‘Hard work always pays off,’ I’m sure everyone who has said that has been blessed with talent.

I realized at the age of ten that I couldn’t take things for granted. There are truly talentless people in the world. There are people who, no matter how hard they try, are defeated by people who don’t try. It’s taken me ten years to realize that there are people who just can’t get a piece of the pie, even if they want to. The world will always be dominated by the haves and the have-nots. This story is about me, who was born and raised in such a cruel world, and how I realized that there is something more important than talent.

-Lucius, you are useless!

One day, while I was practicing my magic as I do every day, my childhood friend Elena insulted me.

-You can’t use magic like that! That’s not the right way to generate it.

What a problematic piece of advice. The only person who could understand that explanation would be Elena, whose brain is a bit of a muscle brain.

-I don’t know how to say this, but…

-Are you trying to talk back to me, Lucius? You’re so cocky!

Elena gets angry at my words and kicks me in the legs with great force. It may just be a simple joke from Elena’s point of view, but I’m not that strong, and that kick hurt too much.

Elena bullies me on a daily basis, and because of that, I have several bruises under my clothes. I don’t know if it’s intentional or merely instinctive, but Elena’s attacks on me are always directed at areas where other people can’t see the bruises, which makes it even more annoying.

…Why the hell do I have to go through this? In addition, Elena still has no idea how I feel or what I’m thinking, and so she keeps saying very painful things.

-Unbelievable, you’re 15 years old and you still can’t use magic. You’re supposed to be able to use it at the age of 10. I guess it can’t be helped… This is where your super genius childhood friend comes in. I, Elena-Sama, will be your personal trainer.

Elena then puts on a satisfied expression while going “Hmph.”

…It is true that Elena is a child prodigy. She started using magic at the age of three, and demonstrated a series of talents that led her to be called by adults as a “child prodigy”. In addition, she is a very beautiful girl, her eyes big and red, her eyelashes are long, her skin was taut, and her long red hair was as bright as a burning fire.

She has a beautiful appearance that catches every man’s eye whenever she walks by. Elena was a very pretty girl who didn’t fit in with the town where we live.

…Her personality, however, left much to be desired. Though she has good looks, her character was very violent, explosive and she was very abusive on a daily basis, especially to me, who was supposed to be her childhood friend. And for some reason, she’s been telling everyone in town that she’s my girlfriend.

…I wish I could tell her not to say those kinds of things, but because of the fear she’s engraved inside me, I’m unable to confront her. Things will surely become harder and more painful every day if I do something like that. I had given up on confronting Elena, but one day, I reached my breaking point.

-Well, Lucius, today your kind girlfriend is going to train with you!

As usual, I had snuck out my house’s back door to train alone, but thanks to my bad luck Elena always finds me and condescendingly says: “It’s time for your lesson!”.

I am not exaggerating when I say that Elena’s training only hurts me and does not make me stronger. Elena is a child prodigy and has no idea how I feel. After being constantly disturbed during my training and because of the way she treats me, I reached the limit of my patience and turned Elena down.

-…I’m sorry, but today I would like to train alone. Can we do it another time, please?

When I said that, Elena’s expression became petrified. She had a terrifying face like that of a demon, and then she screams at the top of her lungs.

-What…!? Do you really think you can make yourself stronger…!? No matter how hard you train, Lucius, you have no talent! And don’t think I’ll let you get away with rejecting me!

-Y-you’re wrong! I am growing, and I’m confident I’ll get stronger!

-Growing? You mean that you can use elemental magic now? You still don’t get it, do you? You’re a failure! Elemental magic is the most basic kind of magic that human beings can use from birth! I also feel sorry for your poor parents, since they had a failure for a son!

Failure… For the first time in my life, Elena’s words made me angry enough to make my blood boil. I don’t care if she says and thinks whatever she wants about me, yes, I admit it, I’m a big failure.

But I can’t stand the fact that she’d talk that way about my parents, and especially not if she says bad things about them. It’s too arrogant to feel sorry for them and pity them based on your own assumptions…! I don’t find it even the least bit funny that someone would laugh at something as delicate as that.

-I can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to be with you anymore, Elena.

-Huh? What do you mean by that?

Elena was visibly upset when I said those words so coldly. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting me, someone she sees as inferior, to speak my mind to her.

-You’re not going to stop being my boyfriend, are you…? You don’t know how lucky you are to have such a beautiful girl like me.

I don’t even pretend to be her boyfriend to begin with… But I don’t care now.

-You’re wrong.

Elena’s face lit up when I said that. Why does she want me to be her boyfriend? She doesn’t even like me. She probably thinks of me as a sandbag, something she can kick and spit on whenever she pleases, right…? I have to end this twisted relationship.

-Not only do I not want you as a girlfriend, I can’t stand being around you anymore. I don’t want to be your friend anymore, Elena! I want you to stop being a part of my life.

-Please no!

For the first time in my life, I faced Elena, and her face turned pale at my sudden attitude. It’s rather amusing.

-Ah, I know, this’s a joke, isn’t it? Because Lucius loves me, right? Tell me this isn’t true.

-I used to, but now I hate how arrogant and overbearing you’ve become!

-You… hate me? How can you say that? Even though I’ve been so kind to you….

Elena was so stunned that she started saying things that even I couldn’t understand. This is my chance to escape. I took advantage of Elena’s confused state to run away from her, heading towards the nearest forest. The moment I started running, I heard her voice as she shouted “Wait!” from behind, but I decided to ignore her. I want to become stronger on my own. And someday, I will be able to stand up to Elena!

I vowed in my heart to take revenge on her, and decided to start my training.

“Hmm, it’s really hard to walk in this forest.”

I was able to escape from Elena, and proceeded through the forest near my village, “Kebek.” This dense forest is very famous for two reasons: the first is because for many, many years it has managed to keep the magical beasts at bay from my hometown, and the second reason is that it is known as “the forest of the unwanted.”

And not only magical beasts are kept away from this forest, but any animal that might fall prey to hunting. In other words, villagers don’t even bother to go near this place. Therefore, it is the ideal place to conduct my secret training.

-Well, let’s get started.

I don’t want to see Elena for a while, so I won’t go back to the village for the time being. I can gather a lot of nuts and wild vegetables, so I guess I can survive on that for a few days.

-This looks like a good place to start.

I found an open area with few trees and made it my training spot for today. I will start with some wind magic training. Just as Elena said, ordinary people can use elemental magic once they turn ten.

In the case of wind magic, it can be learned quickly by using a scroll of the same elemental magic, making it a basic spell for beginners. But my case was particularly different. For me, even using a beginner spell requires great concentration and magical power.

The first thing you need to do is place all your concentration in your core to be able to knead the magic power, this process is called [Magun], once you’ve made it clear in your mind what you want to convert this power to, it will be released instantly from your fingertips. And it seems that I have little ability to concentrate, therefore, I cannot create magic.

By the way, a normal person does not have to concentrate so hard to perform such magic. So, for the great and perfect Elena, summoning elemental magic is as easy as breathing, which makes me a fool who can’t do something as simple as that.

But that doesn’t mean she has the right to keep calling me that. If I continue to be harassed and bullied for things like this, my parents in heaven won’t be able to rest in peace seeing how pitiful their son is. I will not allow her to call me a failure again.

I sat on the ground, closed my eyes and put all my concentration into the spell. Then, I carefully kneaded the magic power inside my body.

-Well, it’s working.

But I had encountered my first problem, I’m not very good at converting this kneaded magic power into magic.

-Umm, umm…

I managed to turn the magic power into magic, and slowly sent it to my arm and then to my fingertips. Then, the magic that has been safely sent to my fingertips is released and at the same time, I shouted the spell!



The moment the magic was released, a pathetic sound was generated as the magic dissolved into thin air. Ugh, it’s still no good. I’m a beginner magician, but my success rate is about 20%.

But this is a normal thing when you are learning magic, I won’t be discouraged! I have to try again and again in order to at least succeed in elemental magic.

-Okay, let’s try again!

I was so lucky in being so determined and not giving up no matter all the failures that came later, despite my magic skills not improving at all. And the reason for all this is because I was too clumsy, but it was also because I couldn’t concentrate on something that bothered me.

-Hmm, I’m sensing something strange around me.

This forest usually has a mysterious air about it, but today the air flow feels stranger than usual. It’s been a while since I came here, and I still haven’t seen any of the small animals or insects that I usually see.

-Maybe there’s a demonic beast nearby…? If that’s the case, I’d better get out of here.

I wish I could train more, but my life is more important now. There’s no point in wanting to get stronger if I die in the process. As I hurriedly gathered my things and prepared to leave, I realized something.

-What the heck is that? I can feel a lot of magical power from over there.

This magical power is powerful enough that even I, with my low magical detection ability, can sense it. Normally I wouldn’t hover around such an unknown and powerful object, but I found myself heading towards the source of the magical power like a moth to a flame.

Is this… Is this a hole?

What I found was a strange hole in the air. It was about the size of my body, and it was open all the way to the ground. There was so much light coming out of the hole that I couldn’t see what was going on, even if I tried.

-What the hell is this hole? I’d better inform the villagers quickly.

I’m happy to know that it’s not a demonic beast, but I can’t ignore something like this and let it go unnoticed. So, I decided to go back to town and report this great find. I stopped looking into the hole, started to turn around and then…. I slipped.


What just happened was a massive act of stupidity on my part, it was my complete self-destruction. As I was about to get up, I slipped on a leaf and lost my balance, causing me to fall into the strange hole. If I were a normal guy, I would have been able to stand back up right away, even if I lost my balance. Unfortunately, I am notorious for not possessing any athletic ability. Even something as simple as that was an athletic skill beyond me.

-Oh, God. Please, if you reincarnate me in another world, I ask that you give me a kind childhood friend, and the athletic ability of a man…

I fell into the hole as I screamed those pathetic words.

-Umm… Hugh…

I started rubbing my head as I regained consciousness. I slowly raised my body and opened my eyes, and to my surprise, both the sky and the ground were completely white. This place is very strange. The white colored landscape stretched all around me, as far as my eyesight could allow me to see.

What am I doing in this place? I’m pretty sure I was doing my daily training, and then I found this mysterious crack in the…

-Oh, right, I fell into that hole.

I knew it was something stupid and dangerous…. Agh, I hate myself for being so stupid. As I was in such a deep state of self-loathing, I suddenly heard someone’s voice calling out behind me.

-Oh, you’re awake.


It was a woman’s voice; it was so clear and beautiful. When I turned around to respond, there was an Onee-chan in front of me. She has a slim and toned body, her breasts were large, and her skin was white in color, and she had long and soft black colored hair, which went nicely with her golden colored eyes that sparkled every time I saw them. I couldn’t help but notice her beautiful legs peeking out of her black dress.

There was no one as beautiful as her in my town, while admiring her, I discovered two strange objects on her head.


There were two cute red horns sticking out of her head. Of course, humans don’t have horns. There’s one race that matches that description.

-Could it be that Onee-san is…. A demon?

-Hmm? How did you get here?

[Demons] are a race with a particularly strong fighting ability among the demi-humans, which possess a lot of magical power and a strong body. I think I had read in a textbook that it is difficult even for a veteran warrior to defeat a demon, because their physical and magical strength is superior to that of humans.

-Oh, sorry, this is the first time we’ve met. My name is Lucius Vardy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I bowed and greeted the demon Onee-chan. I don’t know what the formalities are for referring to someone of the demon race, but I’ll try to be as polite as possible.

-Hmm, you don’t seem to be afraid of me.

The demon Onee-chan asked curiously. It’s true that demons and humans don’t get along well, so it’s normal to be afraid of them. We humans have the idea that demons are a strong and cunning race. But, as strange as it sounds, I didn’t feel any fear towards the Onee-chan in front of me.

It’s probably because I thought she was beautiful before I felt afraid. I have no reason to lie to her, and I think that would just make things worse, so I’ll be honest.

-Hmm… Well, the truth is, I think you look very beautiful.


At my words, Onee-chan let out a surprised sound and her face turned red. Was she upset with me? It may have been very rude of me to have made a comment about her appearance even though we don’t know each other. I have to be very careful about these things…. After her face turned bright red, she turned around and mumbled something I couldn’t quite make out.

-Calm down, Testarossa. You shouldn’t overreact just because it’s the first time in tens of thousands of years that someone has said a compliment to you. But, on the other hand, that boy is very cute….

I can’t quite hear what she’s saying, but did I make her angry? Just as I was thinking about it, another woman’s voice echoed behind me.

-So, you’re finally awake. Come and show me your face.

The other person who appeared was a charming girl who looked to be about ten years old speaking in an arrogant tone. Her eyes were blood red, and her hair was a bright silver color. Her skin was completely tanned, and her teeth, which looked like sharp blades were peeking out of the hollow of her mouth.

But the most interesting thing to me…. Are the small black wings sprouting from around her waist and the magnificent lizard-like tail extending from her hips.

-Hello, my name is Lucius, and you are…?

I answered with much trepidation.

Satisfied, the girl in front of me then introduces herself.

-Hmm, I don’t like your tone, but it’s a nice gesture for you to introduce yourself. I am the Seventh Dragon Lord! Head of the Dragon Clan! The most powerful species on earth! You shall address me as Ryou-sama!

“Ryou-sama” is a name reserved for the chief of the Dragon Clan, the most powerful race on earth. It’s hard to believe that this girl is the Dragon Lord.

-Kukuku, it’s been a long time since I’ve scared another person. But still, it pleases me that you are surprised at my presence. And I guess you still haven’t heard the name of the girl with the red face over there, right?

The girl calling herself Ryou pointed at the demon Onee-san as she said those words. Suddenly, she told her to introduce herself and she replied with a simple and carefree; “Huh?”. I wonder if the Onee-san is an equally important person as Ryou.

-Oh right, I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself yet, have I? Listen to me carefully, little human! I’m the ruler of darkness and the master of chaos! The ruler of the demon race and the most powerful demon! The sixth Demon Lord Testarossa Satanicus Nodens! That is my name!

The Onee-san introduces herself while gesturing dramatically. I have a lot of doubts right now, but the most troubling thing for me at the moment is that this girl is the “Demon Lord”. That title is only given to the strongest of the powerful demon race. This beautiful lady is that demon lord…. I can’t believe it.

-Oh, it seems you’re not convinced of my words. Well, I guess it can’t be helped, is it because I’m so beautiful that I don’t look like a Demon King?

-Haah~, I know it’s the first time in tens of thousands of years that you’ve been complimented, but don’t you think you’re letting go to your head?

-Shut up! You were the one who was so excited to meet this kid when you found him!

-Hey! You don’t have to say that in front of him!

Both girls ignore me and start arguing with each other. I wonder if they actually get along.

-Tch, there’s no point in discussing this now.

-Yeah, you’re right. How about we show him our true appearance quickly?

-Oh, that’s a good idea, little Ryou. Okay, let’s do it.

-Who are you calling little!?

After saying that, both girls stop arguing for a moment and their bodies glow at the same time as they start to change shape. The Onee-san who calls herself Demon Lord’s horns became bigger and more magnificent to look at, plus her clothes became very revealing for some reason.

Her huge breasts looked like they were going to pop out of her gown at any moment. Ha, the stimulation to my body is so strong that I find it hard to look away. A pair of wings grow from her back and a tail with a tapered end grows a little above her buttocks.

Her change wasn’t limited to her appearance, Onee-san’s magic power is also overflowing all over. I’ve never felt magic power like this! It’s a level of magical power that even I, with my low magical detection ability, can say is out of this world.

And the girl who called herself Ryou…. She turned into a big black dragon. I think it’s about ten meters long at least. I can’t see her face unless I look up. It has thick limbs and a tail as thick as a giant tree, a slight shake from it could blow my village away. The claws growing on her hands are as thick and long as great swords. I’m sure they can cut through anything.


-Kukuku, now do you believe I’m the Dragon Lord?

Her overwhelming presence makes my whole-body tremble. On the other hand, the Demon Lord Onee-san calls out to me while winking at me.

-Welcome to the infinite prison, pretty boy. This place is a different space from the real world where the Demon and Dragon Lords are sealed. It is a pleasure to meet you.

And that’s how my long, long life with these two girls began.

The legendary hero was born at a time when the human race was still weak and lived in fear of other races.  The name of this hero is Oger. According to legend, he was over three meters tall, muscular and had an exceptional talent for magic. It is said that there was no one among the human race who could measure up to him. It’s surprising that even the strongest creature in the world, the dragon race, avoided fighting him. Legends not only speak of his strength, but also of his kindness.

To save the human race from the oppression of other races, he killed evil demons and fierce magical beasts one after another and saved countless people. The fact that there are countless stories and legends about him to this day just goes to show how great he was. It is said that he had defeated two of the most powerful creatures on earth, the Demon Lord and the Dragon Lord, before he left the battlefield and disappeared from the public eye. Three hundred years have passed since that day.

-I never thought the Demon and Dragon Lords were sealed….

If something like this became known to the world, it would cause mass panic. Anyway, why did the legendary hero seal the Demon and Dragon Lords without defeating them? If that’s the case, then they must have been too strong for Oger to have been unable to defeat them.

I guess I’d better figure out how to get out of here now instead of thinking about something that happened hundreds of years ago. If I had been alone in this blank space, I would have been lost, but luckily there are two people here who are way more awesome than me.

Maybe these girls know a way out of here. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, but I have to be brave and talk to them.


-Hmm? Is something wrong?

The one who answered was the Demon Lord Onee-san who was wearing a very naughty outfit. I think her name is Testarossa. She seems to be someone very smart, so she might know something.

-Well… Do you know how to get out of here?

-Get out… From here? Fufu, you’re so funny.

Testarossa-san laughs at my words for some reason. What makes my question funny?

-Fufufu, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make fun of you.

-Then what’s funny about my question?

-Because it’s impossible to get out of here, and I couldn’t help but laugh when you asked me with such a serious face.

-It’s… Impossible?

I lost the strength in my legs and fell to my knees at those words. Will I be trapped in this space for the rest of my life?

-If there was a way out of here, we would have escaped long ago.

The one who spoke was the Dragon Lord, who went from being a giant dragon to once again having the appearance of a girl, her words catching my attention. The two most powerful people in the world, the Demon Lord and the Dragon Lord, have been trapped here for 300 years. As a mere mortal, there is no way for me to get out of here. No wonder they laughed at me.

-We are under a sealing spell imposed on us by that son of a bitch hero. And so, even if we try to escape by cutting through this space, we can’t leave because our souls are bound here. Look, this is the proof.

Saying those words, Ryou suddenly tugs on her clothes and shows me her chest. A small but beautiful chest appeared from underneath her clothes, an above it was some kind of small magic circle. This is sealing magic, and it certainly feels like a mysterious one at that.

So does that mean that, when I fell into the infinite prison, I also got this magic circle somewhere on my body? Hmm? Huh? Wait. I don’t have anything like that on my body. How is that possible?

-Hey, I don’t have that magic circle anywhere on my body.

-That can’t be. It’s probably on your back or somewhere that’s not visible.

When Testarossa saw my body, she suddenly screamed and rushed to grope me. Uh… I’m so embarrassed, I can’t believe my clothes are being ripped off by this beautiful woman. I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to resist, but the Demon Lord’s strength was so great that I couldn’t pull her hands away from me. How is it that her thin arms can possess such superhuman strength?

Finally, after Testarossa-san had rubbed my whole body for a while, she was satisfied and let go of me. Ugh, I can’t get married anymore….

-Impossible. This guy doesn’t have a seal…!

-What?! How could he get here if he doesn’t have a seal!?

-I don’t know! Please let me go!

Ryou grabs me by the neck and starts shaking me. My vision becomes blurry as the movement makes my brain rattle in my skull. I would have fainted if Testarossa-san hadn’t interfered. After regaining my composure, I was finally able to tell them both how I had come to this place.

When I finished telling my story, Testarossa-san closed her eyes for a moment and thought. Then a wicked grin formed on her face.

-I see, so you came to this place after accidentally falling into a crack leading to this dimension, and for that reason you don’t have the seal.

-Is it really possible that there is a rift in the infinite prison?

-This place has existed for almost three hundred years. The most natural thing would be for it to begin to degrade over time.

I see. So I was just very unlucky to have fallen into this place. Hohoho.

-That’s not what’s important now! What’s important is that this kid doesn’t have the seal, which means there’s a chance he can get out of this place!

-What? There’s a chance I can get out of here!?

With those words, my face lights up and my heart leaps with excitement. That’s great, I’m not going to spend the rest of my life locked up in this place!

-What do I have to do to get out of here… I’m willing to do anything!



For some reason, the two girls look at me with devilish smiles on their faces when they hear my words.

-Hey… Why are they looking at me like that?

When I ask that, confused by Testarossa-san and Ryou’s reaction, the Demon Lord begins to explain the situation.

-There is only one way out of here and that is to make a hole in the dimension. That means you have to be much stronger than you are now.

-Make a hole in the dimension…? I can’t even swing a sword, there’s no way I can do that! I’ll be an old man before I can learn that.

-Don’t worry. This is a very special place, as long as you stay here you won’t be able to grow old. Besides, you can be sure we’ll be there to help you train. Of course, in return, you will help us get out of here if you manage to escape.

– Awa-Awawawa

The two girls get closer and closer with evil smiles on their faces. It’s too scary. I think I might just end up getting crushed by the Demon Lord and the Dragon Lord at the same time.

-Um, I-I’d like to take back what I said….

With tears in my eyes, I insist on my right to take back my words. But both girls smiled like angels and fiendishly said in unison;


And thus began my long days of hellish training.

-Fufu, first I’ll teach you about magic.

-I’m eager to learn!

And so began my first day of training. First up was Demon Lord Testarossa-san’s magic training.  But my magic ability is very much at the bottom of the barrel. How am I supposed to train if I can’t use magic…? By the way, I have yet to mention that my magic skills are no good. It’s kind of hard to admit, but I have no choice but to do so….

-Excuse me. I’m sorry, but I can’t really do magic…

-I know, you don’t need to say it, I can tell.

Testarossa-san’s words stunned me. It’s amazing, just as one would expect from a demon lord. She can tell your power just by looking at you.

-So how do you plan to train me? How do I practice with magic if I can’t use it?

-Exactly. As such, you will have to undergo special basic training until you have enough magic power.

-Basic training, huh?

I wonder what kind of training it is. I’ve never heard of it, but I’m sure it’s some kind of revolutionary training that can increase the amount of magic power.

-Magic power is like muscle strength. You have to use it to the limit and destroy your magic power container to increase it’s limit. That’s why I ask you to use your magic until you are on the verge of death, and when you recover, you repeat the process again.


What kind of horrible words did I just hear? Magic power is necessary for living things, it’s what keeps them alive. If too much is consumed, it will cause a deficiency of magic power and could lead to your death.

-That… Isn’t that a very dangerous thing to do?

-Yes. But it’s the only way to increase your magical power. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t die. Do your best!


What a fool I am. I’ve been so deluded by her beautiful appearance that I completely forgot that this person was the Demon Lord. She’s not the kind of person who can understand the common sense of humans….

-But it would take a long time to complete that training, wouldn’t it?

-No, I don’t think so. Judging by your current level… I’m sure you’ll succeed in about five hundred years.

-Five hundred years…!?

I was utterly shocked by her words. I know I’m a failure, but will it really take me that long?

-That’s way too long! By the time I’m done, the world will be completely different for me!

My parents are already dead, but I’m sad that I won’t be able to say goodbye to the village chief, who was the only person that has taken care of me all this time.

-Don’t worry. Time works very differently in the infinite prison. A year here is barely a day in the outside world.

-Are you sure?

-Yes, I’ve already checked it with my magic, so I’m very sure.

Having said that, Testarossa-san taps her fist against her breasts while putting a proud expression on her face. After that hit, her breasts sway violently from the impact. I was even impressed by their artistic movements. Testarossa-san’s training method reeks of danger. The Demon Lord is a specialist in magic, so if she says this’ll work then it must be true. But, even so, one day for every year….

If it will take me five hundred years to learn magic… Does it mean five hundred days in the outside world? The village chief is an old man, but he goes to the countryside every day, and he is in good health. I hope I’ll get to see him again.

-…All right, I’ll do my best.

-Fufu, good boy.

Having said that, Testarossa-san gently strokes my head. Her gaze was calming, like the eyes of my deceased mother’s, they make me feel safe. Those eyes made me involuntarily forget that she was a demon.

-Well, let’s get started. Sorry if you die in the process.


My magical training began with an enormous amount of anxiety.

[Demon Lord’s Perspective]

Ten years have passed since the boy began his training. At first, the boy couldn’t even use the basics of magic, but thanks to my intensive training, he was able to grow into a capable magician.

When the boy chants to summon [Wind Magic], a strong wind rises in front of him. Yeah, that’s pretty good. It’s not that amazing, if you ask me, but it’s good enough to be a considered a good magician in the human race.

-Testarossa-san! What did you think?

-You’re not kneading it enough! You need to concentrate more!

-Y-Yes! Thank you!

The boy replied cheerfully and went back to his training to knead his magic power. I think I’m pushing him hard enough, but the boy doesn’t slow down a bit when he gets going. On the contrary, he would usually hide from me and keep practicing even when I tell him to take a break. It’s beyond unusual… I guess he’s really desperate to keep moving forward. Even though we’ve been practicing all day, the kid can’t get enough of practicing the same magic over and over again. He’s almost out of magic, and if I don’t stop him soon, he’s going to collapse.

-That’s enough for today, and you still have to train with Rio after this.

-Yes, but… I feel like I’ve gotten a grasp of things now! I don’t want to waste this opportunity; I want to continue!

Saying this, the boy desperately asks me to continue his training… Oh no, not that face again. That anxious look on his face, his dark eyes, and the boy’s unhealthy obsession for power has created a darkness in his heart.

It’s good to have a strong desire to grow, but…. This is too much. I have to do something about it while I still can.

-Boy… No, Lucius-kun. I can understand why you’re so impatient. You can’t stand the thought of rest making you weak, can you? But don’t worry, you’re getting stronger by the minute. There’s no need to panic.

I tried to tell him gently, but he still didn’t seem to be convinced of my words. He looked at me as he said; “Hmm.” He looks so cute when he’s pouting… But this way I won’t be able to get through to him, I have to be firm when I’m scolding. After a few seconds, he pursed his lips, and opened the corner of his mouth.

-But I’ve been wasting all my time until I got to this place. And you’re the only one who can help me get it back. I don’t have time to rest.

Lucius’ heartbreaking plea touched my heart…. I see. So that’s how you feel. If that’s the case, there’s something I must tell you. I crouched down close to him and gently grabbed his right hand.


He’s so cute and shy. Is this how it feels to have a little brother…? No, no, no. Now is not the time to think about that. I have to fulfill my role as a teacher.

-Lucius, you seem to think all your efforts are in vain, but they’re not.

-Please don’t try to sugar-coat it. My magic didn’t improve until I came to this place.

-It’s true, Lucius, you’re right…. Your magical abilities are among the lowest of the human race. It’s certainly true that you couldn’t improve your magic skills even after practicing on your own. But that doesn’t mean that all that effort was in vain.

-What do you mean?

Lucius asks me with a puzzled look on his face. I raised my hand to his eye level to explain.

-You know that in this hand there is a “magic circuit”, it’s a tube through which the magic power passes.

Lucius-kun nodded his head at those words.

-If you have no talent for magic, you are born with a narrow circuit and cannot channel magical power properly. But if you don’t let the magic flow, the circuit will keep degenerating, meaning….

-You mean, if someone with no talent doesn’t use magic, their circuits will close completely?

The moment Lucius comes to that terrible conclusion, his face turns pale. But he’s right, if you don’t use the magic circuit, it will get tighter and tighter, and eventually it will close completely. Then there’s nothing you can do about it, and you’ll never be able to use magic again.

-Perhaps Lucius’ magic circuits were too narrow from birth. But thanks to your daily training, your magic circuits didn’t end up closing. On the contrary, your magic circuit’s flexibility is much greater than that of a normal person.

I say this and then pour my own magic power into his magic circuit. A normal person wouldn’t be able to receive another person’s magic, let alone the Demon Lord’s magic, but Lucius-kun’s smooth magic channels allow it to enter easily.

-Because you’ve been training hard since you were little, you now have the chance to become very strong, okay? Don’t deny your potential, all that effort was not in vain.

After saying those words, I looked at Lucius-kun, his gaze aimed at the ground as his body was trembling. Maybe I said something he doesn’t like?

-Lucius-kun, is something wrong?

I slowly approached his face, and saw him crying.

-Are you okay?

-Yes… I’m fine, I’m just… happy.

He starts wiping his tears before smiling warmly.

-I’m glad I came here and met you so that I could know that all I’ve done in the past has not been in vain. Thank you very much.

Lucius-kun lowered his head and I hugged me tightly. I let my emotions get the better of me and simply wanted to let him know that he was someone strong, that there was nothing wrong with him. For some reason, this made me love the boy in front of me very much.

-It’s all right… I am your teacher, and my duty is to guide you and help you through the good times and the bad, I won’t leave you alone.


Lucius-kun snuggles his face into my chest and starts crying again with a choked voice. All that feeling of stress and helplessness that he’s been holding back for years, were being released…. He is a very strong boy. At first, I took him on as an apprentice just to pass the time, and I wasn’t much of a fan of him, but I never imagined I would grow to love him so much.

I can’t help but wonder how this boy will grow, and of course, how I will change. You never know what will happen when your boring days in this space turn into something really fun.

One hundred years have passed since Lucius began his training.

-Super flame!

The super magic that Lucius-kun cast hits the ground, and a huge pillar of fire rises in its wake. Yes, it’s a remarkable magic attack with well-developed magical power.

-Testarossa-san! What did you think?

Lucius-kun approaches me panting. He’s so cute, he looks like a cute little animal.

-Good job, Lucius-kun. But I told you not to call me Testarossa-san, remember?

-Uh, yeah, uh… O-Onee-chan.


Onee-chan. The moment I hear those sweet words, I feel an electric shock in my lower abdomen. It was thirteen years after I started his training that I told Lucius-kun to call me that. It was one day when Lucius-kun was very exhausted from his training, I was taking him to his room, and he mistakenly called me “Onee-chan.”

At that moment, my maternal instinct, or rather, sisterly instinct that was sealed for countless years in this space, exploded.

Since then, Lucius-kun has become a cute little brother to me. Ryou looked at me with much exasperation when she saw how attached I was to Lucius-kun, but I don’t care. I’ll live the way I want to. And I’ve decided to live for Lucius-kun, who was the one who first taught me about love for the first time in my life. Leave everything to your Onee-chan. I will definitely help you get back to the original world. Even if it means saying goodbye to you forever…

-Dark Flames!

The black flames that Louis generated struck the ground and burned the whole area with hellfire.

Honestly, it’s a pretty incredible power. I can’t believe it has grown so much in the three hundred years since he started his training… So, this is the power of “love”, is it?

-Did you see it, Tess Onee-chan?!

-Yes, I saw it, it was very impressive dark magic.

Having said that, I stroked Lucius’ little head once he came running back to me. I am deeply touched by the fact that he was able to keep up with my training with such a small body. What Louis just used was one of the specials magic skills that are originally only the demon race can use, also known as “Dark Magic.”

This magic is one that only a few elite members of the demon race can use, and Lucius has already mastered it to perfection.

-Really… You’ve really grown…

I can’t stop thinking about him and the days we both spent here. It wasn’t always easy, but it was very satisfying and fun. I couldn’t imagine how much fun my days here would be until Lucius came along. I may never have had so much fun in my life, not even before I was locked up in the infinite prison. Lucius had become a very important part of my life. But those days of fun will soon… Come to an end.

-Tess Onee-chan…?

Lucius looks at me with a puzzled expression on his face. It’s as if he’s saying; What the hell is wrong with you?

-Are you crying…?


Before I knew it, tears welled up in my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever cried for as long as I can remember…

-Fufu, I never thought that the day would come when I, the strongest and most fearsome demon lord, would cry over a human child like you.

-What? Is it my fault?

-That’s right. You should feel guilty.

-At least tell me why! What did I do?!

-No, I can’t. You have to think for yourself.

As usual, we repeat our small talk. Just for now, so we can forget the coming farewell…

[Dragon Lord’s perspective]

The boy’s first day of training had begun. He approached me in a ragged state, as if the demon lord had given him a good beating.


-Kukuku, looks like you’ve been taught a good lesson.

-I don’t have a shred of magic left… If I even try to use it, even a little bit, I’ll really die…

Certainly, the magic power coming from the boy is quite poor. The slightest use of magic power will lead to death. Kuku, it seems like the Demon Lord got overzealous. But that just means that his training is going well, because the closer you are to death, the greater the increase in your magic power will be when you recover.

…Apparently, the Demon King’s training is progressing very well. I can’t afford to lose to my nemesis.

-Okay! Your next training will be with me! And you’re going to die trying!

-Huh…? But I’m out of magic. I don’t have any magic left to use.

-I know! And it’s not magic training you’ll be doing. You’ll be training with Qigong!


The boy looks at me confused as if he has a “?” on top of his head… Hmm, I think I should first explain to him what Qigong is.

-Listen carefully, Qigong is a power that resides in living beings, very different from magic power. If you can master it, even a poor race like humans can have a body that rivals that of dragons!

-That’s… That’s incredible! I didn’t know you could do something like that!

The boy looks at me with a look full of sparkle and admiration. Hmm, I like this feeling. In all the tens of thousands of years I’ve been stuck here, no one has ever looked at me like that.

-Qigong is a way of utilizing the body’s energy and is easy to use. There are two main types of Qigong; offensive, and defensive, one through nine techniques each.

-Wow, so you have eighteen techniques in total!? That’s amazing!

-Not only that, there are also other techniques like underwater breathing, and the one that helps you increase the speed of your legs. Once you master them, you’ll be able to fight anywhere and in any situation.

-I didn’t know there was such an amazing kind of martial arts like that…! But if it’s such an amazing technique, why don’t people use it like magic?

The boy asks me a good question with a curious face. That was one of the good qualities in him, his intelligence…. Rather, he has a great admiration for strength. Until a few moments ago he was very tired and sore. But now he is so curious about the new ability he just heard about that he completely forgot about his exhaustion.

Kuku, it looks like this will be a very worthwhile training period.

-The reason humans don’t use Qigong is because it is difficult to learn.

-Difficult…? Is that why they don’t use it…?

-Mmm. The reason why magic is so widespread is because it is easy to learn. You may not understand it if you have no talent for magic, but ordinary people can learn to use elemental magic without any training. But when it comes to Qigong, even the simplest techniques cannot be used without rigorous training.

-I see… Aaaah! This thing will be just as difficult for me as magic!

-Right. But unlike magic, you don’t need any talent to learn Qigong. You just have to go through a very rigorous training until you master it.

-I understand…! In that case, I’ll do my best!

It seems that the motivation was very successful. But, even though I said that talent has nothing to do with it, there’s a bit of a lie in those words. There is no doubt that Qigong techniques require a lot of effort to learn. But a little aptitude helps, since it’s very difficult to learn. Now, how many hundreds of years will it take a child to learn it? I hope he can master it in five hundred years. If he can do it in that given time, it will be faster than magic.

I will make this boy master the techniques of Qigong before the Demon Lord can teach him to master magic!

Practicing Qigong is simple. The first step is to meditate and feel the Ki within you. It is said that most people fail and give up at this point. But, interestingly, the boy did not give up and, as a result, he managed to sense the Ki in a much shorter period of time than expected, a mere ten years. He has also been doing a lot of strength training and martial arts training, so his core strength and muscle tone are improving nicely. The only concern I have is that he’s pushing himself too hard. Testarossa has told me that she has been angry with him, as he keeps practicing without rest and pushing his body to the limit.

And I’ve also noticed that he’s been doing muscle training while I’ve been looking the other way. I’m going to have to give him a good thrashing.

– Hey, kid! What the hell are you doing!?


The boy stood up in surprise, looks at me and shakes his head, signaling that he wasn’t doing anything. What a stubborn kid. Hey, don’t look at me like you’re a scolded puppy…. Hmm? Why does my chest hurt? Tch… I shouldn’t care what this guy thinks of me, or how he sees me…

That doesn’t matter now. I must scold him, all this training will be of no use if he dies.

-You’ve been training on your own for a long time, and you haven’t learned anything. You have no reason to keep demanding so much of yourself.

-But… I’m still weak, so I have to keep training.

-Weak? Your body is not inferior to others.

-That’s not true! I don’t have any physical aptitude, even a girl my own age is faster than me in running.

The boy’s face had a serious look on it when he said those words. I see, so you’ve always had a complex about your body. It’s my duty as a teacher to clear up that misunderstanding.

-You are wrong, boy. Your body’s grown well, and you are not inferior to other humans.

-You can say whatever you want, but you will never understand how I feel, since Ryou-sama is someone very strong.

Lucius said those words with a sullen expression. Well, this sure is serious. If we don’t do something soon, the situation will get worse. Agh… What a pain in the ass this kid is.

Walking over to the boy, I grabbed him by the arms and lifted him up so I could see him.

-Look at your body. It’s responding correctly to all your training so far.

Not just your arms, but your whole body is getting stronger and toned. If you were really weak, you would never have been able to work out this hard.

-B-But… I was weaker and less capable than the other kids my age who didn’t even work out.

-You just didn’t know how to use your body. Your body is growing nicely.


The boy begins to look at his body seriously.

-Your body is blessed with how fast it recovers. You should thank your parents for giving you such a strong body.

-My parents… Yes, I will.

Lucius starts to cry after hearing those words. I think I said something wrong. After that, Lucius told me what happened to his parents. I had no idea that something bad had happened to them. I felt very guilty, so I apologized to him.

-Are you ok?

The boy opened his eyes and wiped them with his sleeve as he replied with great emphasis; “Yes, I’m fine.” I feel so relieved now.

-Hey, Ryou-sama, what kind of people were your parents?

Just when I thought he had recovered, the boy asks me a rather strange and sudden question. I don’t have to answer such a question, but since I said something wrong, I have no choice.

-My parents died before I was old enough to remember them. But I’ve heard many stories about them from my friends where I live, and I heard they were both very strong dragons.

-I see…

When the boy hears about my past, he gets visibly depressed, he can’t help but feel responsible for what I’ve been through… How sweet he is.

-Don’t worry so much about it. I admit it’s kind of sad that I don’t even know what my parents’ faces looked like, but I have this strong body they gave me.

When I said that, the boy said, “Uh…”, And suddenly hugged me with tears in his eyes.

-Hey, what are you doing?

-Ryou-sama’s life has been hard too, but now you’re not alone!

What a good boy. He thinks about me and shares my pain. It would be cruel of me to push him away, so I stroked his head while trying to soothe him as he cries and whimpers.

After a while, the boy stopped crying and turned away from me. His eyes were red, but his face seemed to be calmer. Hm, he seems fine now.

-You’re just like me, aren’t you, Ryou-sama? And yet, you’ve never given up. That’s why… I’m going to be just like you! I don’t want to be weak anymore!

-Well, that’s the spirit. But don’t you think it’s a bit arrogant to say you’re just like me?

-Oh! I’m sorry if I offended you!

-Kuku, I’m joking. I don’t attach any importance to that sort of thing.

To be honest, I was really glad he said that. When I lived in Dragon Village, everyone was so careful and respectful of me that no one saw me as their equal. He treats me like his friend, and I feel comfortable when he’s around. Who would have guessed that the Dragon King would be dominated by a child?

-Hey, Ryou-sama, I won’t say that my body is weak anymore. Because of that, I will take more care of myself, and appreciate what I am, after all. This is the body that my parents gave me.

-Humm, that’s good. Take your time to get stronger. Fortunately, you’ll have all the time in the world while you’re in this place. Now that you’ve had a chance to rest, let’s get back to your training.

-Yes! Thank you!

He replied with a voice of impetus. Kuku, I can’t wait to see how strong you will become.

[One hundred years after the beginning of the training]

-Qigong art, 5th offensive technique… Red lotus waterfall!

Lucius drives his fist into the ground, and a huge wave of ripples appears, knocking down everything in its path, leaving destruction all throughout the area. Hmm, the power and size seem to be perfect. Although he’s still halfway through learning the offensive and defensive techniques, he’s making good progress.

-Did you see that, Rio-san? I did it!

-Yes, I saw it, it was really amazing.

Lucius is as happy as a puppy receiving a treat after learning a trick. Kuku, how cute. By the way, the name “Rio”, the one that Lucius just used, is now mine. Ever since I was born, I was called “Ryou”, and I didn’t have a real name, but when Lucius heard that, he said; “That’s not right!”, and that he would give me a name. At first, I thought it was disrespectful that he would give me a name, but when he started calling me “Rio”, it didn’t seem so bad. So far, I have only been treated as “The Dragon Lord”.

Everyone in my village adored me, and the enemies who feared me tried to defeat me…. But no one ever saw me as anything else, as a person, they only treated me as an object because of the title I was given. But when Lucius gave me a name, I felt like someone had accepted me for who I was for the very first time.

The funny thing is, shortly after Lucius started calling me “Rio”, Testarossa started calling me that as well. I used to fight with her all the time, but now we just argued daily about how we should teach Lucius.

What used to be a time of stress, arguments and fights started to change since that kid came here. Kuku, I can’t wait to see how things will change in the future….

-I’ll hit you as hard as I can, so try not to die!


I readied my fist to hit Lucius. Because I am a dragon, it will be a clean hit, no magic or Ki. If a human were to take a hit from me with those two added, not a trace of their body would be left.

-Whoaaaaaaah! Qigong art, 9th defensive technique!

My fist hits Lucius, and the sound of the explosion echoes around us. The clash of both our strengths creates a shockwave that shakes the air. My strength is so powerful that, if Lucius were a normal human, there would be nothing left of him right now.

-Kuku, apparently you are able to use the 9th defensive technique very well. I am surprised that you have been able to learn all the Qigong techniques in the last three hundred years. As your master, I am very proud of you.

I put my left arm around Lucius’ shoulders and stroked his head with my right hand while praising him. Haha, it feels so good!

-Hey! Stop it, Rio! You’re messing up my hair!

-What? Wow, you’re pretty cocky if you think you can talk to me that way, Lucius!

We start laughing and tickling each other, like we’re a close-knit family. When I’m like this with Lucius, my chest feels warm and my stomach fills with butterflies. I’ve never experienced this feeling before, it’s something any normal family would probably feel. But this warm, kind, soothing feeling makes me feel so alive…. I am so grateful to Lucius for showing me this.

I’m sure Testarossa feels the same way. Things have changed so much in the last 300 years. It’s sad that we’ll have to say goodbye, but we can’t keep Lucius in this empty space for the rest of his life.

I will definitely help Lucius return to the real world. It’s the least I can do for him after he taught me, the Dragon Lord, the meaning of being a master.

[Lucius’ perspective]

I have been in this infinite prison for three hundred years, I have been trained by Tess Onee-chan and Rio, and I have finally mastered everything they can teach me for now. The next morning, I woke up in great pain, as if I had a block of hot iron pressed against my body.


My screams echo in the Infinite Prison. Immediately, Tess Onee-chan and Rio hear my voice, and rush into the room.

-Louis, did someone hurt you?!

-Where’s the enemy?! I’m going to kill them!

When both girls rushed to me with concern, I said; “Hmm, my chest hurts…” The moment I spoke those words, the two girls rushed to take off my clothes as if it was some sort of competition, and left my chest exposed.

-This is…!

Both girls reacted in surprise as they looked at my chest. What the hell is going on? And with a lot of curiosity, I looked at my chest, and saw a shiny seal that I didn’t recognize. What’s this? It looks like letters, but the size of the seal is a little smaller than the palm of my hand, and it glows a pale blue.

It’s cool, but… What the heck is this?

-Do either of you two know what this means?

When I ask that question, Tess Onee-chan puts on a very serious face, and answers my question.

-It seems that the time has come. Louis-kun, this is called a “Role”.

-Really…?! Great! The day has finally come when I’ll get my role!

A Role is given when a type of crest appears on those who have become stronger after surpassing a certain level. In other words, they are called “masters”. I have been very excited to get mine to continue Tess Onee-chan’s training.

When Tess Onee-chan saw my seal, she said, “Congratulations, you have completed your training.” At the same time, she gave me a gentle pat on my head. Its soft feel gladdens my heart.

-Thank you, Tess Onee-chan. By the way, what do those letters say?

-This seal contains the role that will be bestowed upon the person who possesses it, though it is written in an ancient language.

After I said that, Tess Onee-chan removed a brooch from the top of her clothes, pulled the top of her dress aside, exposing the upper part of her left breast. When I was about to ask her what she was doing, a crest appeared on the spot above her breast.

Unlike my seal, which glowed a pale blue, hers glowed gold.

-Though I’ve told you about the Lord’s crest before, I haven’t shown it to you. This is my Role. It is the most powerful title that only those who are worthy of being even greater than kings ever were. My royal seal says “Demon Lord” in the ancient language.

Rio then shows me the golden crest on the back of her right hand.

-This is mine. Needless to say, it says “Dragon Lord” on it.

Actually, this is something very interesting. Where I come from, “Lord” is someone who rules a city or country. But to the demon and demi human races, the meaning is totally different. And the one who receives this title it is someone who possesses unimaginable strength. Moreover, only those who have the “Lord Crest” can become Lords.

-Hey, what does my crest say?

I have studied the ancient language and can read it a little, but because of the spot where my crest is located, I can’t read it. I wonder what kind of title I got.

-I’ll take a look at it.

Rio comes up to me and starts looking at my crest. I’m so excited…!

-Well then, it says… Huh? Huh?! What the heck is this…?!

Rio raises her voice in surprise upon seeing my crest.

-What’s wrong? Have I received a strange title?

-This is the seal of the “Demonic Dragon General”! I never imagined it existed!

Demonic Dragon General? What the hell is that? I’ve never heard of anything like that before. I looked at Tess Onee-chan to ask for more details and, to my surprise, my usual calm Onee-chan was flabbergasted at this unusual situation.

-The ‘Demonic Dragon’ seal means that you can use the power of the demon and dragon races at will.

Immediately, Tess Onee-chan hugs me tightly. Apparently, my shield is something unusual and unbelievable, how cool!

-Does that mean I’m a demon dragon general now?

-Not yet, the color of your seal is still blue, so your power is still dormant. When your Role fully awakens, it will glow silver.

What a pity. But I’m glad to have achieved such strong titles as the Demon and Dragon Lords. And I have a purpose for the future, and that is to grow stronger. That makes me very happy.

-So, if I train more, I can become a demon dragon general, right? Then let’s not waste time and keep training!

Unlike me, who was very happy and excited about this news, Tess Onee-chan and Rio had serious and gloomy faces. What’s wrong, did I say something wrong?

-Is something wrong with you two?

When I ask that, Rio replies in a way that seems hard to describe.

-Listen, Lucius. I’m sorry, but you can’t keep increasing your strength while you’re in the infinite prison. You’ve been noticing that your strength, magic, and Ki haven’t been increasing lately, right?


Rio’s words left my mind blank.

-What do you mean? It’s true that I’ve been stagnating lately, but I’ll keep trying harder!

I desperately tried to retort her words, but both girls shook their heads.

-You’ve reached the limit of your ability, Lucius. Your current age is holding you back. If you want to become stronger, you’ll have to get out of the Infinite prison and grow physically.


As long as you’re in the Infinite prison, you can’t grow, you’ll always be the same age and have the same body. That might sound like a good thing, but it has its down sides. For me, it’s because I’m still in the process of growing up. I can’t keep getting stronger while I’m here.

-Does that mean it’s time for me to leave this place?

Both girls nodded their heads at my words with sad looks in their eyes… The time has come to say goodbye.

The training in the infinite prison was very hard, and there were many times I wanted to just run away. I was on the verge of death every day, and Tess Onee-chan and Rio were relentless in my training. I am not exaggerating when I say it was very dangerous and risky. There are two reasons why I was still able to continue. The first was because I could feel myself getting stronger. Both their instructions were very precise and there was no unnecessary information. Thanks to that, even a quitter like me was able to get stronger and stronger. I might be slower than other people, but it doesn’t matter. I was very happy to be able to grow, and even though it was a very slow process that took me hundreds of years, I’m happy to have gone through with it.

And the second reason is thanks to my mentors, Tess Onee-chan and Rio. At first, I was scared of them, but as I spent time with them both, we became closer, and now we are like a real family. During the training sessions, they were ruthless, cold and heartless instructors, so much so that I felt as if they really wanted to kill me many times. But the moment the training was over, they took on a totally different attitude, worrying about me and spoiling me as if I was their little brother.

The other night, I when I was talking in my sleep, I said “O…Onee-chan…”, And then, for no apparent reason, Tess Onee-chan started bleeding from her nose before fainting. I was worried that she had a serious illness and her life was in danger, but Rio told me; “It’s just a head injury when she was little, she’ll be fine”. I still wonder if she will really be fine.

On the other hand, Rio is like a close friend. She loves to play pranks, and we often play pranks together. And every time our bodies press up against each other, she gets completely nervous. I was very hesitant about it, so I asked her what was wrong with her, and received a rather atypical answer; “What are you talking about, I don’t get nervous! Don’t go ogling my body, you little pervert!!!”.

It is true that Rio looks like a girl, but from my point of view, she is a very attractive woman. I tried to explain it to her in detail, but she turned red and then got angry. She didn’t want to hear a word from me. Without any doubt, those two girls possessed incredible strength that no human could ever hope to match. The stronger I became, the more I understood that. I don’t think I could beat them in a fight, even if I put all my strength into it. However, the two girls are not the monsters I had heard about in stories and books. After getting to know them more during the time I spent here, I realized that they were ordinary people who were lonely and hurt.

When I realized this cruel reality, I was determined to get them out of this place. Of course, I am not doing this because of my promise, I really wanted to do it because my heart demanded it. But in order to do so, I will have to separate from them for a while. It is very hard to say goodbye to two people who are like family to me. It’s hard, but… This is what I have to do. Tomorrow is the day when the barrier will grow even weaker due to the irregular intervals that arise over the years, and it will be at its most vulnerable. So, tomorrow is the day I’ll be departing.

Today is a rest day, I have to replenish a lot of strength and energy to be ready for tomorrow. Right now, I am lazing around in my fluffy bed in the bedroom of the house that Tess Onee-chan magically created for me.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a day with nothing to do. Because of my daily training, I was always busy, and so my days off grew fewer over time. I don’t know what I should do. Thinking about it all makes me really sleepy.


I tried to fight the drowsiness for a while, but seeing that there was nothing interesting to do but lie in bed all day, I let my exhaustion get the better of me and slipped off into dreamland….


After a few hours of falling into a deep sleep, I woke up and felt something very soft pressed up against my body. What is it? I reached out to touch it while rubbing my sleepy eyes.


…Hm? That voice sounds familiar. I opened my eyes, bewildered, and to my surprise, Tess Onee-chan was hiding in my futon. She was wearing a sexy black dress, which was much too stimulating for my eyes!

-What… What are you doing, Tess Onee-chan!?

-Good morning, Lucius-kun. You really surprised me, I never imagined you would touch my breasts like that.

After hearing those words, I realized that I was still squeezing Tess’s big breasts. I hurriedly removed hand, but…. Umm, I can’t deny that they are so soft. No! Focus! Why is Tess Onee-chan here?

I tried to get out from the other side of the futon, but I got another surprise, and that was that there was someone else on the other side preventing me from getting out.

-Fufu, don’t even think about it. Did you really think you can escape the Demon Lord and Dragon Lord’s siege?

On the other side of the futon was Rio, wearing some naughty looking frilly underwear. I know Tess Onee-chan must be playing some kind of joke on me, but… Why is Rio in on it, too!? Normally, she’s the one who would stop Tess Onee-chan from doing this kind of crazy stuff.

-Huh, what’s wrong with you two… Aren’t we supposed to take a break today?

The delicious scent coming from the two of them leaves my brain feeling overly stimulated, causing me to lose focus of the conversation I’m trying to have with them. Then, Tess Onee-chan starts talking, while staring at me with a warm and lascivious look.

-I was having a conversation with Rio, and we were wondering if there was anything else we could give Lucius before he leaves.


-We have already strengthened you to the limit of what your body allows, and we have given you a lot of knowledge. But then we thought about whether there might be something more we could give you. And after much deliberation, we found the answer… And realized that there’s still something important that we haven’t given Lucius-kun yet.

-Huh… And what is that?

I asked with a shaky voice, and then Tess Onee-chan hugged me very tightly and whispered in my ear; “Our…. Vir-gi-ni-ties~…” Thereupon, she presses her lips against mine. She kisses me a couple of times, then suddenly sticks her tongue in my mouth, and then twines it with mine, making our tongues play with each other.

-Hmm, hmm, Aah. Fufu, Lucius-kun… I like you. I love you~.

Tess Onee-chan whispers those words while kissing me passionately. I was so confused by the suddenness of the situation that I couldn’t respond to her words. I was do stimulated, I thought they were going to drain my soul…

-Hey, don’t keep him to yourself! Come here you.

-Huh? Mugu!

Now it’s Rio who grabbed my neck tightly and kissed my lips.

-Hmm… Puha, hehe. What’s up, Lucius? Did you like it? Have you fallen in love with me?

It was a pretty aggressive kiss, but she was still careful enough not to hurt me. It also felt so warm, it made my heart flutter. And, for some reason, being forced on me by a girl smaller than me made me feel very excited… It’s not a good idea to get addicted to it.

-Hmm… Puha… Haa, kissing you feels so good, but it’s surprisingly difficult.

-Oh, Rio, your face is completely red. I see you’re enjoying it, hehe.

-Stop talking like you have any experience yourself! You’re just a virgin!

-Hey… And what’s wrong with the Demon King being a virgin!? You’re an idiot, Rio!

-Think what you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re an old woman.

While Tess and Rio were arguing, I tried to sneak out of bed.

However, just as I was about to escape, the two of them grabbed me by the shoulders and then forcefully pulled me back into the middle of the bed. I felt like a fish on the chopping block, a pitiful ingredient waiting to be eaten.

-Uh… C-could you two maybe go easy on me…?


-Don’t even think about it.

Both girls responded with a smile. They were beautiful smiles, like those of angels. But behind those angelic smiles were two devils waiting to attack their prey.

It was the day after I had lost my innocence. Tess Onee-chan, Rio and I were about to say goodbye.

-Lucius, do you remember the procedure?

-Yes, don’t worry, Rio. I have it all memorized in my head.

I pointed to my head with my index finger as I answered Rio’s question. They had both told me how to get out of the Infinite prison. It’s very dangerous to escape from this place. If you fail, you will be trapped in the space between dimensions, forced to wander alone in it for all eternity. That scares me a lot, so I have to do everything I can to succeed.

-Okay… I’ll do it, leave it to me.

I began to gather my magic with the intention of creating a magic sword to cut through the dimension.

-Louis, wait.

Rio stopped me before I could activate the magic. Is something wrong? She approaches me without saying anything, takes off the beautiful golden fang-shaped earring she wore in her ear and offers it to me.

-Here, wear this.


-Just take it!

Rio forced me to take the earring in her hand. What’s going on? Why is she giving this to me?

-Ready? Now, pour magic into that earring.

At Rio’s urging, I tried to pour some magic into the object I was holding in my hand. The earring instantly grows in size and transforms into a sword. A single-edged sword, long enough to reach my shoulders, and the blade shone like gold. It is so beautiful that I can’t stop staring at it. I have no idea how much a weapon like this would be worth.

-Is this…?

-It’s the Dragon Lord’s sword. This weapon belonged to the previous Ryou, that is, my father…. It is a legendary sword made from his own fang.


I feel great power coming from the sword. I even feel like I’ve become stronger just by holding it.

-This is a great sword. Are you lending it to me to cut through the dimension with?


It looks like I won’t be able to keep it. So why are you showing me this?

-It’s a gift. I want you to keep it, this sword is now yours. It’s the only thing I have left from my father, so don’t lose it.

Rio said it with a smile on his face.

-No no no no, I can’t take something so important–

Suddenly, Rio placed her index finger on my lips, stopping me from finishing my sentence.

-Don’t say you can’t accept it. I’m not giving this to you lightly, I’m giving this to you because I trust you, and I want you to understand my feelings.

Rio looks at me seriously as she says those words. In fact, Rio is saddened to have to part with the only memento she has of her father, as it is the only thing she has to make her feel like she’s still a member of the dragon race in this empty space. So, I have to accept Rio’s feelings properly. I thought about how difficult it must be for her, to give me this treasure.

-It’s okay… I’ll accept it, and take care of it as if it were Rio.

-Good. I’m happy to hear that.

Rio, who dawned her usual bright smile, nodded happily at my words. I took a few steps back, and she showed me how to use the sword.

-Here, try it.


I fixed my gaze on the empty space, and gripped the hilt of the sword tightly. Thanks to my finely-tuned powers of perception, I can sense the real world beyond the dimension where I am. I pointed at a certain place… Then I began to pour magic power into the sword, as well as strengthening my muscles with Qigong. Now, it’s time to show the results of my three hundred years of hard work. I will make it happen!

-Aaaaah! Dimensional Cutter…!

From the legs to the hips, from the hips to the arms, from the arms to the sword. Thus, I sent all the power in my body to the tip of the sword. I then swing the Dragon Lord’s Sword horizontally!

A sword that is full of magical power can cut through the walls of dimensions. I put all my power into it, and when I slashed the air, a thin line appeared in the space where the sword cut through. The line stretched across, creating a crack in space. It’s the same shape as the dimensional rift I fell into that day…. In other words, it was a success. After confirming this, I looked at both girls again. They had tears streaming down their faces, although I can’t say they were the only ones in that state. Without realizing it, I started to cry too.

-Well… It’s time for me to go.

-Yes, go. Be very careful, Lucius-kun.

-Don’t do anything stupid. We’ll be waiting for you forever.

The three of us embrace for the last time. My eyes feel hot, and my vision blurs. I can’t cry. If I do, I’ll worry them and I won’t be able to leave peacefully, but I can’t stop the tears from flowing from my eyes. This place contains so many memories from when I was happy, enjoying life here to my heart’s content, as well as experiencing pain, but still, all those beautiful moments are in this place.

It was fun having all three of us here, but it’ll be even more fun to live together out there in the real world. So… I have to leave, to get Tess Onee-chan and Rio out of this prison. I try to suppress the feeling of wanting to stay here forever as much as I can.

-I’m going to get you both out of here. So don’t worry, and wait for my return…. I promise.

After saying that, I turn my back to them and start running. It’s not going to be easy to break the hero’s seal. It may take years or even decades, but what does it matter? Even if it takes me tens or hundreds of years, I will definitely get them out of here. I harden my resolve and then jump into the dimensional rift.

-He’s gone…

The moment Lucius jumped into the dimensional rift, Testarossa whispered those words as he saw the rift slowly closing.

-Now it’s just you and me again. It’s only been three hundred years, but it feels like a millennium, hahaha.

Rio starts to laugh with a carefree attitude, but Testarossa still doesn’t say a word, continuing to stare at the empty space where Lucius left.

-What’s the matter? Are you depressed already? Say something, you goofball demon.

When Rio said that, Testarossa silently looked at Rio, fell to her knees, stared at her, and then grabbed her by her shoulders.

-Whoah! What are you doing!

Rio becomes impatient as she sees Testarossa’s gaze, many terrifying thoughts begin to run through her mind. She remembers the times she spent with Testarossa before Lucius had arrived. Most of the time they were fighting to the point of almost murdering each other. But what came out of Testarossa’s mouth next was something totally unexpected.

-He’s gone… And he’s all alone out there with all those people ~!

Testarossa began to cry and shed a great deal of tears. Rio is puzzled because she had never seen her cry like that before.

-Hey, calm down! Stop crying!

-Hueeh ~~! Lucius-kun! Why did you go ~~?!

-Oh come on. You’re a big girl, so stop crying!

Rio desperately tries to console the weeping Testarossa. However, she still refuses to stop crying. It wasn’t until two hours later that she finally calmed down.


-Ah, you’re such a crybaby. If you’re really the most powerful Demon Lord of all time, then the demon race must have fallen into decline.

-Ugh, sorry, Rio….

An awkward silence hangs between the two of them. Until now, they hadn’t spent much time alone together due to Lucius being there. Therefore, they both didn’t know what to do.

-So, what shall we do until Louis returns? Shall we go back to fighting like before?

-Oh come on, you don’t really want to do that anymore, do you Rio?

-Hehe, no, I’m kidding.

As they trained, cared for, watched over, guarded and loved the same person together, a friendship had undoubtedly grown between them, or something like that. It’s true that the two girls were enemies before. Not that there was anything wrong between them, but it was because demons and dragons don’t get along. Besides, there was a part of them that knew and respected each other as young lords.

-Rio, aren’t you afraid to be alone?

-I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. But it’s different now, since I have Lucius, and I trust that he will come back. That’s why I’m calm.

Rio has lost her parents before she was old enough to remember. And since her own grandfather considered her the only one with kingly blood in her veins, everyone was too afraid to go near her. So, Lucius became Rio’s first friend, and then her family.

-I was lonely before I met him. But now I don’t feel as lonely as I once did.

Rio smiles after saying those words.

-Rio… You…

-Hm? What?

-You’re… So cute!


-Hey, hey… Why don’t you try calling me “Nee-chan”?

-What are you talking about? Have you hit your head?

Testarossa jumps on Rio, who is confused by the sudden situation.

-Stop it!

-Hey, if you’re lonely, then we can both fill our emptiness.

-Wait a minute, what? What do you…

Rio shudders at the sight of Testarossa’s insane eyes. They were the same eyes she used to make every time she attacked Lucius.

-Hey, where do you think you’re touching?! Let go of me! Aaaaah!

Rio’s screams echoed throughout the infinite prison. Seeing how crazy Testarossa was becoming, she prayed with all her might that Lucius would hurry back to rescue them.

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