-I don’t have any money.

– Me neither, nya…

The next day, Myna and I were at the inn, counting the amount of money we have. We both had a few gold coins and some silver and copper coins. Myna had a dumbfounded expression on her face. It was obvious that the money wouldn’t last more than two days.

-Douglas… How could you think of using an inn like this with so little money in your pocket? Didn’t the cost of lodging cross your mind, nya?

-It’s because I was with you. When it’s time to love Myna, I don’t care about anything else.

-Well, it’s better than doing it somewhere dirty and cheap, nya.

-Exactly, and we can always make money again.

-Douglas, I’m surprised you’re so permissive about that, nya?

Myna and I left the inn and headed to the adventurer’s guild to look for work. By the way, the reason Myna and I are short on money is because we didn’t make any money yesterday on our quest to the ruins. Other than the sacred Lombard axe, all that was found in the quest was a little treasure.

That little treasure is in the pockets of the priest and the wizard. I could go to the ruins now and snatch the meager treasure from their hands, but that would be very dastardly of me. Although exploring ruins is a way for adventurers to earn money, it is not a request of the Adventurers Guild, so there is no reward as such.

The moment we arrived at the Guild, we approached the job poster and started to look for an interesting one.

-I’m a rank E adventurer and Myna is a rank F adventurer, so I can only do quests up to rank F+… This is quite complicated. I can’t even find a job as a goblin assassin.

I looked at the shiny adventurer badge around Myna’s chest, and then looked at the F+ and below quests on the board. Most of them are tasks like collecting herbs and carrying luggage, and the rewards for those tasks are too low. I think it’s more profitable to go back to the ruins and go after that little treasure. Each quest has its own rank, and higher ranked quests can only be done by a group of adventurers of the same rank. And, of course, higher ranked missions pay better and are more dangerous.

For killing a rank E goblin, the reward is about 20 gold coins, but for killing a rank A dragon, the reward is several hundred gold coins. One gold coin is enough to live in a cheap inn for two days, as long as you know how to manage your money well. The range of quests that a group of adventurers can receive depends on the number of members in the group and the rank of the adventurers. It’s a bit complicated, but for now, with me at rank E and Myna at rank F, we are at quest rank F+. This means that I can’t even get a rank E goblin extermination.

In terms of strength, I can easily beat a Chimera, which is a B-rank monster, and I think I can beat most enemies by myself. It’s frustrating to know that, even if you’re good enough, the adventurer’s guild system prevents you from doing higher-ranked quests.

-What do you think, Douglas? Myna can take over collecting herbs. Or do you want to find a new member for the party? Nya…

-Hmm… No, if that were the case…

And that’s when I came up with a plan.

-Hey, Douglas, you’ve got a pretty girl with you! Did you get a new apprentice?

The Adventurer’s Guild had a tavern attached to it, and there was a party of adventurers who had been drinking all morning, and they came up to me. These drunks are getting even louder and they keep picking on me.

-You just got dumped by two beautiful girls for a younger man and you’re still going at it.

-You’ll get dumped again anyway! So have sex with her before she dumps you!

-Hahaha! Idiot, there’s no way Douglas could do something like that. He is the type of serious man who does not dare to change anything. He never will, even if it’s the girl who lunges at him.

-Hahaha! That’s true!

The group of drunks kept talking nonsense. On the other hand, Myna was behind me as she tugged at the hem of my shirt.

-Douglas, what’s the matter with those drunks, nya?

-Sorry, they are some men I know. They are usually not that rude. It must be an alcohol thing.

-Seriously…? Well, I don’t like people making fun of Douglas, nya. Hey, can I make fun of them a bit? Nya.

-What do you have in mind?

-Just watch, nya.

Myna said, as she hugged me tightly. The cat girl’s modest breasts pressed gently against my arm.


Expressed in unison the four men who were at the bar, at the same time their eyes go blank and open-mouthed.

-H-Hey, Myna, what are you doing?

-Fufu, leave all the work to Myna, nya.

Myna lets out a giggle and leans over to hug me, then turns to the drunks with a withering look.

-Douglas, I see they don’t know yet, nya. They have no idea how good you are in bed. Myna has become someone who can only be pleased by him, nya… You’re going to sleep with Myna again tonight, aren’t you, Douglas? Nya.


The four men exclaimed as they rose from their seats. However, one of them tangled his leg in the chair and fell to the ground.

-Nyahahahahaha! That’s for making fun of Douglas! Come on, Douglas, nya!


I’ve been completely blown away by the kind of person Myna can be. Although I can’t deny that it made me feel a little better. I may be used to everyone pointing and making fun of me, but being with her made it more interesting.

-Thank you so much, Myna. That made me very happy.

-You’re welcome, nya.

I walked over to Myna, and gave her a subtle kiss.

As soon as we parted our lips, Myna’s cheeks flushed red and she looked at me with an embarrassed frown. I have a very beautiful girlfriend, I feel like the happiest person in the world, and I’m afraid that this will end.

-So, Douglas, what are we going to do now, nya?

Myna asks me in a strangely sweet voice as she leans over me. No, how long are you going to do that? Please don’t make me want to take you back to the inn and have sex with you. I have to concentrate on this.

-With my current rank, we won’t be able to advance. So, I’ll apply for a higher rank.

-Apply for a rank upgrade, nya? I’ve heard that you have to take an exam to move up the rank of adventurer. Is that what you mean, nya?

-That is correct.

Raising an adventurer’s rank usually involves two steps. The first is to complete a set number of successful quests of the appropriate difficulty for your current rank.

After you have completed those quests, you must apply for rank advancement and have your skills evaluated by an examiner chosen by the Adventurer’s Guild to ensure that you are worthy of rank advancement. When you have completed these two tasks, the promotion will be granted, and for that I have to pay a small fee to apply for said promotion.

I grabbed a few gold coins and headed to the guild reception desk. A receptionist I have seen many times before greets me with a smile.

-Welcome, Douglas-san… Is it my imagination, or is there a slight change in the atmosphere? You look better than you did before, and the air around you seem to sparkle…

The receptionist tilts her head. Maybe it’s the influence of the [Charisma] skill of the Sacred Axe of Lombardy.

-No, I have no idea what that is, but I would like to apply for a rank upgrade.

-Ah, I understand… So, rank up. That’s a rather unusual request. Douglas-san. Didn’t you request to upgrade once a year on a certain day? And it’s only been a month since the last test.

-Well, it’s just that a lot has happened… Please, I need it, I’ll pay you properly.

-I see, I understand. In that case, the examiner will be… Wait a minute.

The receptionist went to the back of the guild to consult the application with an old man who was also part of the staff.

-Douglas-san wants to apply for a rank upgrade, is there someone who can be his examiner?

-Douglas? That’s unusual. Douglas is an E-ranked warrior, right? Hm… There’s a rank C adventurer who came straight from the royal capital, and she’s talking to the guild master right now. I’ll ask her if she can do it. Please ask him to wait a bit.

The receptionist finishes talking to the old man and turned to us again.

-Did you hear him?

-Yes. I have to wait a while, right?

-Right. Please take a seat there until you are called.

-All right, thank you very much.

I took Myna with me to the waiting room where we were shown. After waiting for thirty minutes, a girl who appeared to be a swordsman approached us from the back of the guild.

The color of her hair was black, and it was pulled back in a ponytail. She has the face of a child, but she was also dazzlingly beautiful. Although it was not comparable to Myna’s, it did qualify as someone quite beautiful. On her chest shines a bronze-colored adventurer’s badge, indicating that she is of C rank.

-Hello, you must be Douglas, the man who applied for the rank promotion. My name is Ellen, I will be your examiner for this test. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Although she is someone young, she has the bearing and dignified attitude of an adventurer of rank C. This girl is also a kind of overachiever who can’t be fooled. If she possesses C rank at such a young age, it’s because she’s someone quite talented.

-Yes, I’m Douglas, nice to meet you.

I shook Ellen’s hand as I quoted those words. This is the first time I’ve met this girl, and for some reason, I can’t help but feel like I already know her. It’s the same feeling I had when I first met Myna.

-Um, excuse my boldness, Ellen. I’m curious, have we met before?

-Hmm…? No, I think this is the first time we’ve met. I usually work in the royal capital… Jo, are you trying to flirt with me, old man? I’m sorry, but I’m only interested in men who are stronger than me.

Ellen refused to say anything, apparently, the effects of the [Charisma] skill are not indiscriminate either. Lombard speaks of [Charisma]. But it may be that the effect is literally a slight increase in favorability. But okay, let’s eliminate the misunderstanding for the moment.

-Sorry, that was a strange question, I wasn’t trying to do anything weird.

-No, it’s okay. Excuse me for being so self-conscious. There are a lot of guys trying to hit on me. First, I want to clear something up. Are you a member of Douglas’s party?

-Yes, I’m Myna, nya. Nice to meet you, Ellen.

-It’s nice to meet you too, Myna.

Ellen then went to the bulletin board where the missions were posted.

-Let’s see what an E-rank warrior is capable of… Hmm, I like this one. Rank D mission, hunting Orcs.

Ellen detaches one of the D-rank quests posted on the bulletin board and takes it to the receptionist. When Myna sees this, she asks me curiously.

-What’s this about, nya? Is Douglas going on a mission with Ellen, nya?

-Yes. An adventurer is chosen as an examiner, and the examiner must accompany the examinee on a mission to see if he or she is good enough to apply for a higher rank.

-I see, nya.

Myna is still a novice adventurer, so she doesn’t understand much about how adventurers work. She had told me that her second mission was to explore those ruins with me. Ellen, on the other hand, seems to have completed the requirements to do the mission, and comes back with us.

-It’s time to go. I’ll accompany you on this mission, so make sure you pass the test, axe man.

Ellen smiles as she says those words. Her expression was as if she was making fun of me, although there was no sarcasm in those words either. Maybe it’s my imagination.

The killing of the orcs was commissioned by a village in the vicinity of the city. The details of the story are as follows. Orcs have appeared near the village and one of the hunters lost his life. The village itself could be attacked by the orcs at any time, so they are asking us to go to the cave where they think they are hiding and get rid of them.

Myna and I, accompanied by Ellen, went to the village where such a request had been made. We left town in the morning and arrived at the village before noon. There, we spoke with the village chief, who informed us of the location of the cave where the orcs were roosting.

The cave is said to be a short distance from the village, through the forest. Myna, Ellen and I leave the village and head in the direction indicated by the chief. On the way, Ellen makes sure to clear up doubts about me.

-To be sure, do you know what an orc looks and behaves like, Douglas?

-Of course. If someone has been an adventurer for as long as I have and hasn’t heard of orcs, I would question their credentials. What about you, Myna?

-Hmm, they are like Douglas, but green and pig-nosed, right? Nya.

-Hahaha. They are kind of like that, but even bigger than Douglas. They are also much fatter. Douglas isn’t fat, though. He’s big and has a lot of muscle. He’s the epitome of a strong man.

-Yeah! I see what you mean, it feels really good when he hugs me, nya.

-Umm… Do Myna and Douglas have some kind of relationship?

-Yes, nya. Myna became Douglas’s wife yesterday. After that, Douglas gave me a lot of love, nya.

-Hey hey, Myna…! You don’t need to say that…

-Yesterday!? And they’re a couple despite the big age difference? That’s unbelievable… Although I can understand it. Douglas is a nice guy. If he was stronger than me, I’d be in love with him too. It’s a shame.


Before I knew it, the subject of the orcs had taken a back seat to focus on me. Not to mention that the girls were talking so openly, so it was very difficult to interrupt them. What a bad time to be popular.

-Ah, I think we’ve strayed a bit from the main topic, better to focus on the orcs, nya.

I force my way back into the conversation and teach Myna the basic knowledge she needs to be an adventurer facing orcs. Orcs are rank D, which means they are very strong monsters. An ordinary F-rank adventurer is more likely to be defeated in one-on-one combat. And even a rank E adventurer, a veteran adventurer like me before I got Lombard, could be easily defeated by the slightest mistake.

Orcs have a fighting style that consists of wielding a large club with monstrous strength. Their movements are a bit slow, but the power of their attacks is so great that an ordinary adventurer can be mortally wounded with a single blow.

They are also very strong, and they will not go down easily, even if an ordinary warrior deals them one or two blows. In other words, orcs are powerful enemies for ordinary adventurers.

Orcs, on the other hand, do not usually form large herds compared to goblins. When an adventurer encounter orc, there are usually only one or two of them. Therefore, when a common adventurer encounters an orc, the theory is that two or more adventurers should fight an orc.

-…I see. So, you can’t fight them one on one, nya.

-Yes, especially Myna who is still inexperienced. You shouldn’t force yourself to fight.

That’s how I taught Myna the common sense of an adventurer. But then a talented swordsman interrupted me from the side.

-Hmm… I see. That’s how normal adventurers think. I’m learning something.

Ellen, who is a girl genius in her field, responded in a sarcastic manner. I don’t think she realized she was doing it, though.

-…By the way, how would Ellen fight if faced with an orc?

-Hmm, normally I’d try to play him until he gets tired and make it quick. If I’m up against one or two, I should avoid taking a hit as much as I can. And if I’m strong enough, I can finish them off in a heartbeat with my attack power.

-As expected of a young girl with fantastic sword skills.

-Thanks. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Ellen smiled at me after those words. She seems like she is used to teasing from those with no talent. I, on the other hand, am still a bit retrograde. It is difficult to fix a habit that has developed over the years.

-Sorry, Ellen. I’ve crossed the line. Forget what I said.

-Oh well. I must have said something that upset you, right? It happens all the time.

-You are very mature to be so young.

Ellen smiles at me again. I never thought I would like a girl’s smile so much; being a beautiful woman has its advantages.

As we continued on our way, we came upon a cave that seemed to be the place we were looking for. We hid behind a tree and peeked into the entrance of the cave. In front of the cave was an orc. It was probably the guard. When Ellen saw him, she said to me.

-Douglas, it’s your time, go and fight him.

-Yes, after all, that’s what I came for.

I put the sacred Lombard axe on my shoulder and stood up. Myna, on the other hand, c*cked her head to one side when she saw Ellen and me.

-Nya…? Weren’t the orcs not supposed to be fought one by one?

-Yes, that’s true. But Douglas said, “If you were an ordinary F-rank or E-rank adventurer.” Douglas has applied to be a rank D adventurer, so he has to prove he is worthy of it.

-Oh, I see, nya…

After Ellen’s explanation, Myna went into watchful waiting mode, as if she understood what was going on. When Ellen sees this, she feels strange about the situation.

-Hey Myna, aren’t you worried about Douglas? From what I’ve heard, he’s been an E-ranked adventurer for the past 20 years. And yet… do you trust him to make it?

-Nya, I’m not worried, but Myna is feeling pretty expectant about what’s about to happen nya. I’ve heard things from Douglas, so I know he’ll be fine.


When Ellen heard Myna’s response, she was completely confused after her words.

-Hey, Ellen, can I start now?

-Um, yeah, okay, but… Douglas doesn’t seem too uptight about it either. I’ll come to your aid if I think you’re in danger, but I don’t know if I can do it in time. Adventurers are responsible for their own lives. And you know that’s not going to change with the upgrade exam, right?

-Yes, I understand.

-Okay then…

Ellen keeps nodding her head in wonder. It would be strange for me, a perennial failure at the D-rank promotion test, to feel comfortable in this situation.

-Keep your eyes peeled, Examiner Ellen.

That said and I expose the fighting spirit that she had hidden until then. Ellen shuddered, reached for the sword she carried on her hip and looked around her in panic as her hands shook. Ellen looked at me one last time, as if she couldn’t find a threat around her. Then, with a shocked expression on her face, she took a step or two back in fear.


I smiled at Ellen and walked calmly towards the guardian orc.

I came out from behind the trees and walked alone to the entrance of the cave. The guardian orc recognized me immediately. But instead of fleeing into the depths of the cave or issuing a warning, he came toward me with a grin on his pig-like face and a club in his hand as he snorted. Orcs are vicious, brutal and stupid monsters. They never miss an opportunity to inflict violence on the weak. If a human warrior appears alone, even if defeat is obvious, most orcs will prefer the brutal pleasure of violence rather than fear for their lives. And he doesn’t have Ellen’s gumption to be terrified of my fighting spirit.


He ran towards me immediately and brought down the club in his hand. It’s a simple but powerful attack that can turn an armored warrior into a dumb piece of meat in one blow. So, I tried to catch the club with my left hand.

-Stupid! What are you doing!? Avoid it! Your opponent is an orc!

Ellen still looks confused and yells at me from behind. I heard the sound of a sword being pulled out of its sheath and the sound of footsteps approaching me. However, despite Ellen’s concerns, the blow from the orc’s club was firmly caught in the palm of my hand. I felt a sharp impact on my left arm, but it didn’t matter.

-How did you…?

I can hear Ellen’s confused voice. The orc, for his part, looked equally bewildered. A man who should have been crushed by a single blow of his own strength is standing there without a single broken arm.


The orc grabbed the club with both hands and tried to crush me with all his might. The muscles in his arms shook and his veins gushed. But, of course, he didn’t push me at all.

-Give up, I am superior to you. Look…


I pushed back the orc’s club with a little bounce and only with the strength of an arm charged with fighting spirit. The orc was pushed back and stumbled. I swung the sacred Lombard axe in my right hand. And with a single blow, the orc’s body split in half from head to toe and fell in two, dripping blood at the same time.

Orcs kill people, and people kill orcs. There should be no hesitation in confronting the evil nature of orcs, for mankind has been fighting for its life since time immemorial.


I breathed a sigh of relief after the battle is over. Ellen, who had been watching, was even more surprised.

-Huh…? How did you…? Cut an orc in half? As if he was a goblin….

I turned to Ellen and smiled.

-What do you think, examiner Ellen? Do I qualify to be a D-rank?

-No, I mean… What? I don’t understand. What’s going on here? Have you tricked me? Is this some kind of joke? Douglas, who the hell are you? How did you…

Ellen was staring at me with a blank look on her face and with euphoric eyes at the same time. It’s the kind of look you get when you see a hero you admire. I answered her in a slightly disinterested way, but at the same time trying to hide the truth.

-I’m really no one special. I’m just a simple adventurer who has been venturing into many dangerous places for a long time and has been lucky lately.

-Huh, so lucky…?

Ellen was still in a daze, as if she didn’t understand what was going on. Next, we circled the cave to clear out the rest of the orcs that were lurking around. After we were done with them, we moved deeper into the cave.

Myna stood in front of me making sure there were no traps. And if we encountered any orcs, I would go ahead and finish them off with a single axe. Ellen, who just watched, looked a little strange.

-Haha… What is this…? I don’t understand how a group of orcs can be annihilated like bugs by a single E-ranked adventurer. This makes me look like a clown. Ha ha ha…

And so, with a half-smile and eyes that had lost their sparkle, Ellen babbled things to herself. On our fourth encounter with the orcs at an observation post, we encountered the leader of the group, he was some kind of superior orc. He was strangely dressed, as if he were some kind of shaman. He also possessed a necklace and a staff.

I decided to finish them off as quickly and efficiently as possible. But before I could get close to them, I was attacked by a fireball. The burns were light, plus the wound was quickly healed by my healing ability.

I grabbed Lombard with both hands and quickly lunged towards them. With a direct attack, I cut off the heads of the three orcs with a single movement. Their heads rolled on the ground and blood began to flow like a fountain from their lifeless bodies.

After finishing them off, I wiped the blood off the axe and returned to where Ellen and Myna were.

-Well, those were the last ones.

-I think so, nya. I didn’t see any other passages or exits, so this is the end of the cave, nya.

-Well, in that case… Ellen, I’ll ask one last time, do I qualify to be D-rank?

-Ja. It’s obvious. How do you expect me to turn down someone with skills as polished as yours?

Ellen’s shoulders slumped and she sighed heavily. But then Ellen clenched her fist tightly. She turned to me with great determination in her eyes.

My body goes rigid after that sudden attitude. Just as I’m about to ask her what’s wrong, Ellen walks up to me and says something that left me quite worried.

-Douglas. I have a favor to ask of you. I need you to do something for me.

-Hey… I don’t know what you mean, but I’ll listen to you.

What’s the matter? Is she in big trouble and needs my help? Is it a request? Those were the thoughts running through my head. But what Ellen said next took my breath away.

-Douglas… I want you to take me as your wife! I’ll be your second wife after Myna! I’m crazy about you! I want to be raped by you! I want you to do many dirty things with me! Please, make me your wife!


-Hmm, I’m sorry. Can you repeat that? I think I just had an auditory hallucination.

-Okay, I’ll say it again… Douglas, make me your wife and dirty me with your wishes. I felt that I was destined to be born into this world to be raped by you.

-Yes, I understand. Hearing it twice didn’t change anything. In fact, it made it worse.

To my chagrin, Ellen had a direct and sincere look on her face. She put her hand on her chest and looked at me as if she wanted to tell me what she really felt.

Ellen seemed to have fallen in love with me. She said she was only interested in men who were stronger than her, and considering the effect of [charisma], that might be the case. So, Ellen asked me to make her my wife. I think the story is too rushed, but let’s say it’s okay.

The question is: What exactly does she want? Does she want me to rape her? To perform all kinds of perversions on her? I think I’m confused about this whole situation. Or no, I know the answer, I just don’t want to face it. But this girl is the kind of person who wants to be raped. She has some sort of masochistic desire to be raped by a man stronger than her.

…Conclusion. Ellen is a sword genius who is actually a pervert looking for someone to subdue her and make her fulfill her masochistic desires. But when Ellen heard my answer, she squirmed a little and her cheeks tinged red with embarrassment.

-Ugh… I don’t know if guys are going to like it when a girl like me says something like that. I know I’m not normal, but…

-Hmm… No, well, I mean, you’re not bad, but don’t say it like that.

-Um… Yes, but… I plucked up the courage to unmask myself and confess to you what I really feel…

Ellen’s shoulders slump and she looks desperate. I’m not sure if I should call it pitiful or not. She looks very pretty like this. I can’t help but stare at her. First of all, her face is extremely pretty. Her black hair is in a shiny ponytail, and just like the color of her hair, she has beautiful eyes that make you stare at them all day long.

Her body is also very attractive. It’s not too flashy, but it’s seductive in the right places and hidden in the right places. She is lightly armed with a metal breastplate, as a swordsman should be.

Under the breastplate, I would have been able to see the softness and elasticity of her ample breasts. I couldn’t help swallowing saliva after imagining them. If I could do all the things I wanted to this girl, with the goal of pleasing her, how satisfied would I be?

Wait. What the hell am I thinking? I can’t believe I’m thinking about having sex with this girl I just met this morning.

-Hm? What’s got you so confused, master? There just appeared before you a maiden willing to do anything. It would be a shame for a man to eat the same food over and over again every day for the rest of his life. After all, you will be the next great hero this world will know, wouldn’t it be fitting to have many women at your disposal to satisfy your desires?

-Lombardy. Could you please shut up?

-Buuuh. My master, isn’t your treatment of me a bit cold?

As usual, Lombardy is trying to drag me down the wrong path, so I’m not going to ask. No, the path of evil can be overdone. After some hesitation, I proceeded with the conversation.

-Ah… I think you are, a bit unique, I also find you very attractive. I’d like to hug you, and be rough with you…. No, wait, that’s not what I meant, forget it. But I do think you should be more careful with the things you say because other people can take advantage of you for it.

-I want to be honest with myself. Because I value myself, is it possible to value myself by putting up with things I really want to do for the rest of my life? Tell me, Douglas! I’m serious!

-No, that’s…

I’ve been completely defeated. I can’t help it, because I don’t have a truth to hold on to, or something to lie to for the greater good. Or maybe I’m wrong…? No, I am confused. For the moment, let’s change the subject.

-The point is, I can’t, I’m with Myna.

That said, I looked at my girlfriend for help. It is true that polygamy is not forbidden in this country. But in reality, there are many women who want their man to love them and no one else.

Ellen had said that she would be happy to be the second wife, but Myna might not agree with that proposal… But that girl, with whom he had had a strong physical relationship last night, was scratching her cheek while looking away nonchalantly.

-Umm, Myna doesn’t care, nya. I mean, if Myna were the only opponent in bed with Douglas, she would end up destroyed in no time, nya. Douglas has a very high sex drive, so Myna wouldn’t mind if Douglas has more girlfriends, nya.


Surprisingly, instead of getting my girlfriend’s permission, she encouraged him. I’m sorry, Myna. I think I went a little overboard yesterday, and even if you didn’t ask me to stop.

-Look, even Myna says; “Please, Douglas. Make her your wife!”. I’ll do anything for you… Well, so literal, but I will do my best.

At the end of the day, Ellen adored me. I don’t know what to think. This all seems quite strange to me, no matter what it looks like. To be honest, he no longer had a reason to say no. I mean, I don’t even know why I was trying to say no anymore.

-All right, I understand completely… I think I will accept your request for you to be my wife. For now, let’s get to know each other, and let the rest come naturally.

-Really? Yes! Thank you, Douglas! I’ll do my best for Douglas!

Ellen hugged me after those words. The girl’s smell is similar to Myna’s, I hugged her back and patted her head. Ellen was giggling and happy in my arms… She’s cute. Although I’m a little disappointed in her sexual tastes, but I still think she’s very pretty.

She is a C-ranked genius swordsman that no ordinary soldier or adventurer can match. I don’t know what’s going on in the world. But this is the second young and beautiful girl I have in my life. I’m at a point where my happiness level has skyrocketed and I can’t seem to get back up.

After finishing the extermination of the Orcs, we returned to the village and reported it. The mission was completed after the villagers confirmed the appearance of the defeated orcs.

On the way back to the village, I received this report from Lombard.

-My Lord, I am a little late, but I have good news. My rank has improved even more, and I have acquired the skills of the demon goddess.

-Demon goddess…? What does that mean?

-Mmm. When you use this ability, you’re fighting spirit will explode, temporarily, and your fighting ability will improve considerably. Your power, speed and toughness will be above normal levels. The effect lasts for three minutes.

-…No, wait. What else can it do besides increase fighting spirit? Does it have any use?

– I don’t know. But my master, remember. This ability has frightening side effects.

-Side effects? What are they?

-For a short period of time after using the skill, your male instincts are amplified and your rational mind is pushed into a corner. To be more specific, your sexual desires become uncontrollable. If you don’t have someone to serve as your outlet, you’ll be assaulting women all over the neighboring towns and villages. Be very careful.

-No, no, no, no. That’s a very bad idea!

-Umm, in that case, make sure you’re accompanied by at least three other women so she can control herself. Since one or two women won’t be enough.

I thought I had acquired a new skill, but I had not. This skill is useless…  I’m beginning to doubt if this really is a holy axe.

Not a sex axe? Well, let’s see. After completing our mission to kill the orcs, we returned to the city to report our achievement to the adventurer’s guild and receive our reward. And I was granted the promotion to rank D. According to Ellen, there was a bit of a struggle to get the guild to recognize it.

-If they doubt me, why did they make me their examiner in the first place?

It seems that it happened because they started to question Ellen’s methods. Well, I was at rank E for many years, and it seems that the report that I defeated a group of orcs on my own is not a very credible thing, so it was to be expected that they would be suspicious of me. At this rate, it will be difficult to get a promotion to rank C without the guild boss acting as an examiner.

After that, Ellen joined our party officially. Now we have a party of three: me as a D rank, Mina with an F rank and Ellen with a C rank, so the range of missions we can do has expanded considerably.

Still, it was a party with unequal ranks. It’s strange, because normally parties are made up of people of similar ability, but in reality, it’s just me and my two women.

After the mission was completed, and my promotion to D rank was a success, it was time to go for a drink at the tavern. The time I spent with the two lovely girls was very pleasant. But it was already late and time was running out…

Next thing I know, I’m in an inn room alone with Ellen.

-Come on, Douglas, I’m not going to give up that easily either!

Ellen was sitting on a large bed with a nervous look on her face. She’s wearing her normal clothes, and for some reason she’s even wearing armor. She’s not dressed for the situation on a bed in a shabby inn by any stretch of the imagination.

What was the reason for all this…? It’s no good, I can’t remember anything else. I think I was having a drink with Myna and Ellen at the bar. And for some reason, Myna’s not here. It was just me and Ellen. I’m too drunk to be able to think about the details, and there’s only one thing left to do.

-Ellen. Have you always liked it rough with me?

I step in front of Ellen, who is sitting on the bed. Ellen looks at me and swallows.

-Y-Yes. I want to be pinned down helplessly by a man like Douglas, much stronger, much better looking and much bigger than me. I just want to be reminded that I’m a woman too.

-I see… Then I’ll attack you right now, I hope you won’t regret it later.

-Yes. It’s my decision, I’ll never regret it. And, even though I’ve told you to be violent, I also want you to be moderate about it.

-You have a lot of requests, so you’ll be a hard girl to please.

-Sorry. I … I’m a little selfish.

-You are very selfish, you need to be punished. I’m going to catch you and discipline you.

-Hueeh… What are you… Douglas, you look different during the day. But on the other hand, the savage Douglas is also very well…

-Shut up. You’re about to be raped, so don’t give me that nonsense.

I pounced on Ellen like a wild animal. I took the girl’s lips by force, parted them with my tongue.

-Mmmm…? Umm… Haah… Ummmm…

Ellen’s lips are soft and her mouth is warm. I put my arm around her back and then tightly embrace her slender body. The girl trembles, but she lets herself be carried away by the situation and doesn’t put up any resistance. At the same time our tongues intertwine, we have very erotic kisses while I grope her.

-Fuuh… You’re a pervert, Ellen. Is this your first time?

-Puha… Don’t say that… I’ve always dreamed of having this done to me. I’ve been looking for someone to make me feel like a helpless girl…

-Aren’t there supposed to be many men in the capital stronger than you?

-Not exactly… And it’s not about being strong… For the first time in my life, I met the man of my dreams. That’s why…

-So, you want me to have sex with you, huh? You’re a little sl*t after all….


I ran my tongue down Ellen’s neck as I slid my hand under her breastplate and pinched her nipples. The more I squeezed her soft, turgid breasts, the more sensitive she became, and the more she shuddered and breathed in a harsh, lascivious way.

-Mmm… Umm… You’re being too nice, Douglas… Be more violent… Aaah!

-I don’t understand how you’re so depraved, and something else…. Why are you wearing this on your chest?

– Ah, ummm… This… Well, it makes me feel more helpless to think that I’ll be raped in armor.

-Haha. You really want to feel like a helpless girl, right? So why didn’t you go into the orc cave and get raped?

-Aaah… No… Orcs aren’t good enough… It has to be Douglas…! Huh, huh… It has to be someone who is gentle and aggressive at the same time…  And I also like to be verbally abused… Aaaah!

Ellen moans loudly as she lifts her clothes and I pinch her erect nipples with my fingertips.

-Aaah…! Douglas…! Be…! More… Violent…! You’re so gentle…!

He keeps asking me to do more violent things… But I’m afraid that, if I do something like that, I’ll exceed my limits.

-Tch… Well, lie down on the bed. I’ll be very rough with you.

-Uh, yes… Can you keep your armor on…?

-If you want me to rape you, don’t tell me what to do, just lie down.

-Eh… It’s okay.

Ellen lies down on the bed in the same position as before and looks at me with expectant eyes.

-Get ready to be my who**, Ellen!

I couldn’t hold back any longer, and attacked the helpless girl with everything I had.

I climbed on top of Ellen on the bed and devoured the beautiful girl at will.

-Haah… do you like it?

-Mmmm Douglas… More… Be more perverted…

– Shut up. I don’t have time to listen to what Ellen wants, let me do what I want!

-Ughhhh… Okay…

Ellen looks at me shyly after those words. She is so cute, damn it. Oh well. If Ellen wants to satisfy her own perverted desires, I will too, as long as she doesn’t mind.

-Puha… Hey, what about that reaction? Did you really like my touch?

-Huh, huh, huh… No, impossible… I’ll never be defeated by these caresses… Mmmmmm…!

-All right, let’s see how long that optimism lasts.

Ellen seems to have started acting on her words. Okay, let’s make this more fun. I pull my hands out from under the breastplate and lean back from above Ellen, then pull off the girl’s shorts.

Ellen is wearing panties that expose her thighs. After unbuckling the belt, I ran my fingers across her belly, then slipped my hand into her panties.

-Wait…! What the hell are you doing? Why are you putting your hand in my…! Aaaah!

When I slipped my hand directly inside her panties and plunged my fingers into her vagi**, her vagi** jerked backwards, shaking her ponytailed black hair.

-Haha, what’s with that expression… Now will you admit that you like it? Come on, admit it, say I drive you crazy and give you lots of pleasure.

-Aaahhh! No, no, no… Don’t stir my insides! Aaahhh!

Ellen goes crazy as I penetrate her private parts with my fingers. It’s time to turn up the intensity even more. So, I started to move my fingers violently inside her as lots of fluids dripped out of her vagi**.

-Come on, come on, it feels good to be penetrated by my fingers, doesn’t it? Say it! Tell me what you really think!

-Haaah, I still don’t feel like you’re raping me… But it feels good… It feels really good, stop it, stop it!!!!

Between pleas and moans, Ellen’s body went into a frenzy, and then….

A liquid spilled out of the crotch of the shorts Ellen was wearing. She lowered her upraised hips to the bed and let her whole body go limp as she desperately gasped for breath as the liquid stain spread all over the bed.

-Oh come on, Ellen, what little stamina you have….

-Hah… Hah… I’m sorry, Douglas… I couldn’t resist it any longer, and I came…

Ellen gets embarrassed and covers her face with both hands…. No, don’t go back to your old self, I have to get on with the role. It’s uncomfortable for me too. So, while stroking Ellen’s hair with my clean left hand, I turn to the girl and ask her.

– What do you say, Ellen, shall we call it a day?

-What about Douglas? It’s not a fair thing for me alone to be pleased… Don’t you feel satisfied yet?

-To be honest, I’m dying to f*ck Ellen. I’m so horn*, but if Ellen says she can’t do it anymore, then I’ll put up with it.

-You’re not being very gentle? I thought you were sick. You’re different from the story I heard from Myna. She said that when Douglas got excited, he’d turn into an indiscriminate beast… Am I not as attractive as Myna?

When Ellen said that, something snapped inside me….

-Ellen, that was the worst thing you could have said. What little reason I had left was obliterated by what you just said. It’s your fault for provoking me.


I unbuckle my belt and remove my pants and underwear in front of Ellen, who rolls her eyes. In front of her, I reveal my pen**. Ellen looks at my face and my pen** in turn with sweat dripping from her forehead.

-Umm… Douglas… I’m afraid of what my eyes see, and I think your pen** is too eager. It’s very thick, hard, and has veins all over it….

-You said you wanted to feel me raping you, didn’t you, Ellen?

-No, I mean yes… I mean… I think I’m starting to get a little bit scared…

-…It’s too late for that.

-Eeeh, hey, wait…

I put my hands down the frightened Ellen’s pants and yanked them and her underwear down with one tug. The girl’s soaking wet honey pot was revealed to me. I laid her on her back on the bed, spread her legs and positioned myself in front of her. I grabbed her slender hips with both hands and pointed my raging pen** at her.

-Awawa… I’m really going to be raped by Douglas…

Ellen swallowed saliva. The girl was looking at my pen** with a mixture of fear and anticipation in her eyes.

-It’s too late Ellen, I’ll make you mine.

– Yes… Okay, Douglas. Can you do it to me many times…?

-You’re too cute when you talk to me like that.

I grabbed Ellen around the waist, and pushed my c*ck as hard as I could against her vagi**.


-Hey, are you okay?

-Hah, I’m fine… You don’t have to be nice to me… You want to do a lot of kinky things with me…? Right…?

-Yeah, that’s right.

Even though she was the first one to say that… Well, I won’t keep thinking about that, it’s too contradictory. So, I proceeded to plunge my pen** even deeper into her vagi**.

-Aaah… It’s… It’s so big…!

Ellen seems to run out of breath just by pushing it all the way in. But I’m not going to let that stop me. So, I proceeded to move my body.

-Aaaaaaah! Aah, aah, ah…. Aaaaahh…!

Every time I hit my body with Ellen’s, there is a lustful liquid sound inside her vagi** as she screams in pleasure.

-What’s the matter? Are you going to admit you like it already?

– Huh, uh, uh…! I’m being raped…! My whole vagi** is…! It’s being invaded by your big pen**…! It feels good… It feels really good…!

-Hahaha, you little bit**! Come on, bark for me, bit**!

-Woof, Woof, ummm…!

Perfect, now I have made her lose all dignity. Ellen is now a faithful bit**, panting and devouring her pleasures.

-Haha, yeah. very good girl, time for us to get wilder.

Aaahhh…! No, don’t say it…! Just play with me…! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

I kept f*ck** Ellen wildly in between screams, moans and insults. Eventually, our little theater in bed would climax.

-Aaaagh… Well little bit**, I’ve reached my limit, and since I’m a good master, I’ll give you a choice. Do you want it in your face, or inside you?

-Ahh, ah, ah, ah, aahh…! I want it in both places! But first… I want it inside my…! I want all your c*m inside my vagi**…!

-Okay…! I’m going to release it all inside Ellen…!

And as if we were both connected, Ellen and I come at the same time. My hot semen enters her vagi** until it overflows.

-Ahhh… Ahhh…! It’s coming…! It’s a lot! Douglas’s semen is hot…!

Ellen squirms and spasms after being filled by me. When I finished ej*cul*ti**, I pulled my pen** out of her vagi** and lay down on the side of the bed. Her legs were still spread, her thighs were cramped, and my c*m was dripping from her vagi**.

After that, Ellen and I were curled up on the bed. She was in my arms with her face in my chest while I stroked her head.

-It’s amazing how unexpectedly normal and docile you’ve become after all we’ve done.

-Yes, I know… But you know what, I like it here, I really loved it, and I never thought I’d enjoy it so much. I’ve realized I’m in love with your body and soul, Douglas.

-Lie. Ellen, your heart is yours, that’s what you are. No matter how obedient you try to be to your desires, you’re free-spirited, selfish and do what you want. Right?

-Hmm? That’s a horrible thing to say, Douglas. But I suppose it is. After all, I own my life, and I can’t be someone I’m not.

-Exactly, so what do you mean, you’re mine, body and soul?

-It’s a figure of speech. I’m just saying that you make me feel that way.

-I see, so as a way of showing affection, eh?

-Hehehe…. I love you, Douglas. Please f*ck me again a lot.

-Oh, good. Let’s go for round two.

-Hey…? Wait… We’ll do it right now…?

-Yes… I’ll f*ck you until you can’t stand on your own!

-Eeeeh… So, you intended to do it again.

An hour later. On the bed lay Ellen with her face, hair and clothes and her bottom overflowing with a white liquid.

-Ah… Ah… Ah… Now I know what Myna was talking about…. Douglas is the kind of guy who would destroy a girl if he did it with her every day….

I stood by the bed scratching my cheek and wondering if it had happened to me again. But I didn’t really feel sorry for myself.

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