the movements and words she said, while shaking my pom-poms.   

I will do my best. I’ll make Taiga-kun praise me the same way he did Ai, it’s time to show my power as a big sister.   

-You can do it, team! GO fight win! 

After I finished my routine, I began to doubt whether what I did was right, although to some extent, I feel satisfied with my performance. Right after that, Taiga-kun hurries to talk to me.   

-Konoe-san, are you feeling sick?  


-You’re not in the same mood as before, and the dance wasn’t as good as the first half either, it was the equivalent of a dance dedicated to an evil god.   

I thought I had done well up to a point, but… Was it necessary to use such a cruel metaphor? 

-Besides, Konoe-san, are you tired?  


Taiga-kun seems to be very worried.  

-Your legs look very swollen compared to a while ago.  

I felt like slapping his face with the pompoms… Anyway, it’s true, my legs are big… No, I have to calm down. There’s nothing wrong with them, so I quickly try to come up with an excuse. 

-Maybe I’m a little tired from all the effort today.  

-That’s not good. You should rest, Konoe-san, I’ll take care of everything.   

Hmm, he seems to be a very attentive boy. Taiga-kun sat down next to me, and then looked at me seriously.  

-Try rubbing your calves gently. This will help reduce the swelling.  

I can’t do that! They’re default grades! Those words finished me off, I sat there suffering such humiliation while massaging my legs uselessly.   

Meanwhile, Taiga-kun was clapping his hands and doing his best to keep the team’s spirits up.   

Just as you would expect from a boy like him, besides being a sportsman, he knows what to say and what to do to cheer for a team. I’m not as good as he is, but I was very moved to see his face screaming and trying his best to do his job.  

I think I like him. He seems to be someone to trust in some ways… And, this will be a reminder to never take my socks off at the academy again.   

Despite all the effort to try to encourage the team, we were still further behind, getting to within 30 points of the opposing team. And as if everything was connected to go from bad to worse, the opposing team was playing very aggressively, causing one of our players to get hit hard and hurt his leg.   

She probably won’t be able to continue… Huh? What is this… Why is everyone in the team staring at me?   

Faced with such an atypical situation, a team member looked at me and said;  

-President Konoe! We are short one member for the team, we need your help, please! 

A cold sweat runs down my cheek. It’s true that the perfect “Konoe R. Chika” has been helped in many sports clubs. But that’s a role that belongs to Kaeko. I’m not very good at sports, but if I refuse or try to run away from the place. It will make me look very bad. I’d like to say no, but all the team members started calling my name in unison over and over again.  


The only voice going against the flow was Taiga-kun’s.  

-The president is tired from all the cheering. She’s in no condition to play basketball… 

-But it won’t be for long, she can do it.  

-Shut your mouth! You sack of dung!   

Not only were the girls’ comments cold and disinterested. They also became abusive. Even so, Taiga insisted on opposing the request. He’s trying his best to protect me….   

-Don’t worry, Taiga-kun, I’m going to do it.  


When he saw my legs, Taiga-kun looked at me as if I was in pain.  

-The swelling hasn’t gone down at all yet… But I’m going to do it… 

I really appreciate Taiga-kun’s concern, even if it hurts. The team coach proceeds to accompany me and Takushi to the locker room to change our uniforms.   

Taiga-kun waved goodbye to me, he looked worried about what I was about to do, I could feel his devotion to me behind that look.  

When we arrived at the female locker room, I received Takushi’s uniform and proceeded to go in alone, after having insisted to the trainer not to do so, due to the fact that someone would be waiting in the place. 

From behind a locker, out came a girl with a short haircut, who looked exactly like me. Who turned out to be Kaeko, and she raised her hand saying “hello!”  

-You’re just in time. 

Kaeko had gone home, but I had asked Ai to contact her, and to come quickly to the academy to hide in the locker room. It was very likely that I would be asked to help be part of the team at some point due to the limited number of players.   

This is one of the complications of five people playing one person, if you don’t think ahead to all the problems and situations, you’re dead.   

Kaeko used to play basketball in Seattle, where I lived until last year. In addition to club activities, she constantly had arguments with my mother as she liked to gamble and play with grown men on the streets.  

And there she was, right in front of me. On the screen of her smartphone was the image of the camera she wore in her hair. Apart from the monitor in the attic, we can also stream video through each smartphone of the five of us.   

-I’ve been watching them all this time. No doubt Taiga-kun is such a manly man, going so far as to protect my pretty sister.   


-He really is very much in love with you.  

My cheeks blushed and I couldn’t help but cover my face with my pom-poms.  

-Hoho, my big sister is embarrassed. 

After Kaeko made her jokes, she proceeded to take off her uniform and put on her basketball uniform. She is wearing a wig with a ponytail. Because of her short hair, and the length of the wig, there would be no correlation with mine. Therefore, that would be the best way to disguise the look a bit.   

After there were a few slight stretches, she smiled and said, “Okay, let’s get this over with!” 

[Makihara Taiga] 

Konoe-san went to the locker room, and spent about five minutes there. Meanwhile, our basketball team continued to play the game with one less player, and the point difference was already forty points.  

With the mood of defeat in the air, the gym door opened and Konoe-san walked out onto the court. I wonder if she’s feeling better already? Although she looks more confident than a few moments ago. She looked as scared as a helpless little animal.   

Now she has a fierce grin on her face. I guess putting on the basketball uniform and wearing a ponytail triggered the “switch flip.”  

Konoe-san joined the team and play resumed. She then receives a pass and starts dribbling at a leisurely pace. Suddenly, she increases the speed of her movements and overtakes two people. The enemy’s defense is no slouch either. 

However, faced with Konoe-san’s dribbling ability, high-speed turns and between-the-legs passing, he manages to stand up to them. Although, the 6-foot-tall enemy defender jumps up and stops the ball before it enters the basket.  

But Konoe-san makes a complete sideways turn in the air, evading the enemy defense and shooting the ball from underneath… Is something like that possible?   

The ball went into the basket and there was a standing ovation.  

-What just happened! Is she the Japanese Michael Jordan?  

-The president is amazing!  

The enemy team is stunned. From then on, Konoe-san was the only one who could stand up to them. She intercepted their ball passes over and over again, making three-pointers and even slam dunks.   

I clapped with all my might. The students in the audience were thrilled by her every move. On the court, Konoe-san is quite an outstanding and talented woman.  

When I played baseball, I saw several players who would go on to become professionals. Konoe-san’s skills go far beyond that. She is dynamic, but her technique is delicate. And the smile she put on every time she scored a point made her look very innocent and beautiful. 

As she wiped the sweat from her face with the hem of her uniform, I could see her slim abdomen and it was so sexy… So Konoe-san also has that side of her.   

My heart is pounding again seeing this new side of her. She is definitely an amazing woman.  

Our team was able to come back from a forty-point deficit, winning the game. Konoe-san is the main figure of the event, causing all the team members to surround her to congratulate her on her great performance…. But she turned away from them and ran away.   

Eh? Why are you coming here?  

-Thank you very much, Taiga-kun! I really appreciate all your support.  

I’m getting a lot of envious looks from the students… Strangely enough, Konoe-san’s voice has changed again. She seems to be a bit masculine when she’s in this character. 

Konoe-san put her hands on both my cheeks and brought her forehead close to mine. Wow, her face is so close!  

-Thank you for defending me earlier. You’re a manly man, you know that?  

I feel like my heart is about to burst.   

-It was nothing, Konoe-san, for you I’ll do anything. 


Konoe-san’s eyes shine. As if she was some kind of predator waiting to eat her prey.  

-Hey, you look really cute in a close-up… That’s just what I needed. 

She just told me something quite unexpected. The possibility of dating her may have been born. This time, to my surprise, Konoe-san came closer to me and hugged me, I can feel how her ample breasts came closer to my body. What is that smell…? I don’t know if it’s due to sweat, but it smells very seductive.   

-Listen everyone, I have something very important to say.   

Konoe-san shouted and looked at all the students in the gym.  

-Makihara Taiga is someone special to me! If you ever make fun of him or call him a “sack of dung” again, I will never forgive you!   


I think I’m going to cry… I’ve fallen in love with this woman all over again. 

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