Hmmm, this is a bit suspicious, I’m sure Lombardy had said something else… It may not matter though. If the effect of said ability can’t be broken, then there’s nothing else to do but accept it. It’s not like I’m going to destroy Lombardy over something like that.

-Now that we’ve defeated the chimera… What must I do to open that door?

My next task is to figure out how to escape from this room. There must be some trick or mechanism that Myna used to open the door. Now that the Chimera has been defeated, I shouldn’t have to worry about my life being in danger, so I can calmly investigate. But if it’s something that requires the skill of a thief, I’m screwed.  With that in mind, Lombardy hears my thoughts and proceeds to clarify my doubts.

-You’re saying you can’t get out of the room because the door won’t open? In that case, the answer is simple, use me to break the stone wall on the side.

-Ah, that’s right…

That’s right, with the power of this holy axe, it wouldn’t be something complicated. I picked up the luggage I had left in the room when I was trying to escape from the Chimera, and hung it on my back. I approached the wall, held the axe tightly and then struck a few blows on the wall until it opened a gap big enough to get out. Then we walked towards the exit of the ruins.

-I have heard stories of people using magic to break through the walls of ancient ruins, and because of that, they have found poisonous gases trapped in those places. I don’t think that’s true, though.

-…I think the same as you. It’s a silly rumor, but what if the rumor were true? What would you do?

-I still think it’s unlikely. But, rather than some poisonous gas, I see some kind of death trap as more likely. When it comes to making important decisions in dangerous places like this, hesitation is not an option – my life is in danger with every step I take. That’s what being an adventurer is all about.

-You’re right. To be an adventurer, you have to be reckless to a certain extent.

-Don’t say ‘reckless’ there, say ‘courageous’.

-Hmm… Let’s say you’re a manly man. I like my master to be a manly man, what do you think?

-It’s an honor for me.

I headed for the exit of the ruins as I hesitated at Lombardy’s words. But then I witnessed something terrible, and I had to hide in panic.

-Fugghhh! Fugghh!

-Fugghhh! Myna, this is all your fault for disobeying us. Adventurers should get along with their friends. If you don’t, you’ll end up in a situation like this.

Three figures stood a short distance from the exit of the ruins. Myna was tied to a tree with a rope and gagged at the mouth. In front of her is the priest and the wizard. The wizard has a dagger in his hand, Myna’s clothes were torn all over and her white skin was exposed. I can almost imagine what the whole situation was about.

-Hey, Master, do those two guys represent evil? This situation is quite unpleasant, and I want you to make them suffer.

-Yes, I quite agree with you that it’s unpleasant. But, Lombardy, I don’t want you to stain yourself with the blood of those men.

I came out of the ruins again and headed towards them.

The first person to notice me was Myna. The girl rolled her eyes when she saw me. The men were looking at Myna and their backs were to me, so they didn’t notice me until they turned to follow her gaze.

-W-What-what…? Impossible…!

-D-Douglas! You’re still alive!

I quickly rushed to strike the two men. The first blow struck the priest directly in the face. He fell to the ground with great force as several of his teeth were knocked out of his mouth and flew through the air while he suffered a nosebleed.

The second blow I gave struck the wizard in his belly. He fell to the ground in a fetal position and kept coughing blood. The damage would be almost irreversible with the blows they received from me. I grabbed the priest by the hair and hung him from the tree.

-Hey, it’s been a while. Glad to see you’re as happy as ever.

-How…? How come you’re still here…? You should be dead…

-I guess that must be pretty disappointing for you. Apparently, I’m harder to kill than you thought I would be.

-You’re… A fucking… Bastard…

-You know, if it had only been for the way you betrayed me, I would have forgiven you with a softer, less deadly blow…. But I don’t like what you were trying to do to Myna.

-Hehe… I’m sure you and I will get along just fine, Douglas-san…. The aphrodisiac has already taken effect, and although she’s a bad cat, she’s got a nice body– Ugh! Uuuggh…!

-What kind of priest are you? What kind of God do you serve? Is it an evil God?

I punched him twice in the face after choking him and the priest rolled his eyes and lost consciousness. In addition to that, the mage was still writhing on the ground, so I punched him a couple of times and he stopped moving.

I picked up the dagger the mage was holding and used it to untie the rope and gag holding the beast girl. When Myna was completely free, she jumps on me and hugs me while crying.

-Douglas, I’m so sorry, I’m so glad you’re okay! Thanks for saving me, I hate these guys! What the hell is wrong with them! If it wasn’t for you rescuing me, I’d hate all humans!

-Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to apologize on behalf of the humans…. But I’m sorry you had to go through all this.

I lightly hug the beast girl and gently pat her head.

-It’s okay… It’s not your fault. On the contrary, it’s Myna who has to apologize, nya. I was the one who abandoned Douglas…. I’m so sorry, nya…

-And that’s why you don’t have to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong; they did all this. You did everything you could. Didn’t you?

-Uh, yes… Myna didn’t want to leave Douglas, nya…

-I know.

I hugged Myna and patted her head until she calmed down. I thought she would be upset that I did something like that, but Myna didn’t show any kind of displeasure about it, so I stayed for a long time hugging her and patting her head. Finally, Myna says, “I’m all right now”, so I let go of her. The cat-eared girl takes two steps away from me and smiles at me.

-Again. Thank you very much, Douglas, nya…. But what are we going to do with them, nya?

She asked as she turned her gaze to the two men on the ground.

-I feel it would be better for the world and for the people if we got rid of them, but, still, killing them is a bit uncomfortable for me. And I think I’d be overstepping my bounds if I kill two incapacitated ones.

-Then why don’t we just tie them up and leave them here, nya? The wild animals will eat them sooner or later, nya.

-Sounds good to me. And if they are as lucky as I am, maybe they can survive.

In this way, I tied the men up with a rope, and left them lying on the ground beside the tree. Then I set off with Myna on my way back to town.


-Ha… Haa… Haaa… Nyaahhh…

As we were both walking home through the woods, Myna’s breathing started to hitch halfway through. I looked at her, and her face was all red, and it looked like something was really hurting her.

-Hey, Myna. What’s wrong? Are you okay?

-Um… It’s ok… No, I don’t think so, nya… Haah… Haaaa… D-Douglas…

I walked over to her and shook her by the shoulders, at which point she stared at me and hugged me.

-Hey, Myna, what are you…?

-D-Douglas… Please, nya… Myna needs your help, nya….

After those words, Myna stood up and kissed me.


-Mmmm… Amm… Mmm… Mmmm… Hmph!

Myna’s soft lips and warm tongue devoured my lips and mouth. The girl’s cat ears flapped and twitched impatiently.

-Puha…! O-hey, Myna! What do you think you’re doing…?!

-Haaa… Haah… Ha…. I-I’m so sorry, nya, Douglas… I was forced to drink something weird, nya… Maybe, that’s it… Nyaaah… It hurts, nya… Douglas… Please help me, nya…

The beast girl looks at me with eyes full of wantonness. Now that I remember, that priest said something about an aphrodisiac. Maybe it’s kicking in now.

-Nyaaa…. Douglas, please, nya…! Myna won’t be able to take it anymore, nya…! I’ll go crazy at this rate, nya….!

-Okay, but are you sure you want it to be me?

-Yes! I want it to be Douglas, nya…! I want you to please Myna very much, now… Please!

-I will.

Myna said she was an adult and despite her looks, she looks very young for an adult. And she already had a sex appeal that made me wonder about it. I had no reason left to stop my desire. On the other hand, Lombardy didn’t say anything about it, but I know she is watching every move I make.

-I’m sorry Myna, but I can’t stand it anymore either, you’re too pretty.

-Hey…? Douglas… Ummm.

I pushed Myna into some bushes, and led her to a place where no one could see us.  Now I will be the one to take control of this situation.

-Hmm… Nyaaah…  Hah… Hah…. Douglas… Don’t stop, nya!

Myna gets more and more excited, and keeps asking for my kisses, while sticking her tongue in my mouth.

-Puhaa…! Douglas… Myna wants you to take all of her, nyaa! Now…!

That said, Myna points to her crotch. As I fixed my gaze on the said place, I could observe something quite unusual, and that is the shorts the cat girl was wearing were completely soaked. I was very surprised at the sight I was observing, so I decided to play a little with her.

-You got all hot like that with just a few kisses? Wow, Myna is a little sl*t.

-No… This is because of the weird medicine they gave me, nya!

I put my knee on Myna’s crotch at the same time I put a little pressure, causing her abdomen to writhe a little in pleasure.

-I see you’re very sensitive down there, and that’s not even touching you completely yet, are you that desperate?

-Nyaaaaah… Huh, Douglas… Please don’t be mean to me….

-Hahaha, I’m sorry. It’s just that Myna is so cute, I wanted to tease her a bit….

-Ugh… Douglas is a fool, nya!

-Sorry. Well, it’s time for us to take the next step.

The beast girl nodded her head as I placed my hands on the belt of Myna’s pants.

I unbuckled Myna’s belt and pulled down her pants, including her underwear. A thick trickle of her vag*n*l fluids ran between the girl’s smooth crotch and her underwear. I dipped my fingers into Myna’s crotch. It was already slippery because of all the fluids inside her, so penetration was quite easy.

-Ummm_….!!! ah, Douglas! nyaaaaaaaa….!!!!

As I played with her, her whole body was writhing in pleasure at the stimulation my fingers were causing.

-Nya… Nyaaaaaaaa…! D-Douglas… Enough with the fingers… I want something thicker!

As much as I try to calm her down with my fingers, they don’t seem to have any effect. That aphrodisiac they gave her is very potent. I pulled my fingers out of Myna’s secret spot, and then pulled down my pants. A stiff thing rose from my crotch.

-Haah, haaah…. Hurry up… I’m so desperate to feel Douglas inside of me….

-Yeah, I can’t hold it in any longer either. I’m going to put it in you now… Relax a little.

Myna nodded her head and spread her legs even wider. I grabbed Myna’s slender waist with both hands and pressed the tip of my pen** against Myna’s vagi**.

-Here I go, Myna.

-Yes-Yes, go ahead, Douglas nya…. Hmmm!

I pushed my thing into Myna’s secret spot, and although it was very wet, the girl’s insides were small, but, still, it felt very good, despite being very tight.


On the way, I felt as if I had pierced something. Myna let out a small cry of pain.

-Are you okay, Myna?

-Ummm, yeah. It just hurts a little. All right, I want you to keep going, Douglas…. Go deeper, keep going inside me.

-Very good.

I pushed my pen** deeper into her vagi**.

-It’s a difficult task. Myna is too pretty to not want to devour you completely.

-Hehehehe…. That would be great…. If that’s what Douglas wants, that’s fine…. Myna will be able to handle it.

-I don’t think that’s right, I’ll take it slow.

I took my hands off Myna’s hips and slowly moved my body over the beast girl.

-Hah… Aaah… Douglas, nya… This feels so good… More… Make it more intense, nya….

Hearing Myna’s voice, I gradually increased the intensity of my movements. All this provoked by beautiful moans coming from the girl.

– Ah, ah, ah, ah…! aaah, aaah, aaah, nyaaaa…!

Myna’s moans are so soothing. The cat ears on her head swivel with each pleasure.

-Myna, I can feel your vagi** squeezing my c*ck harder and harder.

– Ah, Ummm, Nya…! But Douglas… Does it feel good?

-Yes, it feels very good.

-Hehehehe, I’m so happy…. Douglas is feeling great with Myna!

Myna and I hugged each other. I could hear her moans and my excitement was increasing. After a while, we both reached our limit.

– Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Douglas…! Myna’s almost…!

– Yes, I’m at my limit too. I’m going to pull it out…

-No, no, no, no! I want you to do it inside! -Myna wants to have Douglas’ milk inside her…!

-…! Okay, inside then.

-Ah, ah, ah, ah, give it all to me! I want to feel Douglas’s juice inside me, nya!

The stimulation is so much that Myna doesn’t stop writhing in pleasure. She was under me and kept moaning as I spit all my essence inside her.

-Hyaaaaaaaa…. Inside me… There’s a lot of Douglas… And it’s so hot…

I pushed the back of Myna’s head. There was still a lot of my liquid coming out, and it didn’t stop until a few seconds later.

-Haha… Haha… That felt good nya, Douglas….

Myna smiles weakly at me as she lies on her back on the grass of the field. The cat ears were still twitching, and liquid was leaking from her crotch.

A couple of hours later, we continued on our journey and I was carrying Myna on my back.

-Ugh…. I’m sorry, Douglas, nya…. Myna feels guilty that you do everything for me, nya….

-No way. You can’t stand up, can you?

-Right… The sex with Douglas is too good to be true, nya… And I ruined everything, nya… I’m so ashamed…

-Hahaha, then it’s my fault, so it’s even more regrettable.

I laughed at Myna’s words, and responded with something to make her feel calmer. I tried to show her a side of me where she could feel comfortable and calm. But inside, my heart was racing because of what I had done to her earlier. I hope I can get some contraceptive magic in town, as it all happened in the heat of the moment, and I’m not entirely sure that was what Myna had wanted all along. It was her first time…

And it was for me too, which is rather unfortunate for someone my age. Well, Myna herself seems to feel more guilty than dissatisfied, so I’ll try not to intrude any further.

-I guess I’ll just have to get used to it….

-Nya…? Douglas, what are you getting used to?

-No, nothing. I’m just not used to being too happy.

-You mean what you did with Myna…?

-Yes, the fact that I have someone to love me.

-I see… Hehe, Myna is glad that Douglas is happy, nya.

With such sweet words, I carried the beast girl on my back and returned to the city.

By the time we arrived in town, Myna had recovered so much that she got off my back and started walking on her own. By the way, her torn and disheveled clothes were replaced with a new set of clothes that she carried in her luggage. The clothes were fine for the moment, but her body needed a spruce up. It was late afternoon, the sun was about to set, and the inn must not have prepared the baths yet.

So, I went to the public baths with Myna and we both freshened up and reencountered each other after the hot baths with a big smile on our faces. Then we decided to go to a bar. When we arrived at the said establishment, we took a seat next to each other at the counter and ordered some drinks and snacks. And after a toast, the two of us started hanging out.

-Fueeh… This day was very tiring, nya…. So much has happened that I’m having a hard time processing it all.

Myna leans languidly on the counter. I reach out my hand to touch her head and stroke her hair gently. A little lost, Myna said “nyufu~”, squinting her eyes and wiggling her cat ears happily.

-There are two of us already, it’s like all the turning points of my life have come together.

-…Are you saying that because of Myna, nya?

-Not exactly.

-So, it’s about those guys? I mean, Douglas, they are still alive! You managed to escape from that beast… How did you escape from something like that?

-Well, a lot of things happened.

I told Myna what happened after I got separated from her. The story of how I fell into a hole while running from the Chimera, how I encountered the Lombard Sacred Axe, and how I gained incredible powers and how I defeated the Chimera. Myna’s eyes were astonished after hearing that story.

-Is all that true, nya? You only defeated the Chimera…?

-You don’t believe me? Well, I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me the same story.

-Yeah, I’m sorry. Although, Douglas probably isn’t the kind of person who would lie about something like that. So, I’m sure you are telling the truth. That magic axe you found in there?

Myna look at the sacred axe, Lombardy, lying next to me. I grabbed it with my hands and handed it to her.

-Would you believe me if I told you, it could become a naked girl?

-Huh…? This axe is going to turn into a naked girl? I don’t understand what you mean by that.

-Well, never mind.

I think saying that was stupid of me. If I say things like that, people will think I’m paranoid and dangerous. I think it would be better for Myna to see the true shape of Lombardy in a place where we are not surrounded by people. I thought so, but…

-This girl… Is it really hard to believe that I can take a human form? In that case, she’d better see for herself.

-What…? Hey, wait a minute, don’t go…


Before I could stop her, Lombardy had taken her human form. Her appearance was that of a girl with brown skin and long black hair.


All the people in the tavern exclaimed in unison as they came to where I was, since Lombardy was standing next to me.

-Who is that naked girl…? Is she the stepdaughter of the old man next door? She’s very pretty.

-I don’t think so, but why isn’t she wearing any clothes? Is she that old man’s slave?

-More importantly, how long has she been here? What was that strange light just now…?

The people in the tavern started talking to each other, while Myna’s eyes were white and she was having trouble saying a word.

-Hey, Lombardy, come here for a moment!

-What’s the matter, my master? Why do you have such a forceful attitude? If you wish to talk to me, we can do it right now!

-Shut up! And follow me quietly!

I grabbed Lombardy by the hand, covered her mouth and ran out of the tavern. I entered an alley and pushed Lombardy against the wall and made sure that no one else was there. Lombardy, for her part, was squirming and looked embarrassed.

-W-What’s the matter, my master?  If you want to have sex with me, don’t be afraid to say so.

-I don’t mean that! You can’t do something like this in public! Have you thought about what this might trigger? Lots of people will come after you and want to possess you if they find out you’re an axe that can shape-shift! Plus, it’ll make me look bad, they’ll think I’m enslaving children.

-Are you worried about being seen with me?  Now you have me, and you’re going to be the biggest hero in the world. Why can’t you be more dignified?

-That doesn’t mean I can walk around with a beautiful naked girl in front of all the people!

-Ho… So, I am a beautiful girl. My master can be quite the gentleman if he sets his mind to it.

-Haah… Look, you’d better go back to your axe form. And don’t become human unless I tell you to.

-This is the first time you’ve acted like a real master, Kukuku. That’s all right. You’re my master, that’s all that matters. Now, if you want me to serve you in a maid’s uniform, you can always tell me, master.

With that said, Lombard returned to her axe form. Haha… I got a cold sweat running down my forehead. I took Lombardy’s axe form in my hand and walked out of the alley. In front of the tavern, I see Myna looking around. When she saw me, she came running towards me in a hurry.

-D-Douglas… That girl was that axe, nya…?

-So, you saw that?

-Yes, I’ve seen it, nya…. And I’m willing to believe anything Douglas tells me, nya….

-That sounds good.

-Umm, and… She was a very pretty girl… Did you sleep with her too, nya…?

The cat-eared girl looks at me embarrassedly as she speaks to me in a halting voice. Her appearance was so charming that it caused my whole body to react in a rather unusual way…. This was partly due to Lombard’s unnecessary provocation. I grabbed Myna firmly by both shoulders. The beast girl shows a frightened expression.

-Nya… What’s wrong, Douglas?

-Myna… I want to do it again with you. I want us to have sex, but this time in an inn….

-Nyaaa…! But… We just did it.

-I can’t help it, you’re so beautiful…. Although if you don’t want to, I’ll give in to this request.

-Ummm… I guess, if it’s unavoidable… We can do it, nya.


I raised my fists in the air as I shouted in joy.

-It’s nice to see you so happy…

Myna sighed contrary to the words…. After this, Myna and I went to an inn, and had sex like crazy.

An hour later. After several sex acts, Myna was lying on the bed, covered in all my white liquid.

-It’s too good for me. Myna can’t hold her own against Douglas….

The lovely cat-eared girl was writhing in pleasure as she whispered something to herself.

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